Asking for, giving and denying information expressions


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Asking for, giving and denying information expressions

  1. 1. ASKING FOR, GIVING AND DENYING INFORMATION EXPRESSIONS In this session, the students are expected to able to: 1. Asking for an information. 2. Giving an information. 3. Denying an information 4. Making a dialog about it. 5. Practicing a dialog about it.
  2. 2. Pay attention to this dialog1! Raymond : Elizabeth, did you know anything about the coming outbound activity? Elizabeth : Yes, it will be held next month, precisely on Sunday, March 10th. Raymond : Who will participate in the event? Elizabeth : All the members of the OSIS committee. Raymond : Are you sure? But I heard, at least two students from one class may join the event. Elizabeth : No, that’s not right. It has been decided that this event only for the OSIS committee. Raymond : I see.
  3. 3. • From the previous dialog, we can conclude that there are some expressions on asking for, giving and denying information. To Ask for information;  Do you know how to keep our environment clean? Will you tell me some tips on Get a good Night’s sleep? Can you tell me how to be a good friend? I would like to know what is the beneficial of Aloe Vera’s plant?
  4. 4. • To give information We can use these expressions: Yes, I know that. We should throw the rubbish away into the proper place. Sure. One of the tips are we must avoid bid meals, caffeine and alcohol before bed. Yes, I can. One of them, we always beside him/her wherever we are in happy or sad.  Certainly. We can use it to cure our skin from splashing hot cooking oil.
  5. 5. To Deny information We can use these expressions: Sorry, it’s not true. No, It’s absolutely wrong. I am sorry, you have got the wrong information.
  6. 6. • Did you still remember about the previous conversation? • If yes.! Please answer the following questions based on the previous conversation! 1. Who are relationship between the speakers? 2. What are they talking about? 3. When will the camping activity be held? 4. Who will join in that activity? 5. Elizabeth says “No, that’s not right.” what does she express?
  7. 7. Show your talent now..!!! Make a dialog at least five conversations about our theme today!! You can choose your partner and your own topic.!! X : ……………….? Y : ………………. The End.