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AWS Migration or 24x7 Support


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High Standard of Reliability and Proficiency in Cloud COmputing in Amazon Web Services

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AWS Migration or 24x7 Support

  1. 1. Amazon  Web  Services  (AWS)  is  an  easy  and  secure  wayto  operate  web  and  mobile  apps  and  big  data  venture.  Trusted  by  hundreds  of  thousands  customers  of  many  size  and  industry  category,  AWS  provides  on-­‐demand,  scalable  and  comprehensible  services  that  benefits  business  owner  from  Cloud  Compu ng.With  no  ordering,  installing  and  configuring  ac vi es,  AWS  is  the  efficient  solu on  for  your  IT  deployment.Eliminate  your  regular  IT  maintenance  Eliminate  your  regular  IT  maintenance  expense  and  focus  on  your  core  compe-­‐tence.Deploy  hundreds  to  thousands  of  servers  within  minutes  with  simple  steps.  Trustworthy  IT  experts  and  structure  to  manage  your  data  center.  AWS  indulge  you  with  lower  latency,  be er  experience,  push  businesses  worldwide,  at  minimal  cost.      AWS  supports  your  flexibility  and  control  to:     •     Keep  using  the  programming               model,  language  and  opera ng               system  you  desire.     •     Choose  the  AWS  products  that                   suit  you  best.  individually  or  a           few  at  once  for  a  fusion  of           func ons.     •     Pay  only  the  resources  you  use.               from  storage,  bandwidth  to             compu ng.         •     Use  the  system  management                   tools  you’re  comfortable  with           and  extend  your  data  center           to  the  cloud.
  2. 2. Amazon  Elas c  Compute  Cloud  (Amazon  EC2)  A  web  service  that  provides  resizable  compute  capacity  in  the  cloud  that  is  designed  to  make  web-­‐scale  compu ng  easier  for  developers.  Amazon  EC2  advantages  are:                 -­‐     Configure  capacity  with  minimal  fric on                 -­‐     Complete  control  of  your  resources                                 -­‐     Obtain  &  boot  new  servers  instances  in  minutes                 -­‐     Scale  capacity  up/down  faster                 -­‐     Pay  only  what  you  useA  service  that  connects  your  on-­‐premises  so ware  equipment  with  cloud-­‐based.  The  service  also  facilitates  you  with  scheduled  backup  that  mirrors  your  en re  produc on  environment  and  will  serve  you  well  during  disaster  recovery  scenarios  in  mere  quick  moments.  Amazon  S3  provides  a  simple  web  services  interface  that  can  be  used  to  Amazon  S3  provides  a  simple  web  services  interface  that  can  be  used  to  store  and  retrieve  any  amount  of  data,  at  any   me,  from  anywhere  on  the  web.  It  gives  any  developer  access  to  the  same  highly  scalable,  reliable,  secure,  fast,  inexpensive  infrastructure  that  Amazon  uses  to  run  its  own  global  network  of  web  sites.  AWS  provide  you  a  highly  secured  environment  for  card  transac ons,  and  is  proven  to  operate  with  the  interna onal  security  standard.  AWS  covers  all  requirements  as  defined  by  PCI  DSS  for  physical  infrastructure  service  providers.  To  support  transparency  and  openness,  customers  or  their  designated  Qualified  Incident  Response  Assessors  (QIRA)  can  contact  AWS  as  required  to  perform  forensic  inves ga ons,  if  required.  Take  two  required  to  perform  forensic  inves ga ons,  if  required.  Take  two  well-­‐known  examples  for  AWS  dependability  in  the  two  services:  
  3. 3. Calculate  your  Total  Cost  of  (Non)  Ownership1.     Understand  your  use  cases  and  the  app  that  supports  them2.     Take  ALL  the  cost  into  considera ons3.     Use  the  updated  pricing  (compute,  storage  and  net)4.     Leveraged  reserved  pricing  VS  on-­‐demand  pricing5.     Intangible  cost  savingsTo  know  more  about  how  AWS  impact  on  your  TCO,  To  know  more  about  how  AWS  impact  on  your  TCO,  get  the  official  whitepaper  at  challengers leadersniche  players visionariesability  to  executecompleteness  of  visionAs  of  October  2012BluelockGoGridJoyentSo LayerOVHFujitsuDellVirtustreamRackspaceTier  3Dimension  DataCSCSavvisTerremarkAmazon  Web  ServicesAWS  has  been  around  longer  than  any  other  cloud  compu ng  service  companies,  which  give  AWS  a  defini ve  experience  in  the  field  and  ability  to  offer  more  services  to  the  customers.  As  the  pioneering  player,  AWS  did  not  simply  bend  the  rules;  they  change  the  game  thoroughly.AWS  is  an  Infrastructure  as  a  Service  provider  that  offers  you  suppleness  in  organizing  your  projects  on  the  cloud.  AWS  environment  is  the  most  suitable  area  for  experimenta on  with  its  high-­‐customizability.  Beside  are  the  Magic  Quadrant  from  Gartner,  Inc.  (NYSE:  IT),  the  worlds  leading  informa on  technology  research  and  advisory  company,  that  shows  Amazon  Web  Services  as  the  leader  in  Services  as  the  leader  in  the  “Cloud  Infrastructure  as  a  Service”  category.
  4. 4. 1.     Pay  as  you  go       •     No  long-­‐term  contracts  required       •     Forget  capex  -­‐>  Use  opex       •     Use  only  when  you  need  it2.     Use  more,  pay  less       •     Tiered  Pricing  and  Volume  Discounts3.3.     Pay  even  less  when  you  reserve         •     Reserved  pricing  4.     Pay  even  less  as  AWS  grows       •     Efficiencies,  op miza ons  and  economies             of  scale  result  in  passing  the  savings  back             to  you  in  the  form  of  lower  pricingX =
  5. 5. Jln.  Karapitan  no.  100Bandung,  Indonesia  40261+62-­‐22-­‐6006222  This  educa onal  brochure  is  proudly  presented  to  you  by:If  you  wish  to  know  more  how  Amazon  Web  Servicescan  help  your  business,  contact  us  at