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How to find the best travel deals


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Great and very useful presentation filled with tips on how to find the best online travel deals.

Written by Ariel Rosenthal, co-founder of An application that provides you with real-time shopping advice.

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How to find the best travel deals

  1. 1. HOW TO FIND THE BEST TRAVEL DEALS By: Ariel Rosenthal
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION I love shopping for bargains, and often find myself searching for days to find a good deal. ! My colleagues and friends often ask me, how I am doing it, where do I find all these great deals. I’ve decided that it’s time to share some of my secrets. ! In this guide I will help you find: 1 Cheap Flights 2 Hotel Deals 3 Rental Cars Hidden Secrets
  3. 3. flights 1 cheap
  5. 5. SETTING A PRICE ALERT If you are not in a hurry, it can be worthwhile to set a price alert and wait to see if the prices drop.
  6. 6. TAKING A DEEPER LOOK You can often find options on Orbitz that did not show up in flight comparison sites.
  7. 7. SPECIAL PROMOTIONS The airlines sometimes run special promotions in their own websites. It is always worth having a look before booking a flight
  8. 8. FLYING DOMESTIC? If you are flying domestic, make sure to check Southwest. The usually don’t come up in the comparison sites and are often the cheapest airline.
  9. 9. UP FOR A LITTLE ADVENTURE? Priceline’s Name Your Own Price option promises to save you up to 40%. The down side is it doesn’t tell you the airline’s name and flight times until your reservation is confirmed.
  10. 10. deals 2 hotel
  11. 11. COMPARISON SITES ARE NICE BUT… Kayak and Momondo are good places to look for hotels, but they won’t always catch the cheapest deals. Better deals are often found by going directly to Expedia, Orbitz, and Priceline.
  12. 12. THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK TravelPony is a new website that is offering surprisingly great deals. Make sure to check it out!
  13. 13. ARE YOU THE GAMBLING TYPE? The Name Your Own Price option of Priceline is highly recommended. You will only know which hotel you got after the reservation was made, but I was never disappointed with the hotels that the site reserved for me.
  14. 14. A MORE CALCULATED RISK If you would like to know a few more details about the hotel before booking it, but are still feeling adventurous, Travelocity’s Top Secret Hotels and Hotwire are pretty good options
  15. 15. THE LAST MINUTE OPTION Are you the last minute traveler? Try the Hotel Tonight application. Every morning the app will reveal special hotel rates for the same night.
  16. 16. cars 3 Rental
  17. 17. IS IT REALLY THAT CHEAP? You reserve a car for ridiculously cheap price only to find out later that you need to add a lot of money for insurance. Ofran offers a great deal and includes all the necessary insurances in the base price.
  18. 18. GOOGLE IS A GREAT DEAL FINDER Are you already covered by private insurance? You can compare prices on Kayak, but also check the car rental’s website. They all give you an option to enter a coupon code, which can easily be found on google: “Avis Coupon Code” for example