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Barcelona Intelligent Community Forum presentation


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Presentation of the Think Tank Intelligent Community Forum at Barcelona University. the 6 criteria.

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Barcelona Intelligent Community Forum presentation

  1. 1. THE INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY MOVEMENT TOPIC: "COMMUNITIES WILL BE INTELLIGENT OR WILL NOT BE" John G. Jung, Chairman and Co-Founder Intelligent Community Forum #ICFBCN #BETTERFUTURE @Newcommunities @JohnGJung1 @aargelich @cardellachjm
  2. 2. Think Tank Global Network – ICFF Member Association Institutes ICF Nations Introduction to the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF)
  3. 3. ICF Intelligent Communities 1999 - 2018 Nearly 170 Global examples are at the forefront of innovation and have greater resilience to withstand economic downturns.
  4. 4. ICF Intelligent Communities Top 7 Intelligent Communities 2018 •Chiayi City, Taiwan •Espoo, Finland •Hamilton, Ontario, Canada •Ipswich, Queensland, Australia •Tainan City, Taiwan •Taoyuan, Taiwan •Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  5. 5. 5 Intelligent Community Criteria
  6. 6. People are at the heart of a holistic approach to creating more livable communities, enabled by technology. Communities of all shapes, sizes and locations share some common challenges that make them similar.
  7. 7. Communities everywhere probably have similar challenges. Can we work together toward solving the solutions?
  8. 8. 10 - 11 Abril 2018 Pune, Maharastra, India