Using Ariba Discovery to Find High-Quality Supplier: Koozoo Case Study


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Buyers and suppliers are using Ariba Discovery to build relationships and grow their business. Ariba Discovery is a B2B matchmaking service that matches buyers looking for products or services with suppliers who can offer what they need. By using Ariba Discovery to find suppliers, buyers can lower their project cost, reduce cycle time, and increase reliability and quality. Suppliers can get quality leads matching their business delivered to their inbox. By responding to these business opportunities, suppliers can build relationships with buyers and win new business.

This case study shows how Koozoo, a SF-based tech startup, uses Ariba Discovery to find suppliers.

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Using Ariba Discovery to Find High-Quality Supplier: Koozoo Case Study

  1. 1. Cut Down Unit Cost from $17 to $1by Finding High-Quality Supplier Challenges Solutions Results• As a startup, didn’t have an • Used the Ariba Discovery™ • Created six RFPs, received Company existing supplier database and service to quickly find about 10 bids on each, and Koozoo needed to find reliable suppliers for iPhone, and found five new suppliers suppliers for products and Android devices as well as through Ariba Discovery Profile custom-made solutions key to custom-made mobile device • Discovered a supplier who First crowd-sourced network of its business success mount solutions continuously broadcasting was able to deliver a custom- smartphone video cameras.• Time-intensive, manual • Used Ariba Discovery’s made solution within a tight process of finding potential Q&A functionality to timeframe, allowing Koozoo Ariba Solutions suppliers and gathering answer suppliers’ questions to launch on time Ariba Discovery pricing details using various publicly, clarifying proposals • Gained predictability online channels and ultimately receiving by working with quality• Used LinkedIn to identify only relevant bids suppliers who provided suppliers, but found it • Able to easily evaluate, strategic insight to ineffective and tedious compare, and respond to influence product• Tried Alibaba and was proposals by receiving development to leverage frustrated by responses from responses in a single more cost-effective solutions suppliers that failed to location, with exactly the understand requirements • Cut solution cost from $17 details needed down to less than $1 per unit• Found it difficult to identify suppliers for hard-to-find devices and custom solutions on sites like eBay or Amazon “Ariba Discovery saved me at least a couple of days worth of “Having done a few RFPs on Ariba• Used Google search to find time. I found a few great and flexible suppliers that Discovery, I can now justify time machining shops, but found it understand that we’re a small startup that needs to prove a spent on Ariba Discovery as a solid laborious and ineffective to concept before we can make a large order. To a startup with investment. I am confident I will get contact each individually extremely limited resources and high investor expectations, excellent responses.” through their websites Ariba Discovery has been a huge advantage.” Ian Thomson, Ian Thomson, Head of Business Head of Business Development, Koozoo Development, Koozoo © 2013 Ariba, Inc. All rights reserved.