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Think Tank Intelligent Community Forum presentation at Barcelona


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Think Tank Intelligent Community Forum presentation at Barcelona University. 1. Broadband 2. Knowledge Workforce
3. Innovation 4. Digital Equality 5. Sustainability 6. Advocacy.
The 5 key factors of Barcelona'92 Olympic Games success.

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Think Tank Intelligent Community Forum presentation at Barcelona

  1. 1. THE INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY MOVEMENT WELCOME MESSAGE Jordi Melé Carné Profesor Economía Universitat de Barcelona #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  2. 2. THE INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY MOVEMENT TOPIC: "COMMUNITIES WILL BE INTELLIGENT OR WILL NOT BE" John G. Jung, Chairman and Co-Founder Intelligent Community Forum #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm
  3. 3. Think Tank Global Network – ICFF Member Association Institutes ICF Nations Introduction to the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF)
  4. 4. ICF Intelligent Communities 1999 - 2018 Nearly 170 Global examples are at the forefront of innovation and have greater resilience to withstand economic downturns.
  5. 5. ICF Intelligent Communities Top 7 Intelligent Communities 2018 •Chiayi City, Taiwan •Espoo, Finland •Hamilton, Ontario, Canada •Ipswich, Queensland, Australia •Tainan City, Taiwan •Taoyuan, Taiwan •Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  6. 6. 7 Intelligent Community Criteria
  7. 7. People are at the heart of a holistic approach to creating more livable communities, enabled by technology. Communities of all shapes, sizes and locations share some common challenges that make them similar.
  8. 8. Communities everywhere probably have similar challenges. Can we work together toward solving the solutions?
  10. 10. 10 - 11 Abril 2018 Pune, Maharastra, India
  11. 11. Agustin Argelich Casals IX Paralympic Games Barcelona’92 Technology Director Principal Consultant Argelich Networks Communities will be intelligent or will not be The 5 key reasons of Barcelona’92 Olympic Games success. A vision at 25th anniversary International conference #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  12. 12. Let’s celebrate success instead of fails Celebremos el éxito en vez del fracaso • 2 unique circumstances • 2 “it’s a must” factors • The King Key factor 5 key factors #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  13. 13. 1. Enough Budget – Suficiente Presupuesto How many times there is not enough budget? ¿Cuántas veces no hay suficiente presupuesto? No corruption Sin corrupción #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @cardellachjm @melecarne @aargelich
  14. 14. 2. Deadline – Fecha tope #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @aargelich @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @cardellachjm @melecarne “Procrastinate” is an ugly verb Procastinar es un verbo feo Why are we delaying decisions? ¿Por qué retrasamos la toma de decisiones? No options to delay decisions No se podía retrasar la toma de decisiones
  15. 15. Why is it so difficult to implement a change? “Humans only change when they actually realize the consequences of not doing it.” It’s easier to do nothing. #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @aargelich @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @cardellachjm @melecarne Solo cambiamos cuando nos damos cuenta de las consecuencias de no hacerlo Es más cómodo no cambiar
  16. 16. 3. Alignment - Alineación • Everybody aligned, motivated and exited to get the same objective. • Public and private cooperation • All administration’s levels (local, regional and federal) working together #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  17. 17. How do you feel? Como te sientes? Aligned or alienated Alineado o alienado #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  18. 18. Organization Intuition Capacity to face and to solve the unexpected Munich’72: German Organization México’69 : A great party 4. Balance - Equilibrio Order, Methodology, Planning, Control, Accounting Creativity, Innovation, open-mined, empathy In summary the best of Mediterranean culture #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  19. 19. Disciplined Collaboration Performance from decentralized work Performance from collaboration Low Low High High #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  20. 20. 5. Leadership - Liderazgo The real key factor A right leadership #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  21. 21. Mobility is the “fall of the wall” in communications No more walls in any organization/ in any community High capacity network ports are available everywhere 25 years ago leaders destroyed walls and built bridges Nowadays some are doing the opposite Hace 25 años los líderes destruían muros y construían puentes #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  22. 22. Columbus was looking for a different route to India. He was successful because he was open-minded. He was trying to optimize an established procedure. He thought globally. Be open-minded, my friend Mente abierta Leadership Skills for the digital era (I) Pensar en global Optimizar procedimientos Colón buscaba una ruta diferente para llegar a la India #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  23. 23. As Gaudi imagined Barcelona’s new Basilica, … … imagine the future. The power of imagination Leadership Skills for the digital era (II) El poder de la imaginación #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  24. 24. We choose to go to the moon (JFK) Elegimos ir a la luna We are not saying “if we can”, of course we do. We are now talking about: “if we want to”. No hablamos de vamos a ver si podemos sino de voluntad de actuar. Are you still thinking technology is a “commodity”, or do you believe in a better future thanks to the right use of technology? ¿Todavía piensa que la tecnología no es diferencial o cree Vd. en un futuro mejor gracias su correcto uso? Are you still thinking that IT is only a technical issue? ¿Todavía piensa Vd. que las tecnologías digitales son un asunto técnico? Willingness to innovate Voluntad de innovar July 16, 1969, at 10:30 a.m. Apollo XI launch Leadership Skills for the digital era (III) #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  25. 25. How do you feel? Aligned or alienated Leadership is to help others understand why it is clever to be aligned with project objectives Leadership Skills for the digital era (IV) Liderar es ayudar a otros a comprender porqué es más inteligente estas alineado con los objetivos del proyecto, de la empresa, de la sociedad. ¿Como se siente Vd? Alineado o alienado #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  26. 26. You not only can, you must, choose your attitude Attitudes & Aptitudes Leadership is to help others to choose the right attitude Leadership Skills for the digital era (V) Liderar es ayudar a los demás a elegir la actitud adecuada Actitud y Aptitud #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  27. 27. Excellent organizations “communities” don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change" Tom Peters Mejora y cambio constante #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne
  28. 28.  The best technology  The best communication between human  A great knowledge of each other Better than ever The World is imperfect but we have a lot of tools to improve it Vivimos en un mundo imperfecto pero tenemos muchas herramientas para mejorarlo  Tenemos la mejor tecnología.  La mayor capacidad de comunicación.  El mayor conocimiento de nosotros mismos. En el mejor momento #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne Código QR descarga gratuita libro
  29. 29. Let’s know your opinion, comment or suggestion via twitter Debate –Questions? • Is today Barcelona an Intelligent Community? ¿Es Barcelona hoy una comunidad Inteligente? ¿Qué es Barcelona? • Are there other option than to build Intelligent Communities? ¿Hay alguna otra opción de futuro distinta que la construcción de sociedades inteligentes? • How the lack of alignment can be solved? ¿Como podemos resolver la falta de alineamiento en nuestra Sociedad? • Who and how will lead the digital transformation of our societies? ¿Quien y como liderará la transformación digital de Barcelona? #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne • Dr. Joan Majo, Ingeniero Industrial, Alcalde de Mataro (1979-1983), Ministro de Industria y Energía (1985- 1986), presidente del Information Society Forum, del European Institute for Media y presidente del comité de expertos que evaluó la política científica y tecnológica europea por encargo del Parlamento y el Consejo de la Unión Europea. Ha sido también director general de la Corporación Catalana de Radio y Televisión. • José María Cardellach, abogado, presidente de Cardellach asociados • Jordi Melé Carné, Profesor Titular Económica Universitat de Barcelona. Economista. Ingeniero Industrial. Master en Business Administration • Agustin Argelich, Principal Consultant of Argelich Networks. Embajador de ICF en España y miembro del jurado internacional Intelligent Community 2018. Director de Tecnología de los IX Juegos Paralímpicos Barcelona 92
  30. 30. THE INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY MOVEMENT THANK YOU FOR COMING #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm @melecarne