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Most Innovative business ideas for e commerce to earn revenues apart from selling product


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Most Innovative business ideas for e commerce to earn revenues apart from selling product

  2. 2. ONLINE QUIZ/POST• Question related to the different e –commerce would be asked• Can be in the form of fill in the blanks or MCQs( Multiple Choice Questions)• First 10 lucky people to judge the correct answer would get the free coupons/ discounts/ prizes
  3. 3. • By this we can increase the engagement of people in viewing our website• Can be done on Twitter , LinkedIn et al• It will increase our traffic on the websites• By providing them free coupons / discount coupons we can enforce them to buy the product from our website
  4. 4. Campus Ambassador• Student Ambassador ( SA) to be selected in every college• They will be responsible for promoting our website• Through presentations , seminars• Through installation of our stalls during different technical and cultural events
  5. 5. • SA will be provided with the certificates• They will be provided with some gifts for every purchase done through their database• Will increase their engagement• Will be more active
  6. 6. Blog/Article• Content relevant to the targeted market• Web/ Relations can be developed• Active Blogs will increase the customers reliability about the product• Blog will be keyword rich, increase the Search Engine Optimization(SEO).
  7. 7. • Including the comments and posts on the blogs will further be useful to connect with the customers.
  8. 8. SCHEMES• Certain schemes can be introduced• If a user provides some amount of registrations he can get some free discount• If any user purchases some item through the recommendation of some user then the user get the gift• This will increase the links• Customers will be more interested
  9. 9. • Enable more participation• People will discuss about the schemes with their friends ( specially the young group)
  10. 10. Associations• Associations can be done with the small vendors• Links of the shopkeepers can be provided on the website• Nothing else to be done connecting the customers to these shopkeepers• Revenues can be generated through this
  11. 11. Reciprocal linking• Having other people put a link to your site on their site is a great way to get free website promotion.• Better search engine ranking for the page as search engines.• In return offer of putting their website link can be done
  12. 12. Co-Branding• To promote other new company• To get promoted by that company• Organizing events in collaborations• Sharing profits• Using each others’ database
  13. 13. MUSIC• Free music can be provided on the website• Ensures music lovers to visit site• Ultimately will lead to more sales
  14. 14. • Emerging Bands can be approached• Who want to increase their popularity• Can make a common portal where these bands can associate• They will perform for free because they want to initially popularize .• E-commerce websites will get more traffic• Will established as a big brand name• Revenue can be generated by promoting bands for some decent amount ( after establishing properly)
  15. 15. Providing tablet• Cheap tablet can be provided• The main revenue can be generated from the content ( e books that would be provided)
  16. 16. Provide your own services• Cloud computing• Applications• Software development centers
  17. 17. Live events/ webinars/online education• Related about the business• Latest scenario of this business in the world• Building Business• Successful techniques to start a business• About your business• Reasons for choosing particular product
  18. 18. • This will connect the customers to the owners• It will help them to resolve their queries
  19. 19. Virtual Goods Sales• Start some sort of game related to the business• Initially the game should be launched for free• Create a virtual world that requires the use of items to accomplish a goal• Can sell virtual good• Social element to the game, it will be easier to sell virtual goods• Examples include FarmVille and other Zynga games.
  20. 20. Free Newsletter• To provide a free newsletter or ezine.• This will help in developing the mailing list• Never send just ads or useless information• should be a small part of informative articles.• It can be an effective way to create income, but you have to be willing and able to write a weekly or monthly newsletter.
  21. 21. Other Ideas• Dynamic Advertising• Static Advertising• Pinterest can be used to tag / pin images which customers want to see• Hence more interest can be generated
  22. 22. THANK YOU