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Casa Jasmina project - Group Mosaico


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Concept of one of the projects designed for Casa Jasmina in the course: Design by Components (2017-2018) of the master in Systemic Design of the Politecnico in Turin.

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Casa Jasmina project - Group Mosaico

  1. 1. Marta Bovio | Rosa Caccioppoli | Alejandra Cuervo | Giorgia Curtabbi | Ornella Realmuto MOSAICO
  2. 2. scent as a way to bring greenery inside the house /RESEARCH TOPIC AND /CONCEPT herbs Coexistence ofwork time and leisure Short stay Innovative properties Projection to the future Aker kits project Presence of Innovative properties Terrace as a “wrong note” in the house saJasminagreeneryin Ca benefitsfromplants’odors Psychological wellbeing Better perceptions of the space Feeling of cleaning/ domestic intimacy Physical wellbeing “A home device to diffuse plants scents recollecting the garden smells and pleasing guests tastes”.
  3. 3. /GUIDELINES AND /TECHNOLOGIES /Production of scent maceration in alcohol /Emission of scent ultrasound diffusion starting from laves, petals or other scented parts from plants is possible to obtain a perfumed substance the scented substance can be diffused in the space through vapour /Simple use /Integration of sources coming from garden and kitchen waste /Adaptability to any room in the house /Easy manteinance /Versatility depending on user’s preferencies /Selection of scented plants easy to be grown /Active role /Adaptable duration of effect /Short making process interaction customization context
  4. 4. ALCOHOL 95% H2 O movement improving scent extraction in short time weft letting just the liquid go through (need of solid scraps removal from filter) GRINDER ALCOHOL DISPENSER H2 O DISPENSER DOWNFLOW PIPE MACERATION CONTAINER PIEZOELECTRIC PLATE SCENT TANK DOWNFLOW PIPE FILTER/ AGITATOR “TRAP-DOOR” H2 O TANK “BLENDING POOL” control of scented alcohol/ water ratio scented alcohol the two liquids are dropped every x time RECHARGING BASE MOBILE DIFFUSER if scent is not consumed, it can be stored and used later /PROCESS and COMPONENTS pick up chose grind ALCOHOL 95% in alcohol wait H 2O scented solution dilute the solution turn on smell macerate borosilicateglass would be a usefuk choise - high fire resistance - transparent - strength - resistant to chemical agents LAYWOODoPLA for any wrappers transparency is useful for improving interaction with the user