Solutions Workshop – The Network: Reconsidering the Way You Do Business


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Implementing a Supplier Enablement program is not just about connecting the sellers to the network, but is really changing the way that you have been doing business with your sellers. This session will highlight best practices in driving this change, and also give attendees the opportunity to discuss their unique challenges and leverage the group to develop a strategy.

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  • We are happy to announce a new customer success center currently in progress designed specifically for buyer and seller customers of Ariba’s PO & Invoice Automation solutions. The new content will be found on coming in mid-summer. A practical and straightforward approach will provide buyers with tips on how to get more out of your eCommerce initiative, while sellers will find information, support links, and resources to hear directly from others just like you – who sell on Ariba.Stop by the Ariba Business Network Center booth area in the Partner Pavilion where you can see an early version of the site and provide your feedback for what you’d like to see included.
  • Solutions Workshop – The Network: Reconsidering the Way You Do Business

    1. 1. Solution Workshop: The Network:Reconsidering the Way You Do Business© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.
    2. 2. #AribaLIVEBuyer Best Practices© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.2Establish “C” levelsponsorship for theprogramDefine the sellerparticipation policyOffer incentives to thesellers for theirparticipationEstablish consequencesif the sellers choose notto participateLeverage “C” level toannounce the programto the companyProvide trainings tobuyer stakeholdersvirtually / onsiteCreate FAQ and CubeCards for buyerstakeholdersConduct 1:1 sellermeetings to introducethe programLink the team’s bonus’to the program’ssuccessCreate a “hot line” forprogram questionsDefine and implementa seller escalationprocessConduct a Steeringcommittee meeting totrack program progressDefine and implementa buyer escalationprocessConduct Seller Summitsto roll-out and train agroup of sellersCentralizingprocesses for ordersand invoices
    3. 3. #AribaLIVESeller Best Practices© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.3Establish policy for Salesto support preferrede-commerce channelsDesignate anecommerce contactDocumente-commercerequirements if anyComplete and maintainupdated Ariba NetworkCloud ProfileDefine your e-commercestrategy (i.e. automate ornot, catalogs ornot, etc.)Define your e-commercestakeholders (e.g. Sales,AR, IT, Treasury)Define the process forworking with thosestakeholdersEstablish e-commercecommunicationCreate a Customerscorecard of youre-commercecompliance
    4. 4. #AribaLIVECase Study 1 – Buyer Scenario• You have been assigned to a special project within your company to manage ane-commerce initiative. This project started 2 months ago. Your sponsor for this isa Director in Procurement. Documents that are in scope include POs, ChangePOs, Cancel POs, Order Confirmation, Advance Ship Notices, and Invoices.You’ve been asked to prepare training content for the internal team in advance ofsellers being contacted about the program. What do you do? Please address:Who are you training? What are their function/roles?Who is leading the training?What elements of policy should be defined in advance of this training?What content should be reviewed during this training?Expected outcome of this training© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.4
    5. 5. #AribaLIVECase Study 2 – Seller Scenario• You are responsible for the e-commerce strategy within yourorganization. You have created a list of requirements to qualifya customer for e-commerce. Implementation of this process hasbeen challenging due to poor communication and unclearaccountability. Please provide a plan for improving thee-commerce results.© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.5
    6. 6. #AribaLIVENew Customer Success Center –Coming Soon• Expansion of• Designed to help buyers and sellers transact faster andeasier via resources, support, and an open forum toconnect with peers© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.6• Content for Buyers• Change mgmt bestpractices• How to message to yoursuppliers• Answers to day-to-daytransacting questions• Content for Sellers• Getting started for thosenew to Ariba• Understanding thebenefits and costs• Get answers questionsabout your Ariba bill
    7. 7. Questions?© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.7
    8. 8. #AribaLIVEPlease Complete Session SurveyGo to Surveys© 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.8Select SessionClickChoose oneRate SessionThank you for joining us