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Tackling Crisis and Disparity - Integral to Economic Progress

My conference at ICF 2021 Conference at Marple Ridge and Langley, British Columbia - Canada.
Digital infrastructures are key not only to survive a crisis but to fuel recovery and prosperity
COVID crisis confirms the strongness of ICF methodology

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Tackling Crisis and Disparity - Integral to Economic Progress

  1. 1. Tackling Crisis and Disparity – Integral to Economic Progress Good and Bad actions Agustin Argelich Principal Consultant Argelich Networks ICF International Jury IX Paralympic Games Barcelona’92 Technology Director @aargelich
  2. 2. Spain’s economy shrank 11% in 2020, in biggest drop since Civil War ▪ The contribution of tourism reached 154,487 million euros in 2019, representing 12.4% of GDP. ▪ The branches concerning tourism generated 2.72 million jobs, 12.9% of the total employment. ▪ 40% of young people unemployment rate
  3. 3. The future of Spain is based in how the country is going to manage the Next-Generation EU Funds. More than 50% of the amount will support modernization Research and innovation, via Horizon Europe Fair climate and digital transitions, via the Just Transition Fund and the Digital Europe Program Preparedness, recovery and resilience, via the Recovery and Resilience Facility, rescEU and a new health program, EU4Health Modernizing traditional policies such as cohesion and the common agricultural policy, to maximize their contribution to the Union's priorities Fighting climate change, with 30% of the EU funds, the highest share ever of the European budget Biodiversity protection and gender equality
  4. 4. Only 10 countries in the world have already achieved 95% fiber coverage (“Passed”) Spain: Leader In Fiber Optic To Homes In Europe Success Key factors • Low cost of deployment • Good regulation: MARCO: Any carrier can use tubes and poles from old cupper networks. Avoiding overbuilding • Small local companies • Government subsidiaries : PEBA Note: Passed (available) in not the same than used (subscribed) • Remote work • E-health – Telemediciene • e-learning Critical applications Fiber networks are the nervous system of the country Key for the future and key to survive crisis 5% means 4M homes without fiber in Spain low density rural areas
  5. 5. Europe View on Broadband Infrastructure Promoting enhanced customer experience through neutral open access networks Carefully selected Open Access Network situations across Europe with specific criteria Operation Layers Vertically Integrated Passive Sharing Active Sharing Complete Sharing Retail Services Vertically Integrated Operators Vertical Service Providers Retail Service Provider Retail Service Provider Active Layer Vertical Infrastructure Provider Network Operator Passive Layer Infrastructure Owner Infrastructure Owner Evolution from infrastructure competition to Services Competition through Open Access Specialized ISPs focussing on their core service business allow neutral infra operators deliver their key competence. This creates predictable cash flows and enhances customer experience. Where Ultra Fast Broadband infrastructure is non existent and overbuild risk is very low In Rural or Semi Rural areas with residents who has enough purchasing power Where a clear potential to critical size through further roll out exists Where there is a diversified demand for an open access broadband infrastructure ▪ We believe following factors are important to ensure the success for an Open Access Network (“OAN”) Over Build Risk Demographics Path to Critical Size Diversified Demand for an OAN Neutral Open Access Network (“OAN”)
  6. 6. A bridge between the rural and the future Galicia Rede Aberta Neutral Rural Open Access Network Neutral serving 400.000 homes in Northwest Spain 60M € investment
  7. 7. Not a good idea Elections in Pandemic
  8. 8. The results Lower participation than ever Fear and demotivation
  9. 9. You choose your attitude
  10. 10. Is the car our enemy?
  11. 11. Mediterranean creativity in pandemic times Is pandemic time the right momentum to apply such changes? What about citizens’ opinions? What about Modernism legacy?
  12. 12. Is there no other solution for the lack of green areas?
  13. 13. Idelfonso Cerda original urban plan
  14. 14. Back to basic Back to original Idelfonso Cerda urban plan s/el-distrito-y-sus-barrios/la-dreta-de- leixample/interiores-de-manzana
  15. 15. 21 Conclusions – Take away COVID crisis confirms the strongness of ICF methodology How Taiwan managed the crisis is the best example Digital infrastructures are key not only to survive a crisis but to fuel recovery and prosperity In time of desolation never to make a change (St Ignatius of Loyola Funder of Jesuits) Leadership and good governance is the greatest challenge
  16. 16. 21 Contact Info Thank You Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information. I am here to talk with you. We wish to collaborate with you soon @aargelich (+34) 934151235 Agustin Argelich agustin.argelich Digital Technologies International Consultant Leadership & Innovation professor Author & Speaker
  17. 17. Agustin Argelich Digital Technologies International Consultant Leadership & Innovation professor Author & Speaker Member Think Tank Intelligent Community Forum @aargelich About Me ▪ Born in Barcelona in 1963. ▪ Telecom Engineer by Ramon Llull University (Barcelona) ▪ Professor of leadership at Ingenio School (Lleida University). ▪ Spanish Air Force Lieutenant. ▪ Author of Analyze, Act, Advance, a book about how to build a virtuous cycle of hope, innovation, renewal, and continuous improvement. ▪ Principal consultant of Argelich Networks, an independent digital technology and management consultancy boutique. ▪ For +30 years, I have been leading significant digital technology projects for business and for public entities. Expert in Unified Communications and Collaboration ▪ Technological Director of the IX Paralympic Games Barcelona’92 ▪ Member of the Society of Communications Technologies Consultants International. I served as board member for 8 years, 7 as Chairman International Affairs Committee and 2 as Vice President. ▪ Member Think Tank Intelligent Community Forum and of its international jury awarding Intelligent Community of the year. ▪ Past member Digital economy committee Circulo de Economia. ▪ Before Olympics, I worked as Telecom Manager in Asco Nuclear Power Plant ▪ I am active member of significant professional and civil society associations. ▪ Married with Mª Eugenia for 30 years, we are parents of 2 daughters and 4 sons.