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  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge form and convention of real media products?For the music video: We used the following conventions: narrative scene, band scene, close up on bandmembers and on the instruments, locations which are urban and outdoor, and costumeswhich are simple casual clothes.Through our research we found out that indie band videos frequently have narratives andhaving a band scenes. The narratives are often based on some personal issues between a boyand a girl, therefore in our video is about the relationship of a girl and boy.he costume’s the band is wearing are simple, casual clothes as from our music video analysiswe found out that a lot of indie bands i.e the Kooks, wear urban clothes. Plus through ourquestionnaire we learned that majority of indie fans wear clothes which are urban and casualclothes nothing high branded.Use of close up: We used close ups of instruments and of band members as it creates band Locations: We used an outside location for our narrative part as inidentity and audience can recognise them, they are used to sell the band. most of indie videos the narratives a outside, however the performance was indoor because while looking at different music videos some of them had indoor performance especially on a white background.Therefore we chose to do it indoor. Costume: The costume’s the band is wearing are simple, casual clothes as from our music video analysis we found out that a lot of indie bands i.e the Kooks, wear urban clothes. This may be for the reason that through our questionnaire we learned that majority of indie fans wear clothes which are urban and casual clothes nothing high branded, meaning that it is a way to sell the band.
  2. 2. DigipakWe chose a Digipak with eight panels. The conventions we followed are:Colour contrasting,photos of band members and nature, use of font.Colour Contrasting: The colour theme we used is blue, as Indie genreuses colours which connotes nature and goodness.While looking at other Digipak images they also have similar colour themes.Photos of band Members and nature:While looking at different Digipak we noticed that they contain images For the Digipak we used one with eightOf Band Members, therefore we decided to include individual photos ofeach band member, the colour scheme for those images is not blue but panels since it would have plenty of space forinstead in more brighter colours. This is so it creates a brighter effect andallows recognition of band members which can help sell the band. photos of the band members and to have For the Digipakimages relating to the indieWe also used images of nature,such as the wolf and the sunset,as indie some other we used one with eight genre. Such as shots of nature scenery etc. As panels since it would havethe front cover of the digipakgenre refers to nature and, additionally a special effect we used was is dotto dot style of band photo. The stars effect make it Furthermore, for plenty of space for photos of the banddown to to andtherefore for Indie bands are members decide have we had two ideas, earth to the final version we some other images relatingato the with a dark they like the front cover we used our class which one asked people from wolf, indie genre. Such as shots thethe back of the Digipak outlining blue background. At nature scenery etc. As the best. In of end the image with the Indie bands we decided to use therefore for it of it is however are down to therefore we chose as was most liked, earth a simple image the frontmost appealing.a wolf, with a dark nature, which is used to creates pleasant cover we meant blue background. is not distracting as we had effect but also At the back of the Digipak however wetitles of the albumsimple image of the song decided to use a at the back of it. nature, which is meant to creates a pleasant effect but also is not distracting as we had the song titles of the album at the back of it.
  3. 3. PosterWhile designing the poster there were a fewpoints to consider, that it had to be tightlyframed, and the layout had to be in an orderwhich would make the poster stand out. Forthe reason that if a Fan, or an audiencemember looks at the poster, he or shefocuses on the Band and the information onit, there shouldn’t be anything distracting.Therefore I looked at different posters forsample, to decide what to needs to be on thePoster, and made rough sketches of different By looking at the different posters I found outpossible styles. that the name of the band had to be in large writing to make it more prominent. The Font is not very fancy but not to plain either which is useful to represent the simple but appealing effect of indie genre. The colour scheme of the writing is white, since indie genre uses light colours. Plus having white writing on the black box, creates a great highlighted effect.