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Ariba Knowledge Nuggets - What s the Cloud - Sell


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Ariba Knowledge Nuggets - What s the Cloud - Sell

  1. 1. Ariba KnowledgeNuggets What is the Ariba Commerce Cloud?When youve got stuff to sell, hearing that businesses are doing more with less isnt exactly music to your ears. Thatdoesnt mean they arent buying. It just means theyre buying more deliberately and efficiently. So you have to sell moredeliberately and efficiently – and soon. Now you can become a more collaborative trading partner, lower your costs, anddistinguish your business in the marketplace. Get the edge you need to earn a bigger share of wallet with existingcustomers. Attract new ones by putting your products and services right in front of thousands of decision-makers –including many from the Global 2000 – at the very moment theyre ready to buy. In fact, over the next 24 hours,businesses around the world will hook up in the Ariba Commerce Cloud to buy and sell more than $450 million worth ofgoods and services. The beauty of the Commerce Cloud is that all companies engage daily with the 3 basic concepts — Buy, Sell and Manage. Sell — What if your company could… • Get access to qualified leads? • Access intelligence to increase & speed sales? • Expand share of wallet with existing customers? • Lower overall costs of sales? •Increase revenues 20% with new qualified buyers. SELL •Expand share of wallet 30% with existing customers and increase retention by 15% •Get paid 20% faster. •Lower cost of sale via 80% improvement in order accuracy, 60% productivity boost, and 50% faster order-to-cash cycle.
  2. 2. Supplier Membership ProgramConnecting buyers and suppliers for successful business collaborationAll suppliers on the Ariba Supplier Network get a Basic, Premier, or Elite membership in the Supplier Member-ship Program. This program provides transactional capability, features, and services tailored to your level ofparticipation on the Ariba Supplier Network.Unparalleled Reach, Functionality, and ExpertiseMore than 250,000 enabled suppliers in 130 countries and hundreds of global buying organizations make theAriba Supplier Network the worlds largest business transacting network. Over $110 billion in annual transac-tion volume across myriad industries, products, and services gives the Ariba Supplier Network broader cover-age than any other network.This has lead to more than 80% percent of Fortune 500 companies to use the Ariba Supplier Network for im-proved commerce and collaboration.Enabling Effective Business CollaborationThrough a single connection, the Ariba Supplier Network provides suppliers with the capabilities they need toget paid faster, lower costs of serving customers, and increase sales with new and existing customers—allowing them to realize true eBusiness success. "The Ariba Supplier Network is the leading B2B network for our customers. A range of fea- tures and functionality facilitate collaboration with our Ariba customers. We consider the network a model in the industry." -- Tom Cline, Manager eBusiness, PSG Volume Sales, HPThe Ariba Supplier Network is a dependable platform that gives Staples flexibility tomeet our customer requirements and allows us to continue to make the customer ex-perience easy" -- Denis Kudriashov, Senior Manager, eProcurement, Staples "At National Business Furniture, we’ve always placed a premium on making it easier for our customers to buy office furniture. By being Ariba Ready, NBF’s customers can now take advantage of our huge selection, great service and prices while also realiz- ing the many benefits of the Ariba Supplier Network." -- Rick Wachowiak, General Manager, National Business Furniture Why the Ariba Supplier Network? Critical Mass - Only the Ariba Supplier Network offers the critical mass of buyers and suppliers needed to deliver extensive benefits to both. Comprehensive Process Coverage - The Ariba Supplier Network automates transactions and communications across the entire business process lifecycle. Universal Compatibility - Open, multiple standards across 10 languages and 80 currencies give the Ariba Network exceptional compatibility with a vast array of business environments and technologies worldwide. Deep Expertise and Support - Ariba offers expert technical, connectivity, and business process assistance, ensuring that buyers and suppliers receive the help they need at any time.
  3. 3. Get up to speed using Ariba Contract Management for Sales Contracts Youre charged with bringing in more revenue, so youre working hard to make your sales team faster and more effi- cient. But you keep hitting a wall when it comes to the sales contract. Writing it always means reinventing the wheel, which means Legal always wants to review and revise it. Sure, theyre just doing their job, but delays keep you from closing deals. And when it comes to renewals, well, good luck staying on top of those – youre not even sure where those contracts are filed. Get everyone creating contracts using pre-approved language, conditions, and terms, on the same multi-tenant platform they use for customer negotiations. Eliminate the paper, and execute electronically, too. And with a centralized reposi- tory, youll have complete visibility into every stage of the contract lifecycle, including renewals. Using your Ariba Contracts module you can: • Shorten contracting cycle times • Standardize Contract Creation • Gain More Visibility • Drive Contract Compliance Many sales organizations view legal and contracting groups as adversaries who slow sales cycles and impede their ability to close business. In their minds, contract management is nothing more than a necessary evil. Leading organiza- tions have a different view. In their eyes, contract management is a key business objective that, if executed properly, can have a direct and positive impact on the bottom line. According to the Aberdeen Group, sales contract automation can increase revenues1% to 2% through: • Up to a 50% reduction in contract negotiation cycle times • Better contract visibility • Improved collaboration during and post contract executionEffective contract management must extend well beyond document management systems. Ideally, a comprehensive contract managementsolution would provide a systematic process for the creation, execution, repository, compliance and analysis of corporate contracts for thepurpose of maximizing operational performance, reducing costs and minimizing risks. ***Excerpt and Figure 4 from Contract Management:Challenges and Strategies for Success in the New World — Contact your Customer Success Manager for a copy.
  4. 4. Ariba DiscoveryDrive sales revenue with thousands of ready-and-willing buyers,near and far, all just a click away.Youve done everything a supplier should to attract new business: Your op-erations can satisfy the needs of any company, large or small. Youvesharpened your advertising, direct response campaigns, trade show partici-pation, and website. And yet, landing new customers still seems to comedown to two things: connections and timing. And that can be especiallychallenging when youre targeting global enterprises.Available on-demand in the Ariba Commerce Cloud, Ariba Discovery turbo-charges your sales by connecting you with the worlds largest buying com-munity at the right moment: when theyre actively engaged in sourcing.More than 15,000 buyers - including half of the Global 2000 – seeking supply sources to the tune of more than $1.3Bin annual spend. After your free registration, youre automatically notified when a buyer needs what you have to sell.Collaborative tools for responding and negotiating help you take it from there.Pretty soon, youll be closing new deals in no time. In your own backyard, and around the world.By using Ariba Discovery, you can: • Find more qualified, lucrative sales leads • Access a lucrative, global community of qualified buyers - including industry-leading G2000 customers - at just the moment they want to buy. What a concept, right? Ariba Discoverys automated matching and screening capabilities immediately reduce the length of the sales cycle by identifying the right busi- ness opportunities for you. Youll have tools to issue a quick response, then move on to the next oppor- tunity while the prospect considers your offer. To help you improve your close rates and keep every- thing straight, theres also a highly efficient dashboard for managing account activity, bid progress, and response notifications. • Cost-effectively market your business • Mass marketing, targeted marketing, micromarketing, and now, nanomarketing? How do you keep up, and leverage every marketing channel for maximum ROI? Online, with highly targeted, instant com- munications, thats how. Its easy to peddle your wares in the worlds largest trading partner commu- nity when you have a compelling online presence and a wide range of cost-effective marketing tools at your disposal. These including advanced public profile management functionality, supplier reference listings, buyer endorsements, activity monitoring, advanced search, and more. • Collaborate and communicate more effectively • Just think of all the time youve spent making those seven contacts to land one sale, and then closing the deal through numerous phone, fax, and email exchanges. No wonder sales cycles are so long. Well, no longer. Ariba Discovery gives you a full toolbox to speed up supplier/buyer interaction and relationship development. First, RFP/RFI matching connects you directly with pre-qualified leads who are ready to do business. Then you can put to work the solutions ad hoc collaboration tools, online communication support, instant communication notifications, and Q&A postings, and stay on top of everything with your handy dashboard. If you haven’t ‘discovered’ all the advantages of posting or looking for business on Ariba Discovery, contact me today to scheduled a demonstration and discussion on how easy it is to get started!