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Launch of the Week: Apple Watch Nike+


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Launch of the Week: Apple Watch Nike+

  1. 1. Week of October 31, 2016
  2. 2. Image Source: apple-watch-nike/
  3. 3. Image Source: Source: Announced in early September, on October 28. Apple and Nike released the Apple Watch (Series 2) Nike +. Apple Watch Nike+ is similar to that of the Apple Watches that came before it, except this model, with the influence of Nike, is focused solely on running.
  4. 4. Image Source: Source: Apple Watch Nike+ features a built-in GPS to track your location, water resistance up to 50 meters, Siri and watchOs 3 with a Nike sport style (available in two different face types). Apple Watch Nike+ is also equipped with the Nike+ Club running app complete with performance tracking and coaching plans that adapt to your schedule.
  5. 5. Image Source: Source: Apple Watch Nike+ can also be customized with other apps like weather apps, heart rate apps and more. Nike admits there is plenty of technology out there for athletes to get data on their performance, however the brand aims to adapt to your lifestyle and be your “running partner,” whether you’re a marathon trainer or just an active person who likes to run.
  6. 6. The Nike+ Run Club app allows the watch to offer daily motivational messages to encourage users to run, challenge friends to a run, weather alerts, running summaries and allows users to send virtual “fist bumps” of encouragement to friends. Image Source: Source:
  7. 7. What this means for brands: What this means for marketers: Apple and Nike’s partnership shows the value in brands coming together to create a new product. The technological integration of the app shows how Apple and Nike are taking their product and turning it into an experience - one that could be shared online outside of the physical product. It will be interesting to see how many new smartwatches are released if the trend is able to stay around. Apple has stepped up its AppleWatch game in partnering with Nike, creating a sort of new product out of an existing idea. The integration of the Nike app appeals to the lifestyle of the target audience they are trying to attract, so we will have to wait and see if it will be successful.