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Lean Agile Transformation - The Moonpig Story (so far)


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A in depth look at Moonpig as a company, and their journey to transform through agile.

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Lean Agile Transformation - The Moonpig Story (so far)

  1. 1. Lean Agile Transformation The Moonpig Story (so far)
  2. 2. About Me and the Mooni-verse About Moonpig About Me ★ Agile Coach at Moonpig ★ Successfully introduced agile and lean to engineering and product development ★ Now leading a lean, agile transformation across the wider business ★ My background is in TV ★ Moonpig - we’re in the business of Joy ★ Photobox - largest personalisation business in Europe
  3. 3. Today’s talk What I’ll talk about ★ What we want to achieve ★ Our journey so far ★ What we’ve learned ★ Our next steps
  4. 4. Our vision What are we trying to achieve ★ We are aiming to be: Better, Faster, Cheaper, Happier ★ Bigger emphasis on lean than agile ★ Guided by principles rather than specific frameworks ★ Transformation across the whole business, not just product engineering ★ “Scale” is relative - we are still small scale!
  5. 5. The Journey Begins “Let’s try this Agile thing”
  6. 6. First Steps It all began in 2013... ★ A “real” product team ★ Product Director reporting directly to MD ★ Developers & QAs practicing Scrumban ★ Introduction of Jira and actual backlogs
  7. 7. Transforming Tech Applying agile technical practices ★ Investing in tech - reducing tech debt, re-architecting ★ Continuous integration and delivery ★ From developers and QAs to cross-functional engineers ★ Emphasis on XP and software craftsmanship ★ Improving team maturity, moving from Scrum to Kanban ★ Empowered engineering teams
  8. 8. Alignment The Honeycomb Framework
  9. 9. Why we needed to change The problems we faced (circa 2015) ★ Tactical over strategic ★ Top down HIPPO prioritisation ★ Lack of focus ★ Value unclear ★ Output dominant JFDI!
  10. 10. The Honeycomb Framework Honeycomb principles ★ Cross-functional “honeycomb” ★ Dedicated engineering team ★ Clear focus and goals ★ Autonomy and empowerment
  11. 11. Pros & Cons of Honeycombs Worked Well ★ Cross-functional collaboration ★ Clear focus and goals ★ Autonomy ★ Alignment around product priorities Didn’t Work ★ “Two jobs” for some ★ Too many goals ★ Conflicting goals ★ Lack of alignment ★ “Do-ers” and “Deciders”
  12. 12. Evolving Honeycombs Introducing Lean and Agile beyond tech
  13. 13. The case for change Benefits of cross-functional teams ★ Organise teams by goal, not function ★ Removes dependencies ★ Optimise for flow efficiency
  14. 14. Making the change Reorganising around goals ★ Identify key long term business goals and metrics ★ Reorganise people around the goals ★ Spotify model of squads and tribes for inspiration Strategy Goal Goal Goal
  15. 15. ★ North star metric - long lived mission ★ Autonomy to decide how to achieve the goal ★ Resourced to achieve goals independently ★ Leadership, sponsorship Setting up squads Key principles North Star Metric
  16. 16. Feedback Working Well ★ Great communication and collaboration ★ Better engagement ★ Improved cycle times ★ Great progress towards goals Not Working ★ Some squads are squads in name only ★ Squad composition isn’t quite right ★ Command and control ★ Resource gaps
  17. 17. Future Challenges Next steps...
  18. 18. WORKING PROCESSES Improve cycle time Embed culture of continuous improvement Steps to organisational change REORGANISE Alignment around clear goals EXPERIMENTATION Lean, data driven experiments Fail fast CULTURE OF LEARNING Learning from others T-shaped skills 1 2 3 4
  19. 19. On our backlog To Do In Progress Done Lean and agile training for senior leadership Leadership and organisation aligned around a Clear strategy Tweak current squads and tribes Goal setting and prioritisation process Review squad and tribe leadership Avoid squad silos Limit WIP Build strong functions
  20. 20. @moonpigtech