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Casa Jasmina project - Group Blackout


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Concept of one of the projects designed for Casa Jasmina in the course: Design by Components (2017-2018) of the master in Systemic Design of the Politecnico in Turin.

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Casa Jasmina project - Group Blackout

  1. 1. BLACK OUT Ferrante Giovanni Fragapane Giuseppe Martino Graziano Wei Na Qi Qi
  2. 2. KITCHEN Areas of issues in Casa Jasmina’s kitchen Unfluent repetitive process doesn’t allow evolution The usage of the kitchen involves different actions, in- cludes different objects, products and spaces. Impro- ving the relation between them and users makes it possible to improve the whole kitchen usage experien- ce, in particular for new users. kitchen as a storage The kitchen is a great storage that keeps in hygienical and safe conditions foods and it could contain diffe- rent tools not strictly related to the meals. Sometimes it’s not easy and fast to store and find the goods.
  3. 3. DESIGN REQUIREMENTS (that have brought to the project idea) Opening of drawers and cabinets without touching them in order to avoid getting dirty, thanks to an authomatic system. Reorganization of the internal space of the drawers for their better and faster use. Ease, for new users, in finding all the objects and products of the kitchen.
  4. 4. 1_ Voice input to find di- rectly what the user needs and reveal it through colored lights that points the position of the searched object. 3_ Opening of the drawers through sensor and gesture in order to avoid touching them. 2_ Re-organization of the space inside the very large drawers of Casa Jasmina’s kitchen in order to give a pattern to all the objects and make it easier to find and pick. The Interactive Kitchen Our project allows to find in an interactive way what a user needs without losing time in a research drawer by drawer or cabinet by cabinet. It works in 3 ways: