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Music video analysis 4


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Music video analysis 4

  1. 1. Goodwin’s Theory – The View (Same Jeans) Indie/Indie Rock Genre
  2. 2. Music Videos Demonstrate Genre Characteristics• “Same Jeans” falls under the genre of Indie Rock. Indie Rock music videos are commonly associated with lots of instruments being played, many shots of the lead singer or a specific narrative storyline. They often contain sections of stage performance. These videos are often shot in locations that are rural such as fields or woods or very urban scenery such as streets.• This video displays many of the same characteristics of an indie music video, showing many shots throughout the video of the lead singer. The video also has a narrative storyline, sections of stage performance and shots containing urban locations such as streets or gigs. This makes this music video very stereotypical in terms of Indie Rock music video conventions.
  3. 3. Relationship Between Lyrics and Visuals • In the music video for “Same Jeans” by The View, it is evident that it is an amplified music video, as it is mostly narrative and the lyrics explain the story on screen more than they are directly linked to exactly what the visuals are doing. Therefore, this music video would be said to have an amplified relationship between the lyrics and the visuals. However, while amplified, the relationship between the lyrics and visuals are weak. While the lyrics do not necessarily relate to what is on screen at that time, they do tell a story and relate to what will happen later on in the film. An example of the amplified relationship between lyrics and visuals is where we hear the lyrics “I’m gonna go to a disco in the middle of town”, and later we see him playing at this disco/gig.As well as this, we also see an amplified relationship when wehear the lyrics “I’ve had the same jeans on for four days now”at the same time as we see a medium shot of the lead singerwaking up on a sofa after a party, showing why he has probablyhad the same jeans on for that long, because of his partylifestyle.
  4. 4. Relationship Between Music and Visuals• The relationship between music and visuals is amplifying in most parts, although there are some illustrative parts where the lead singer and his band are playing live on stage. At the end of the song, we see the tempo of the song increase greatly, which is then mirrored by the visual effect, as the cuts become much faster as well, giving a feeling of the band’s life being fast pace and relating to the message of the song’s lyrics that they have a party lifestyle and need to stay grounded but are losing track of time.
  5. 5. Demands of the Record Label (Need for close-ups of the artist and motifs of the artist which may recur across their work)• The View are signed to Two Thumbs Records, and we can see how the record label may have influenced the video by placing demands, as the video is full of close-up shots of the lead singer and the band. A motif has also been created in The View’s music videos, this video being no different, including lots of live performance footage at parts, while contrasting with a narrative.
  6. 6. Reference to Voyeuristic treatment of and looking at the female body• There is little reference to voyeuristic treatment of and looking at the female body in this music video, and the song does not seem to be about girls either, however we do see shots of the lead singer at 1:55 being kissed by a girl while at a party, showing that sex or women may be a part of the party lifestyle that the band live and that the song is about.
  7. 7. There is Often Intertextual Reference• There do not appear to be any intertextual references as the music video is primarily storyline based and so does not include any links to media or reference anything else.
  8. 8. Performance, Narrative or Concept based?• This music video seems to be ultimately narrative based, as the lyrics are simply narrating what is going on in the music video and talking about the party lifestyle, however there are also sections of performance in this video too. The combination of performance and narrative is very common among Indie Rock music videos.