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Casa Jasmina project - Group GiveMe5


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Concept of one of the projects designed for Casa Jasmina in the course: Design by Components (2017-2018) of the master in Systemic Design of the Politecnico in Turin.

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Casa Jasmina project - Group GiveMe5

  1. 1. GIVE ME
  2. 2. PRINCIPAL GENERAL IDEA RECYCLABLE PLANTS LEAVES FERTILIZATION SUSTAINABLE COOPERATION INTERACTION PLATES CUPS SPOONS CHOPSTICKS Guests Landlord BENEFITSMOTIVATIONS Guest and landlord cooperation /interaction Reduce the waste Keep the garden clean Reduce the time spended washing the utensilis Teach new knowleges to people visiting casa jasmina Teach a different way to use the waste in the house Any object can have a second life Reduce the waste generated in the garden Teach a new modality to use the leaves in the garden Teach the guests that nothing is useless
  3. 3. HOW TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE USER/GUEST LANDLORD STAFF MAKE / LEARN STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 LEAF CUP WHY CAN ENCOURAGE PEOPLE WEBSITE SHAREDESIGN cut leaves drawing patterns smell making process photo designer ranking ... information materials financial benefit Let more people know about CASA JASMINA and the project; Get some profit. Incentive creativity in their own designs Contribute to envi- ronmental protection Get recognized by others. Make friends and share own experienc- es. Learn about different cultures through the design of cups; CUSTOMIZED CUPS
  4. 4. Select the leaves put the leaves in the blender prepare cellulose with water mix cellulose glue and leaves togheter create the paste washing in water to eradicate impurities pressed in the molddry (for 15 min.)final product CONCEPT DESIGN