Streamlining Your Accounts Receivables with Outbound Invoicing


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  • Located in France with capabilities and support on six continents B-process adds 130 experts dedicated to Ariba’s electronic invoicing business, Companies like Eurocopter, L’Oréal, Total, Carrefour, and 32K others exchange invoices over the B-process platform processing over $80 billion in spend annuallyThese customers are also confident that their e-Invoicing solution is VAT/tax compliant in 24 countries. [click] to next slide --
  • Streamlining Your Accounts Receivables with Outbound Invoicing

    1. 1. MC Streamlining Your Accounts Receivables with Outbound Invoicing Jean-Cyril Schütterlé Business Development – b-process© 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    2. 2. b-process b-process brings 11 years of Invoice Management experience in France and across the globe 130 people dedicated to e-invoicing 32K interconnected buyers and suppliers on the billManager ™platform Exchange over 40 million invoices worth over $80 billion in annual spend 24 countries where the solution is certified e- Invoicing VAT/tax compliant billManager BUYERS Legal e-Invoicing SUPPLIERS2 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    3. 3. The law firm experts TAJ (Deloitte) have certified b-processsolutions compliant with tax rules and regulations in24 different countries > Austria > Spain + potential countries via our > Belgium > Sweden partner Trustweaver: > Czech > Switzerland Republic > United  Bulgaria  > Denmark Kingdom  Cyprus  > France  Estonia   Finland  > Germany  Greece  > Hungary  Hong Kong  > Ireland  Iceland  9 languages available: > Italy  Israel  German, English, Danish, > Latvia  Lithuania  Spanish, French, Italian, > Netherlands  Morocco  Dutch, Norwegian, > Norway  Singapore  Swedish > Poland  South Africa  > Portugal b-process is also certified Europe > Romania by GS1 > Slovakia > SloveniaOutside > AustraliaEurope > Canada > United States
    4. 4. b-process has an extensive know-how on the e-invoicing european market Legal & Outrolling of business suppliers and expertise Production and buyers operational know-how Expert knowledge Dedicated outrolling of the invoice teams document Traceability Solutions adapted Expert knowledge Regularity to client and of tax legislation Reversibility supplier profiles and commercial law4 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    5. 5. A few customers Food industry Retail Industry Services Health Finance Utilities Travel5 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    6. 6. New projects signed from 2010 reinforce our leading position Inbound invoicing Outbound invoicing6 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    7. 7. Tax-compliant e-invoicing allows to save costs compared to paper invoicing Outbound invoices Main cost savings  No more invoices issuing costs (printing, mailing, -40% posting, paper archiving,..)  No more duplicates management costs  Decrease of the disputes number, improvement of 8€ the dispute management (quicker)  Accounting is performed in 10 days less (on average) 4,8€  Follow-up of invoice status (Rejected, Integrated, Dispute, OK for payment, Paid)  Improvement of the DSO paper demat. Electronic invoices are received by customers in few hours while paper invoices are received in 3 days on average Electronic invoices are immedialtely integrated into customers IS while key-in can take several days Automatic controls and feedback status make easier the dispute management (saving time) Payments are more regular and the DSO is highly improved7 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved. Arthur Source: D. Little
    8. 8. Buyers are offered different invoicing chanels dependingon their requirements and integration capabilities Legal e-invoicing Structured Files (EDI) • Automatic integration into the customer’s systems • > 100 invoices per month • Legal data control • Signing of exchange • Legal e-invoice creation agreement (supplier and buyer) • Digital Signature • Legal Archiving « Push Demat » • Online access • No direct interface • Business Data controls • No legal requirements SUPPLIER and online correction (simple mail) • Notification of the issued invoice sent by mail • Legal data control Printing • Electronic duplicate • Invoices mass-printing and archiving mailing through our partner • Online access Printing Option8 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    9. 9. Different invoice layouts can be generated (printed and electronic invoices)PDF Stylesheets samples, with static Payment Terms enrichment on the rightside. Printing process uses the SAME stylesheets as electronic invoicing.
    10. 10. Structured file – Tax compliant dematerialization of large invoice volumes issued to key clients wishing to automate integration into their accounting systems Legal body SUPPLIER CLIENT ERP references + Structured data files Tax compliant Translation dematerialization Storage Conversion Transmission 289 bis  Retrieving the invoice  Identifying supplier and  Electronic storage of the  Converting invoice data  Transmission of data file buyer supplier and buyer’s to the fromat required by invoicing data  In the format agreed with  Checking for required original invoice duplicate the client for integration in the CLIENT legal notices, inscription for 10 years including clients  Translating data to the on invoice summary list ongoing year accounting billManager pivot format and update of partner  Online access, systems files download or print out of  Inputing invoice on the invoices by clients and  Transmission of dematerialization module authorized users invoice image if necessary10 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    11. 11. Push Demat - With its unique solution, b-process allows suppliers to easily and quickly enroll their smaller customers SUPPLIER Digital Signature Certificat revocation list Clients ou Tax Mailing Sending Signature check Storage Email sending dematerialization • A letter is sent to the • Invoicing data is • Each invoice • The invoice • E-Archiving of the • A duplicate invoice customers to inform sent by Supplier to received is digitally signature is checked original e-invoice in is sent in pdf format them that Supplier billManager in signed to guarantee • The signature check two copies with the to the customer e- wishes to replace required fromat its authenticity and log is recorded Caisse des mail address. paper invoicing by e- (structured data or integrity Dépôts(Suppliers and • The recipient can be invoicing PDF) • Each signed invoice buyer’s) for 10 years different for each • The supplier and file is dupliacted to after the current year invoice. buyer legal entities create the clients • Online retrieval, • A recap file is sent are recognized original copy download and printing to the customer on • Unknown legal • Invoice indexing of invoices by a regular basis for authorized users and integrating data into entities are created buyers accounting system on the fly. • Online checking of the signature • Online access to the signature check log11 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    12. 12. My Invoice Portal – allows customers to easilyretrieve all their PDF invoices online Example : OFFICE DEPOT portal
    13. 13. Customers may also access MyInvoicePortal through the Supplier’s Extratnet thanks to WebServices13 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    14. 14. Mass printing – The original supplier’s copies are archived in electronic format while invoices are mass printed and dispatched to the buyers Buyer Supplier SUPPLIER References References Translation Simple dematerialization Archiving Print • Recovery of the data file of • Identification of supplier • Electronic storage of • Print, preparation and invoicing into format and buyer suppliers electronic posting of the original agreed with the supplier • Checking for mandatory duplicate invoice for 10 invoices and • Recovery, if necessary, of legal notices years + current year attachements to the the supporting documents’ • Invoice indexing into • Online access and clients images, with invoice billManager printout in PDF format reference • Online retrieval, download • Translation of the data into and printing of invoices by billManager pivot format authorized users14 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    15. 15. b-process assures the project’s overall coherence Program direction A single contact A single contract Global responsibility • Providing an assigned • Managing incomming and • Printing out invoices electronic safe outgoing e-invoicing flow • Allocation • Reception • Tax compliant • Preparation for posting dematerialization according • Timestamping to rules and • Stamping • Hash-key generation reglementations • Sending • Indexing • Link with CDC Arkhineo • Reporting and Numen • Electronic storage for a legal period of 10 years • Configutation and operation of the billManager platform • Data access through B-process • Online publication of invoice data and images • Definitive restitution • Outrolling of suppliers and buyers to tax compliant electronic invoicing15 e-archiving e-invoicing printing
    16. 16. Paper invoicing relies on complete invoices tracking from data acquisition down to mailing status Supplier Printing eInvoice XIL files Mapping eInvoice Emission acquisition via style Insertion Mailing creation sheet archiving • Supplier’s • Buyer • [Supplier] • Invoicing data • Processes • Printing on • Each letter is • Postal mailing invoicing data identification invoices legal transfer to identification Xerox or Océ recorded by • Undistributed file acquisition • Legal archiving (10 printing • Cut, and per sheet (10 reading 1st mail tracking • Data mapping mandatory years) process Datamatrix 000 sheets / and last sheet into data controls • Online code stamping hour) • Control file billManager search, on the 1st and • Or continuous checking internal XIL download, last paper printing pivot file printing sheet capabilities • Control file creation (CRC) Sent Integrated Published Printed Complete Posted Received Invoice Status Undistributed mail Alert if no integration status16 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    17. 17. Printing and mailing are centralized in France to offer lower costs and better production control • Printing is performed by SATI Numen Services • Distribution may be performed by La Poste Global Mail Domestic fleet: 3 postal trains, 13 airplanes, 460 trucks, 41 000 cars… International transport network: 170 direct connections with foreign countries.17 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    18. 18. James Tucker Global Director Solution Marketing Q&A Ariba Ariba Network & Finance Management +1.650.390.1702 Procure-to-Pay Network Order-to-Cash Manage Cash Better What this new Smart Invoicing infographic has to say may surprise you. Take a look. Manage Cash Wednesday, May 30 (14:30-15:45) Mare Nostrum F Smart Invoicing: Move Beyond Scanning to Achieve Paperless Invoice Processing Wednesday, May 30 (16:00-17:15) Mare Nostrum F The Big Finance Payoff: Top Performance Metrics and How to Achieve Them Wednesday, May 30 (17:30-18:45) Mare Nostrum F e-Invoicing VAT Compliance Workshop: A Legislative Framework for Electronic Invoices Thursday, May 31 (10:00-11:15) Llevant Managing Cash Better in an Era of Limited Growth Thursday, May 31 (11:45-1:00) Llevant Streamlining Your Accounts Receivables with Outbound Invoicing18 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    19. 19. Share This Session…NOW…from your mobile! • All presentations are posted: Guidebook mobile app – Search Apple or Android app store for Guidebook – Enter code “collabor8” Or at • Share via email or social media **Come back soon – we are syncing #AribaLIVE audio and video interviews to the presentations**19 © 2012 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.