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Ace™ Mx Mimo Channel Emulator (


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Ace™ Mx Mimo Channel Emulator (

  1. 1. ACE™ MX – MIMO Channel Emulator for Broadband Wireless PRO D U CT BRI EF The latest generation of wireless, carrier-grade access promises throughput speeds of 100 to 350 Mbps for delivery of high-speed voice, Comprehensive Test data and video services. To deliver such throughput speeds, WiMAX Platform for Assessing and LTE solutions employ orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing Product Performance in (OFDM) and advanced antenna techniques such as Multiple- Multipath Environments Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO). Accurate and repeatable laboratory characterization of RF environmental effects such as multipath and fading on the conformance, performance and interoperability of OFDM and MIMO-based systems can only be achieved through the use of The industry’s first MIMO channel emulation. channel emulator Highest RF fidelity and performance Satisfies the needs of multiple departments - research, engineering, and quality assurance Easy-to-use graphical interface that scales from novice to expert Integrated RF hardware that eliminates the need for The Azimuth Channel Emulator (ACE) MX is purpose-built for MIMO and has been external components architected to meet the demanding needs of OFDM and MIMO-based systems. The ACE MX product line combines industry-leading channel emulation capabilities in a Scalable design to support flexible and scalable product solution to deliver a range of configurations for MIMO multiple test configurations and/or SISO system testing. The intuitive and easy-to-use configuration and control interface enables efficient, automated and repeatable testing of WiMAX, LTE and other 4G infrastructure equipment and devices. Typical Test Cases Test MIMO algorithms and debug errors Evaluate and optimize the performance of wireless devices Streamline QA processes for new devices Perform competitive performance benchmarks Verify that devices meet Radio Conformance Test metrics Validate interoperability for MIMO/SISO devices Run handover and interference tests Test handoff between radio technologies such as W-CDMA and LTE
  2. 2. Product Description The ACE MX uses advanced signal processing technology to enable real-time lab testing of MIMO, MISO, SISO and SIMO wireless devices in a multipath fading environment. It provides dynamic, real time channel emulation that scales for testing single channel devices up to MIMO 4x4 devices (up to 32 channels) or even up to 8x4 MIMO*. The ACE MX features dedicated bi-directional channel modeling that can accurately emulate real world wireless over-the-air conditions in both the downlink and uplink paths simultaneously. The ACE MX is a complete test solution with all the required RF components included, thus eliminating the need for external hardware to connect and configure complex test topologies. This simple RF-in/RF-out design, combined with an accessible and intuitive graphical user interface, makes set up, configuration and test execution a quick and easy task. The modular architecture of the ACE MX delivers a highly scalable solution which can be configured for single and multi- Straightforward Graphical User Interface link MIMO configurations. The scalable design will allow TDD The ACE MIMO topology can be flexibly configured to any combination or FDD, SISO or MIMO, Uni or Bi-directional testing as well as of uni-directional or bi-directional topologies with different models and point to multipoint configurations for handoff testing. velocities for each link. Designed to support WiMAX, LTE and 802.16m next generation broadband wireless technologies as well as supporting 2G and 3G testing, the channel modeling features of the ACE MX enable industry standard channel models or custom designed models to be loaded and run on the real-time dynamic digital signal processing engine. The ACE MX is designed for automated test together with the Azimuth DIRECTOR II Test Executive. DIRECTOR II provides both a comprehensive GUI to configure and control the channel emulator’s parameters as well as full script control through a TCL API for automation or remote control. Features Benefits MIMO channel emulation up to 4x4 Scalable architecture tests multi antenna functions like spatial multiplexing, Tx and Rx diversity, collaborative uplink and multicast/broadcast under diverse RF conditions Unrivaled RF performance Quality test tool provides the EVM and SNR to support testing for 64QAM and beyond Complete modular architecture Scalable solution that can be used for unit test through to complex full system testing makes resource planning, training and test configuration simpler Dynamic bi-directional channel modeling Recreates real world conditions by emulating dynamic channel conditions in both the downlink and uplink paths simultaneously, enabling applications such as FDD emulation and beamforming Patented SmartMotion™ mobility Dynamic fading emulates real world channel conditions and programmable attenuation simplifies the measurement of performance of User Equipment in mobile scenarios without leaving the lab GUI-based configuration with advanced user control Fast forward, rewind, play and pause commands allow the user to evaluate specific channel conditions in an instant without waiting for lengthy emulation runs Custom channel builder utility Gives users the ability to program the ACE MX with user-defined MIMO channel models for increased test flexibility
  3. 3. Advanced Channel Modeling Rapid and Easy Test Configuration with ACE MX for Comprehensive Testing 4G Ready Channel Modelling UL/DL Separator UL/DL Fading Separator Channel Enhanced channel modeling capabilities of the Splitter/ Channel Emulator Splitter/ eNodeB Comb Comb ACE MX enable the configuration of diverse #1 Splitter/ Fading Channel Channel Emulator and complex channel conditions typical to 4G Comb Splitter/ Comb UL/DL Fading UL/DL Channel transmission systems. The ACE digital emula- Separator Channel Emulator Separator tion engine supports a large number of taps, Fading Channel Channel Emulator long path delays and very flexible antenna UE correlation capabilities. Dynamic Channel Conditions UL/DL Separator UL/DL Fading Separator Channel ACE MX introduces dynamic model capabili- Splitter/ Channel Emulator Splitter/ eNodeB Comb Comb ties that allow fading and multipath conditions #2 Splitter/ Fading Channel Channel Emulator Splitter/ to be varied over time. Statistical channel mod- UL/DL Comb Comb UL/DL Fading Channel els are run on a powerful real time DSP engine Separator Channel Emulator Separator in conjunction with dynamic Doppler velocity to Fading Channel Channel Emulator recreate authentic lifelike motion. Shadow Fading An example of a generic test configuration for a typical handoff scenario Shadow fading creates the effects of terrain for a 2x2 device using uni-directional channel emulators or large objects like hills or buildings and other obstacles. The ACE MX introduces a log nor- A1 B1 mal slow fading process that can be applied in UL/DL Separator UL/DL Separator a highly configurable manner, over the selected eNodeB fast fading channel model. #1 B2 A2 UL/DL UL/DL Separator Separator AWGN ACE MX Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) introduces spectrally flat noise over the faded UE signal and is used in the analysis, modeling and performance prediction of communication A1 UL/DL UL/DL B1 systems. The ACE MX generates AWGN at Separator Separator each RF output to allow the user to accurately eNodeB #2 set a signal-to-noise ratio of the output signal A2 UL/DL UL/DL B2 Separator Separator transmitted to the device under test. ACE MX Custom Model Builder Custom Model Builder enables users to The same example as above showing how easily this test setup can be configured with the ACE MX which incorporates all the RF components program their own models or modify existing internally models. Users can create or import environ- ment-specific channel models using power delay profiles and correlation parameters developed in simulations. The graphic editor or XML file formats allow the user to program the individual taps (power delay profile), Doppler spectrum (fading profile) and antenna charac- teristics (complex correlation matrices).
  4. 4. Channel Emulation Specifications RF Specifications Max Number of Channels Scalable from 4 to 32** channels RF Input Frequency 450 - 2700 MHz 3300 - 3800 MHz Taps per Channel 20 > 24* 4900 - 5900 MHz Center Frequency Tunable in 50 KHz steps Channel Models Bandwidth 40 MHz - Model Packs: Industry standard models such as: - WiMAX Forum Channel Models based on ITU Input Signal Level +15 to -40 dBm M.1225 Crest Factor 15 dB - 3GPP SCM Channel Models (Spatial channel RF Attenuator Range 75 dB model for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) simulations) RF Output Power Peak -18 dBm - 3GPP/3GPP2 GSM/CDMA/3G Channel Models < -40 dB typical Residual EVM (Error Vector Magnitude) (SISO Models from the 3GPP With 10 MHz OFDM Signal and 3GPP2 for GSM, CDMA, EDGE, HSPA etc.) Input power = -10dBm - 3GPP LTE Channel Models as defined in 3GPP Output power = -43dBm Spec TS 36.521 - SCME Channel Models for link level Extended Output Noise Floor < -166 dBm/Hz SCM Models - High speed train model scenarios Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) - Birth/death and moving propagation scenarios SNR setting -20 to +35 dB - Resolution 0.1 dB - Custom Model mode User friendly interface to program new or edit - Crest factor 10 dB existing channel models - Bypass mode (identity matrix) no correlation, no fading, no multipath Physical Specifications Dimensions 9.25” H x 17.45” W x 28.5” D - Butler mode (Butler matrix) no correlation, no fading, no multipath (0.24m H x 0.45m W x 0.73m D) Weight ~58 lbs. (~24 kgs) Maximum Doppler Shift 2 kHz (>500 km/hr @ 3.6 GHz) Power 100 - 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 4.0/2.0 Amps Maximum Delay 1.0 msec Note: Specifications are preliminary and subject to change * - with corresponding s/w release ACE MX Product Configurations ** - dual ACE MX unit combination – consult with Azimuth Sales for availability ACE ACE ACE ACE MX/220U MX/440U MX/220B MX/440B 2x2 Uni-directional 4 Channels P P P P 4x4 Uni-directional 16 Channels P P P 2x2 Bi-directional 16 Channels P P 4x4 Bi-directional 32 Channels P** Corporate Headquarters 8x4 Uni-directional 32 Channels P** Azimuth Systems, Inc. 35 Nagog Park Acton, MA 01720 Phone: 978. 263. 6610 West Coast Azimuth Systems, Inc. 2890 Zanker Road, Suite 205 San Jose, CA 95134 Phone: 408. 943. 8300 ©2009 Azimuth Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. All specifications subject to change without notice. Azimuth, the Azimuth Logo, Azimuth DIRECTOR ll, Azimuth ACE, SmartMotion, Real2Real, STUDIO, and RadioProof are trademarks of Azimuth Systems, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders. PB_ACEMX_0309