Ariba                              Knowledge                              Nuggets                            Businesses ha...
AribaConnection Solutions focus on four key areas:Volume Acceleration. Comprehensive data collection and root cause analys...
Ariba Activity Data: In a release scheduled for later this fall, Ariba Discovery will add a new tab in suppliers’ profiles...
ARIBA NETWORK — AN49 ReleaseSUPPLIER FEATURESAriba Supplier Enablement Automation™ Task List: Dramatically improves enable...
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Ariba Knowledge Nuggets - Ariba Network and Ariba Connection Solutions


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Ariba Knowledge Nuggets - Ariba Network and Ariba Connection Solutions

  1. 1. Ariba Knowledge Nuggets Businesses have spent billions streamlining their internal operations. Yet few have tackled the inefficiencies typically involved in dealings between companies. But the fact is, the payoffs of doing so can be significant. For example, when buyers and sellers optimize business commerce by eliminating paper-based processes and outdated infrastructures that lead to lost productivity and revenue, they gain a competitive edge.THE ARIBA NETWORK But even with automated systems and processes in place, buyers often struggle to collaborate effectively with sellers. In fact, 80 percent of buyer-Realize the benefits ofdoing business through seller collaboration is still handled manually. In addition, most struggle withthe Ariba® Network, such lack of visibility into nearly 60 percent of total spend. At the same time,as: sellers also face major obstacles as they strive to increase market share• Reduced cost of sales and business from existing customers – goals that are harder than ever to and procurement achieve in today’s economy. To overcome these challenges, companies• Faster payment cycles need a roadmap for enabling collaborative business commerce. and improved spend visibility AribaConnection Solutions solve these problems by enabling buyers and• Lower cost of sales sellers to establish and strengthen professional trading relationships. This and reduced maverick spend offering leverages proven methodologies to help buyers discover, connect and collaborate with Ariba-enabled sellers and provides sellers with• Increase ROI from your collaborative increased exposure and opportunities to collaborate with Ariba Global 2000 business commerce buyers. The ultimate goal is to connect like-minded buyers and sellers so initiatives they can migrate offline business to online channels and fully realize the• Strengthen value of the Ariba Network. relationships with trading partners• Find new trading partners• Leverage data and expertise from the How does this differ from world’s largest, web- Ariba Discovery™? based trading community• Gain access to best Ariba Discovery™ offers automated practices and leading tools to help you connect with a broad adopters selection of buyers who are actively• Migrate spend from sourcing new suppliers, whereas offline to online channels AribaConnection Solutions deliver customized resources to support transacting with more of your customers on the network. The consulting-style approach helps you proactively optimize your relationships with underleveraged trading partners while finding and maximizing traction with new ones.
  2. 2. AribaConnection Solutions focus on four key areas:Volume Acceleration. Comprehensive data collection and root cause analysis of your on- and offline transactionsare combined with customer outreach to help you drive more transactions through the Ariba NetworkTransaction Jump-Start. Ariba works with you to research and understand why transactions aren’t yet flowingover the Ariba Network with established trading relationships and then helps develop an action plan to remedy thesituation so you can realize expected ROI.Collaboration Alignment. Cross-referencing of your existing customer list with data on Ariba Network buyers letsyou identify companies with whom you could be transacting online but are not. You also get help establishing morecollaborative relationships with those customers and creating mutually acceptable on boarding strategies.Prospective Partner Engagement. Careful selection of potential trading partners who represent a good fit for yourbusiness is followed by networking gatherings and webinars, one-on-one meetings, and other personalized assis-tance to help you engage and assess opportunities for working together. This includes things like connection callsthat let you market your business to a specific buyers and spotlight calls that give you a forum to educate largegroups of buyers about specific eCommerce topics.**For elite seller partners only Ariba Network—AN49 ReleaseAs we approach our release of AN49, once again, Ariba is ready toenhance the worlds leading business network. Targeted for this weekend,we will upgrade the Ariba Network to Release 49 (AN49), which will delivermany new features to improve the way you buy, sell, or manage cash.Here is a short list of the key features that will be offered in Release 49 For more information visit Ariba Connect and view the release guide*:ARIBA DISCOVERYEnhanced Supplier Matching: To boost the quality of matches between Supplier Discovery Postings and suppli-ers, the system now empowers users with the ability to indicate bad matches. Indicating bad matches gives Aribathe ability to continue to improve matching in the future. Suppliers can also add sub-users to their account, expand-ing the number of users that can log in to Discovery. To improve geographical matching, buyers and suppliers arenow required to select precise territories for postings and supplier profiles.Improved Communications: Enhancements have been made to Ariba Discoverys posting and response processto help increase communications and give greater transparency to suppliers. When a response to a posting hasbeen read, Ariba Discovery now sends notifications to suppliers. When a posting is closed, Ariba Discovery will senda summary that lists how many shortlists and awards were involved to suppliers, as well as an alert to buyers en-couraging them to shortlist and rate suppliers. Suppliers can also more easily opt-out of specific types of messagesusing the improved opt-out control panel in their profile.More Detailed Commodity Selection: When selecting goods or services (commodities) users will be required tomake more detailed selections. This will improve the general data quality of both supplier profiles and buyers post-ings. Buyers will be further limited to selecting up to three commodities, in order to assure a more limited and accu-rate match with supplier capabilities. Purchasing needs that span more than three commodities should be broken upinto multiple postings, so each good/service need is matched with the most applicable and capable suppliers.* Release details subject to change. For full details of release AN 49; please see Final Release notes located on Ariba Connect
  3. 3. Ariba Activity Data: In a release scheduled for later this fall, Ariba Discovery will add a new tab in suppliers’ profileswhich allows the community to view suppliers’ activity across multiple Ariba solutions, including Ariba Sourcing, theAriba Network and Ariba Discovery. Aggregated data gathered from various application systems provides more in-depth detail about the capabilities, performance, qualifications, and competitiveness of suppliers.Abuse Reporting Tool: Ariba Discovery now gives buyers the ability to report and flag suppliers who respond topostings with spam messages or abuse and misuse the system. When an abuse incident is reported, aninvestigation is triggered to evaluate the situation.BUYER FEATURESAriba Supplier Enablement Automation™: Dramatically improves management and tracking of supplierenablement and replaces manual tracking tools such as spreadsheets or offline databases. Ariba SupplierEnablement Automation embeds supplier enablement task assignment, delivery of automated notifications,reminders, and status tracking into the Ariba Network. This empowers buying organizations or assigned third-partyservice providers with self-service capabilities to invite multiple suppliers and ramp them quickly on the AribaNetwork.Automatic Invoice Archive File Delivery: Automates delivery of invoice archive zip files. Instead of logging on todownload these files, buyers and suppliers can transmit invoice archive zip files via https to their own archivingsolution, to an Ariba service, or to an eArchiving provider.Supplier Self-Signed Invoices: Suppliers who have implemented their own digital signature solution (via cXML)can now create self-signed invoices. Buyers may choose to allow supplier self-signing via a configurable businessrule: ("Allow supplier self-signed cXML invoices").ASN Requirement for Invoicing: Requires Advanced Ship Notices for an order before invoices can be submittedto assist in improving supply chain compliance. Provides flexibility for suppliers wishing to modify quantities beforeshipping.Ariba Payment Professional: Improved error handling and routing status, including the ability for business users toresolve payment problems without requiring IT resources.Large Document Attachment Support: Increases the size limit on document attachments from 4Mb to 10Mb.HTML Discount Notification Email: Higher impact HTML-based emails allow buyers to insert their logos andcustom text into the header and body of discount notification emails. Discount Calculation Calendars: Gives buyers the ability to define their scheduled payment runs and holidays to ensure discounts are calculated based on the anticipated day of settlement for the supplier. Enhanced Discount Metrics Reports: Valuable new discount reports that show monthly and 12-month rolling aggregate data for key discount metrics. Enforced Standing Early Payment Terms: Provides ability to assign and enforce pre- negotiated early payment terms through the Ariba Network without requiring additional supplier acceptance of those terms.
  4. 4. ARIBA NETWORK — AN49 ReleaseSUPPLIER FEATURESAriba Supplier Enablement Automation™ Task List: Dramatically improves enablement of newtrading relationships on Ariba Network and helps to increase the customer satisfaction through easycollaboration. The task list provides suppliers an overview of all assigned tasks by activities percustomer. Pending tasks are highlighted and reminders are sent when tasks are overdue. Acustomer-specific Information Portal allows the buyer to include additional content and referencefiles.eInvoicing Enhancements: Ariba has significantly enhanced our eInvoicing offering with newservices and features to simplify use and compliance with international tax laws, including thefollowing:- PDF Versions of cXML Invoices: Provides easily-read versions of cXML invoices to simplifyinvoice viewing and reading in bulk for suppliers and auditors.- Automatic Invoice Archive File Delivery: Automates delivery of invoice archive zip files. Insteadof logging on to download these files, suppliers can transmit invoice archive zip files via https to theirown archiving solution, to an Ariba service, or to an eArchiving provider.- Supplier Self-Signed Invoices: Suppliers who have implemented their own digital signaturesolution can now create self-signed cXML invoices.- Enhanced Paperless Invoicing: Extended support of paperless invoicing in Singapore, as well asto invoices in foreign currencies.- Increased VAT Compliance: Support for eInvoicing in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Poland,Singapore, and South Africa, with greater compliance for local tax invoice laws.- Stronger Integration to the Ariba Exchange: Connect to the Ariba Exchange forum with just aclick of a button from Ariba Network. Suppliers can more easily collaborate with peers, share bestpractices, and access the latest news and information in the Ariba Exchange community.- Capacity Expansion of Document Attachments: Increased size capacity for attachments from4MB to 10MB. Suppliers can now attach files up to a total of 10MB to POs and invoices, allowing forbetter handling of documents with a large number of line items and attachments.- Ariba Catalog Tester Enhancement: Ariba replaced the drop-down list in the Catalog Tester withan auto-completion chooser which allows users to perform a more detailed search. Search resultsnow display information such as credential name, Ariba buyer version, createdby and last updated by data, making it easier for suppliers to select differentcustomer credentials during testing.- Ship To information in Inbox: Suppliers can now view the PO ship toinformation and sort orders by ship to in the PO summary page and PO detailreport. This makes it easier for suppliers to service customers with different shipto locations.