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Casa Jasmina project - Group Wu


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Concept of one of the projects designed for Casa Jasmina in the course: Design by Components (2017-2018) of the master in Systemic Design of the Politecnico in Turin.

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Casa Jasmina project - Group Wu

  1. 1. Working & taking a break in Casa Jasmina: • Four areas for working • Behaviors in working/rest area. • Relationship: People & object Object & object • Persona in CJ • Persona who work at home Group:WU
  2. 2. • More suitable chairs are needed because the IKEA chair can not fit most tables for working(too high or too low). • There should be a reminder for taking a break during work. • More entertainment is required in casa jasmina. Design requirements: People may have different actions when sitting on the chair, this is the gap. We make the connection between these actions with the way playing music.
  3. 3. Rotating Pad: The sitting pad can be rotated, which will influence the pitch and tempo of the sounds that the seat is playing. Patting Area: This area is the main area for making sounds. When patting the area with different forces, it will make different volume of sounds. Foot Rest: By placing feet on different parts of the foot rest, the sounds played by the seat will change in tone and pitch. Together it makes a ’guitar’ seat, with which you can control the tone and pitch by feet, play music with your hands, while making more changes with your butt. Design concept A seat that can interact with the body parts, music as the output and the way of entertainment.