The Facebook Facts : Things Every User MUST Know


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This presentation will let Facebook users know how to stay safe in social media, what to do and what not.

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The Facebook Facts : Things Every User MUST Know

  1. 1. • This presentation is made of 5 years experience of the author in Facebook about “Hoaxes” and Scams”• Hoax == An act intended to deceive or trick.• Scam == A fraudulent business scheme.
  2. 2. As like real life, there are BAD andEVIL minded people on Facebook and other virtual places also.
  3. 3. They like to play with New and Inexperienced users;They also try to make some money out of it.
  4. 4. Now we will meet some of theALL TIME Hit Scams and hoaxes
  5. 5. If some page promises you to giveFREE Samsung or Apple Tabs just by liking and inviting others thats FAKE !
  6. 6. If someone send you message saying Facebookwill terminate your account if you don’t copy-paste itthats FAKE !
  7. 7. There is no way in Facebook user profiles thatwill tell you who visited your profile;Clicking on those links will just make yourfriends annoyed by posting the same link ingroups.
  8. 8. There are also seasonal scams; changes time totime and place to place; most are “Watch thisvideo” kind of. When you click on it will postautomatically to all groups your are in or make aphoto and tag your friends or make severalposts and tag friends.
  9. 9. Apps promising Facebook color change are alsoFAKE !
  10. 10. Posts says Facebook will start charging foraccounts are FAKE !
  11. 11. Stay aware about repetitive posts with shortlinks, most of thosenews are FAKE !
  12. 12. How You Get Affected ?• You lose you data to hackers.• You lose your reputation; people will think you are an asshole.• You will get kicked out from Facebook groups• Plus you may also get some free viruses in your computer.
  13. 13. How to stay safe ?• Use Common sense; There is NO free lunch• Don’t click on porn, hot video, free ipad, mobile recharge or whistle blower kind of links• Read out the apps permission that it asks for and think do this app really want that permission• In case you can’t hold yourself, open Internet Explorer (where you might have never logged into Facebook) and enter the link you want to see without getting logged in.
  14. 14. • suggestions ? – Mail: – Tweet: @arifnezami – FB: /arifnezami – Blog: