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  2. 2. Influential People John Dewy (1859 - 1952)Believed that learning should engage and expand the experience of the learners Lev Vygotsky (1896 - 1934)Believed that learning was influenced by social interaction Jean Piaget (1896 - 1980)Believed that children were active learners and did not need motivation from adults to learn Jerome Bruner (1915 - )Proposed that learning is an active process
  3. 3. Major points of Constructivism  The students learn by performing the tasks themselves  It is an active constructive learning process  It is believed that a greater knowledge of the material being learned is gained through the experience of interacting with the material  There is a strong emphasis put into the social interaction related to learning by constructivism
  4. 4. In The Classroom Teachers Encourage the students to learn more on their own about the topic presented Provide interactive learning sessions and materials Create group learning projects to get the students to interact and learn together Provide multimedia and computer based lessons and activities that with encourage the students to pursue new knowledge about a subject
  5. 5. In The Classroom Students Work together to further lean and develop an understanding of the subjects they are leaning Use on hand physical resources to further their knowledge Pursue a more in depth knowledge of a subject with online activities and research Ask questions to expand their knowledge and understanding
  6. 6. What I think About It For My Teaching I think that encouraging students to take a hands on approach to further their knowledge and understanding of a subject is a great way to help the students to build self confidence, and a reliance on their own knowledge and abilities when it comes to learning. Especially in the event of group learning; where they interact amongst each other and help to teach one another. By helping the students to be motivated with their education by supplying them with the resources, tools, and opportunities that make them want to learn; it will be an invaluable resource and method to help the students want to lean even more than they already know. I feel that this is a great step away from the traditional method of direct teaching and can reach a variety of students who would otherwise be at a disadvantage.
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