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Aricent corporate presentation


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Aricent is the world’s leading engineering, services and software company. We specialize in inventing, developing and maintaining our clients’ most ambitious initiatives in the communications domain. Combining more than 20 years of communications expertise with a force of more than 10,000 dedicated software engineers, Aricent is the only company in the world that offers the scale, experience and proven technologies necessary to deliver for a growing list of global companies, bringing the next generation of breakthrough, connected products to market.

Based in San Francisco, frog, the global leader in innovation and design, is part of Aricent. The company’s key investors are Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. and Sequoia Capital.

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Aricent corporate presentation

  1. 1. Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 ‹#› Introduction to Aricent Presented to <<Client Name>>, September 4, 2014
  2. 2. Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 2 Our Founding Moment Solution: Build a research and software development arm for Hughes Electronics Innovator’s challenge: Solve the latency issue for talking to satellites
  3. 3. Added wireless, wireline, testing and multimedia capabilities 2003 Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 Created software for world’s six largest satellite networks 1991 Deployed world’s first frame relay network 1992 Fueled market for telephone signaling and Voice over IP 1996 Launched new software to manage telecom networks 1999 3 20+ Years of Innovation Created world’s first in-flight WiFi service 2008 Launched LTE software portfolio to advance 4G 2010 Launched first frameworks for software-defined networking 2012 Unveiled new software for self-optimized networks 2014 Created world’s first WiMax and “small cell” base stations 2007
  4. 4. Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 “IT IS ONLY THE FUTURE IN WHICH I AM REALLY VITALLY INTERESTED.” Howard Hughes, Inventor & Businessman 4
  5. 5. Aricent is the world’s #1 pure-play product engineering services and software firm. We have 20+ years experience co-creating ambitious products with the leading networking, telecom, software, semiconductor, Internet and industrial companies. Our 10,000+ engineers focus exclusively on software-powered innovation for the connected world. We invest continuously in our own R&D, with 1,200+ engineers creating enabling software that accelerates client innovation. Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 Engineering Excellence. Sourced. 5
  6. 6. Global R&D Expansion Companies invest $1.6 trillion in R&D globally, including $560 billion by Global 500 companies. More than $50 billion of R&D will be sourced in 2014. “Software Is Eating the World” Software was a $407 billion industry in 2013 and has become the innovation engine across industries. Software fuels 42% of all venture capital funding. Internet of Things Mobile, social, cloud and analytics are driving digital business. Experts predict 50 billion networked devices by 2020. Six billion devices will connect in 2014. Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 Crossroads of Industry Trends 6
  7. 7. One Focus, Four Segments, Multiple Industries Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 7
  9. 9. Deep Client Partnerships Aricent’s top 20 clients average 8+ years. More than 50% are “extremely likely” to recommend Aricent. Our average client satisfaction rating is 4.42 (out of 5). Proven Engineering Discipline Our rigorous processes save time, ensure quality and keep projects on budget. We have achieved 18+ years of increasing quality certifications by ISO, CMMi and TL9000 – fueled by strong quality, testing and compliance systems. Flexible Engagement Models We can work with clients in many different ways -- including services, licensing, outcomes-based, risk/reward, revenue share and in-sourcing. Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 Collaborative Approach. Sourced. 9
  10. 10. C P Murali President & COO Engineering leader with 30 years experience at Aricent, C-DOT Hari Haran Chief Sales Officer 25 years leading engineering sales at AT&T, Lucent, Persisent, Openwave Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 Visionary Leadership. Sourced. Frank Kern Chief Executive Officer 35 years leading international growth at IBM Global Services Ilya Cantor Chief Financial Officer Former CFO of EPAM Systems (NYSE traded), Wall Street Journal Amit Shashank General Counsel and Secretary Two decades legal experience at ExlService, Shearman & Sterling Eric D. Buhrfeind Chief People Officer Two decades HR leadership experience at Accenture René Link Chief Marketing Officer Global marketing and strategy leader at Juniper, VeriSign, inCode Payal Koul Mirakhur Chief Strategy Officer 19+ years service experience at Aricent, Wipro, GE Capital, Alcatel Camie Shelmire Chief Client Officer 20+ years client management at KPMG, BearingPoint, Markit 10
  11. 11. Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 Global Reach. Sourced. Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 11 Global Reach. Sourced. 2
  12. 12. Speed. We are your “accelerator” to get products to market faster with smart plans, efficient project management and agile delivery. Quality. Our expert teams have the right skills and training to deliver high quality, customized products that meet today’s user demands. Cost. We drive R&D productivity via expert talent sourcing, enabling software and dedication to bottom-line delivery. Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 R&D Acceleration. Sourced. 12
  13. 13. Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 Why Aricent? We deliver breakthroughs. With our global talent pool, rich innovation history and internal R&D commitment, we can help tackle your most ambitious development challenges. We make business sense. You need faster R&D that scales to meet market demand. We extend your team as a co-creation partner to save time, improve quality and cut costs. We do one thing – very well. Unlike others, we’re a pure-play product engineering services and software firm. Our talent is 100% focused on software-powered innovation. 13
  14. 14. Thank you. Proprietary & Confidential. © Aricent 2014 Headquarters 303 Twin Dolphin Drive 6th Floor Redwood City, CA 94065 USA Tel: +1 650 632 4310 Fax: +1 650 551 9901 APAC HQ Plot 31, Electronic City Sector 18 Gurgaon, Haryana 122015 India Tel: +91 124 4095888 Fax: +91 124 2455100 Europe HQ Intec 4, Wade Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG24 8NE, United Kingdom Tel: +44 1256 339500