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Review ppt2


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PPT on, Optical Watermarking..and comparing transforming techniques for extracting embedded watermarked information..

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Review ppt2

  1. 1. Under the Guidance of Mrs. A. Krishna Kumari By MD Arif Ahmed M.Tech, ECE 12H66D7007 Date of Approval of PRC : 20/03/2014
  2. 2. Base Paper: Optimization of Size of Pixel Blocks for orthogonal Transform in Optical Watermarking Technique Reference Papers  Journal of Electronic Imaging by Komori and Uehira: Optical watermarking technology for protecting portrait rights  Y. Ishikawa, K. Uehira, and K. Yanaka, “Optical watermarking technique robust to geometrical distortion in image,” in Proc. ISSPIT2010, 2010, pp. 67–72.  O. Matoba et al., “Optical techniques for information security,” Proc. IEEE 97(6), 1128–1148 (2009).  International Journal of Advanced Computer and Mathematical Sciences ISSN 2230-9624. Vol 3, Issue 1, 2012, pp 194-204
  3. 3. OPTICAL WATERMARKING  OW is also similar to DW, but the difference is we use here light to embed the data on the real image like famous paintings, ancient monuments etc.
  4. 4. Operation/Transform Techniques  Watermarked image is selected and its area is divided into N*N Pixel Blocks (4*4,8*8,16*16), Then Applying Inverse Transform Techniques (DCT,WHT,HDWT)  Now varying the DC values, Comparing the extracting the embedded information
  5. 5. Problems in existing system  DCT - Not robust against geometric attacks  And  Using Wavelet Transforms we have 4 issues  Problem 1: Shift Variance  Problem 2: Oscillations  Problem 3: Aliasing  Problem 4: Lack of Directionality
  6. 6. Proposed System  With the problems by using Wavelet transforms we go further with Complex wavelet Transforms which can overcome the above 4 issues  We apply the Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform to the optical watermarking Technique and Comparing the result with the other Transforms.
  7. 7. Extract Watermarking Painting/ Human Face Project Watermark Pattern Inverse transform Calculate Accuracy Ratio Painting taken with camera Watermarked Images Vary for diff HC Values
  8. 8. Start Watermarked Image 4*4,8*8 16*16 Size Apply Inverse WHT Extract the watermark for Diff HC Values Compare the Accuracy Extract the watermark for different HC Values Extract the watermark for Different HC Values Apply Inverse DCT Apply Dual Tree Complex Divide image into N*N Pixel Blocks Flow Chart:
  9. 9. Conclusion  The Optical watermarking provides better security than DW, to protect real images like famous paintings, humans(celebrity), famous sculptures etc and comparing with the previous techniques