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How to Talk to Your Suppliers About the Value of Joining Ariba Network


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Buyers determine the value that suppliers receive from your e-commerce initiative. In this session, hear from a panel of our supplier customers about their experiences with Ariba Network, and learn how to overcome objections and incentivize suppliers to participate in your strategic e-commerce initiative.

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How to Talk to Your Suppliers About the Value of Joining Ariba Network

  1. 1. March, 2017 Martin Meyer, BechtleJohn Romano, MisumiKen Redler, cSubs How to Talk to Your Suppliers About the Value of Joining Ariba Network
  2. 2. SAP Ariba & Bechtle A strong partnership for IT procurement Las Vegas, NV | March 2017 | Martin Meyer
  3. 3. | Martin Meyer – Bechtle AG. SAP Ariba Live 3 Head of e-Procurement. Member of the supervisory board. Joined Bechtle in 1992. Cofounded Bechtle’s business segment “IT e-Commerce” in 1993. Cofounded Bechtle’s customer-specific IT procurement portals (bios®) in 1998. Areas of responsibility: Strategical development of all bios® procurement portals. Management of B2B Integration projects. e-Procurement trainings for employees. March 2017
  4. 4. | Bechtle AG. SAP Ariba Live 4 Bechtle Opens the Door to the Future. The Bechtle Group has 70 system houses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is one of Europe's leading IT e-commerce providers with trading companies in 14 countries. Founded in 1983, the company currently employs over 7,700 people. Bechtle is a manufacturer-independent company that provides one-stop shopping for all the IT infrastructure and operation needs of its more than 73,000 industrial, public sector and financial market customers. Bechtle has been quoted on the stock exchange since 2000 and is listed in the TecDAX technology index since 2004. In 2016, the company generated a revenue of approximate 3.1 billion euros. March 2017
  5. 5. | Past to present. March 2017 SAP Ariba Live 5 1995 • Launch of the first Bechtle E-Commerce Shop 1998 • Launch of our procurement platform „bios®“ • First SAP certified supplier for OCI in Germany 2001 • First Account on Ariba Network 2016 • MultiOrg Structure • > 38 accounts • > 120 customer relations on Ariba Network • > 130K orders • > 80K invoices • > 100m EUR client spend
  6. 6. | Benefits for Bechtle as a Supplier. Ease of use / set up / fees Scalable, fast and seamless integration for both sides of the business Fair, value-based fee model, scaling with business MultiOrg setup for further reduction of annual fees Non technical / financial benefits Short track to valuable and qualified new tenders / customers / opportunities Streamlined, cost-effective internal processes Full transparency on the whole lifecycle of transactions Trusted Partnership Case studies, success stories Early access to new SAP Ariba programs (e.g. Spot Buy, Global Reference) March 2017 SAP Ariba Live 6
  7. 7. | Any questions? Learn more at March 2017 SAP Ariba Live 7
  8. 8. ISO 9001:2015  Parts manufacture with 16 Million Precision Components  80 Sextillion Part Configurations  Industries served: Factory automation; Packaging, Automotive, Consumer goods, Aerospace, Medical, Industrial Machine shops, Semiconductor, 3D printing and more.  9,628 Employees  220,000 Customers in 28 Countries  400 Global partner facilities
  9. 9.  High quality, high precision products and services  Low, competitive pricing with no setup costs  Short, reliable lead times with same day shipping (stock items)  CAD Engineering, eProcurement & Distribution automation solutions  Local sales & engineering support, plus live chat @ A Total Solution Partner QUALITY POLICY March 2017SAP Ariba Live 9
  10. 10. MISUMI & SAP Ariba Became Platinum Seller 2012 $2M over Ariba Network Joined the Ariba® Network April 2015 December 2015 May 2015 $4.1M over Ariba Network March 2017 March 2017SAP Ariba Live 10
  11. 11. 11 Where are we now? Trading Relationships 58 114 2013 2014 2015 43,180 $20,793 $34,192 $2M PO Volume 5 2012 March 2015 Dec 2015 27 PO Value Transactions Dec 2016 2016 $4.1M 36 67,319 March 2017SAP Ariba Live
  12. 12. SAP Ariba 22% Why SAP ARIBA?  Largest B2B marketplace  The most flexible with enterprise-apps.  Global trusted name  Seamless integration process  High quality SAP Ariba Discovery leads  Innovative business strategy  SAP Ariba Live !!! 12
  13. 13. Questions?
  14. 14. Ken Redler CTO at cSubs since 2004 Previously CEO of web software firm in NYC Background in software product development, design, writing Frequent speaker on e-commerce, licensing, technology At cSubs, responsibilities include: Technology, product strategy and evangelism Research and development Enterprise integration projects, e-procurement Operations, IT, and security concerns
  15. 15. About cSubs Information Management Procure, negotiate, analyze, and use information resources A non-traditional e-procurement category 30 Years in the industry Small Company in a Big-Company Game Technology as Key Strategy Force multiplier and competitive advantage A “horizontal”, not a vertical Clients in banking, insurance, healthcare, pharma, advertising, manufacturing, media Award-winning majority woman-owned business Inc5000 Fastest Growing, WBENC Star, WBE
  16. 16. A Force Multiplier Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with competitors of all sizes Imprimatur of SAP Ariba Presentment of company and brand as part of trusted infrastructure SAP Ariba marketing opportunities Power of stickiness, defaults, and findability Appearance in internal search results for your category Higher compliance Single sign-on and PunchOut Reduce friction, create stronger user engagement, open doors to the enterprise Leverage the investment Part of a go-to-market strategy
  17. 17. Understanding Costs Up-front investment Seller Portal CIF PunchOut and full integration Recurring costs Soft: per integration, marginal costs approach optimal Hard: transactional
  18. 18. Complexity and Uncertainty are the Enemies Predictability Intermediated relationship Seller and buyer both build to an interface The SAP Ariba layer projects best practices onto both parties There’s a there there SAP Ariba offers a test environments, queueing and re-trying, PunchOut simulation, fast-failing, PO flipping fallback Documentation and support Predictable and relatively easy integration RFP response predictability Insight into cash flow See problems early Know where invoices, POs, and payments are Avoid black holes
  19. 19. Questions?
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