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Schutz brand


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Schutz brand

  1. 1. Arezzo&Co’s Investor Day Schutz Brand David Python BU Officer
  2. 2. Schutz brand presented strong growth in the past 2 years, doubling revenues between 2010 and 2012 Brand overview Update 2 O F MB EX Fashion Up to date Bold Provocative 18 to 40 years of age R$305.00/pair R$439.1 million 36.5% 1995 28 29 1,509 7% 49%36% 132 8% Extremely loyal consumers High innovation, always bringing the latest fashion trends Both offline and online integrated marketing and communication Innovative store design      Multichannel strategy implemented Brand Profile Target Woman Public Sales Volume 3 % of Gross Revenue 4 Price at Point of Sale Foundation Distribution channel POS1 % Gross Rev.2 Notes: 1. Points of sales (2Q13); O = Owned Stores; F = Franchised Stores; MB = Multi-brand Stores; EX = Exports 2. % of each brand gross revenues (FY 2012) 3. 2Q13 (LTM) gross revenues, internal market only: does not include other revenues (not generated by the brand) 4. % total (2Q13 LTM) gross revenues
  3. 3. Strong growth, consolidating as the second brand of the group Schutz History: Brand evolution Owned stores27 Franchises Present in multibrand stores>1500 Opening of Flagship Store in NY1st 29 Owned store1 1995 - 2000 2001 - 2008 2009 - 2013 Focus on product development and search of a national best seller Factory in Vale dos Sinos Beginning: Male public Focus on exports and great expansion in the multibrand channel Opening of flagship store on Oscar Freire with innovative architectural design Pilot project in the US Entry into franchise channel and monobrand stores roll-out with continuous focus on multibrands 3 Launching of web commerce
  4. 4. Distribution focused on multibrand channel Flagship stores for brand strengthening 2010 2Q13 · Complementarity between multibrand and monobrand channels · Strong growth and exposure to retail through monobrand stores · +1500 multibrand points of sale, 27 owned stores and 35 franchises Multibrand channel Owned stores +MB Schutz expanded its monobrand stores with 46 openings since 2010 Stores 4 Schutz History: Brand evolution
  5. 5. Brand update Sell-out actions 5 Attraction Conversion Loyalty
  6. 6. Brand update Sell-out actions 6 Actions aligned to the store brand profile to attract the final customer  Social media daily fed with information on product and fashion  Partnerships with bloggers, artists and opinion makers in all places  Relationship actions, entertainment and theme events  Weekly renovation of visual merchandising, bringing novelty  Presence in main fashion vehicles and country daily life  Local partnerships SCHUTZ FOR AMFAR SCHUTZ SUMMER 2014 @SCHUTZOFICIAL Attraction Conversion Loyalty
  7. 7.  Sales convention to motivate and inform the sales team  Sales team with individual goals and daily follow up  Constant training in sale technique and products  Stores receive magazine with product trends and information  Occult client with focus on service quality Brand update Sell-out actions 7 SCHUTZ CONVENTION SCHUTZ ECOBAG SCHUTZ MAG Focus on conversion by training the sales team and impressing clients Attraction Conversion Loyalty MOTHERS’ DAY ACTION SCHUTZ PREMIER
  8. 8.  Differentiated treatment for Schutz Lovers  Activation of clients base in brand events  Always in touch with clients through social medias  E-mail marketing and post sales card  CRM action Christmas 2013 8 Final client loyalty is related to post sales experience Attraction Conversion Loyalty PARTY NIGHT 655 MADISON ACTION AMFAR INVITATION NYC LUNCH Brand update Sell-out actions CRM ACTION CHRISTMAS 2013 ACTION WITH VIPs
  9. 9. Web commerce Entry into the channel Source: Euromonitor Client profile and adhering to online media boosted Schutz entry into the online channel Attractiveness of online commerce, especially in the fashion segment Brand adhesion and profile of Schutz client  Schutz clients are connected and use social media to obtain information, to express themselves and to consume  Biggest fashion brand on Instagram  Brand enjoys high online audience and engagement  Since 2009, Schutz has a strong relationship with fashion bloggers  Strong growth in online sales  Highest growth in footwear and clothing segments  Forecast is maintenance of strong growth 10,387 14,641 20,89395 312 1,444 2008 2010 2012 Other Online Retail Clothing and Footwear CAGR 08-12 97.4% 19.1% 17.6% 15.0% CAGR 12-17E 9
  10. 10. Web commerce Entry into the channel Data: September/2013 Brand strength in the online world and alignment with client profile Attractiveness of online commerce, especially in the fashion segment Brand adhesion and Schutz client profile Audience Engagement award Recognized as the most active brand on Instragram • Likes: 8999 • Comments: 168 • Date: 18.49 – Sep 23, 2013 • Likes: 8461 • Comments: 115 • Date: 11.15 – Aug 8, 2013 August 2013 average • Pictures: in the month 133 / 4.2 pictures per day • Likes – TOTAL: 565 thousand/ Per pictures: 4,252 • Comments – TOTAL: ~10 thousand/ Per picture: 75 • Engagement: 56.6
  11. 11. 11  R$1 million sales  Thesis test  R$10 million sales  Internal strengthening to better serve our clients  Dedicated management  Estimated sales of R$23 million  Preparation to expand channel potential  Evolution of technological platform worldwide  Dedicated logistic operator  Improvement of online marketing actions Sep-Dec 2011 2012 2013 FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM 2013 WEBCOMMERCE BEGINNING Web commerce Channel evolution Structuring of online channel and initial results confirm channel attractiveness and alignment CRM Action Online Schutzlovers
  12. 12. 12 Brand update Handbags 5% 9% 2T12 2T13 1 2 3 Note: handbags as percentage of owned stores revenues Segmentation by product and channel to meet final client’s needs Development of products, increasing their perceived value Reduction in the number of models, favoring supply chain and creating identity for in-store product Changes in strategy for Schutz brand handbags resulted in a strong growth in the product segment Handbags % of Schutz Revenue
  13. 13. 13 Brand update Handbags SCHUTZ PREMIUM SCHUTZ POP & FUN SCHUTZ ✔ R$790 - R$1,100* R$490 - R$790* R$350 - R$490* O / F Difference between lines Product technical standard Sourcing base Used materials Level of exposure of brand/logo V.M. in store and showroom Depth of purchases in the grids Training of commercial teams Marketing and communication actions ✔ ✔ ✔ MB SAMPLES Main channel Product line segmentation enables reaching different audiences in different channels, with the proper branding strategy and meeting clients’ desires Note: POS values O = Owned Stores; F = Domestic Franchises; MB = Multibrand store (domestic market)
  14. 14. Focus on product development increased perceived quality and desire for the product 14 Brand update Handbags  Detailed product development  Desire and spontaneous reaction of opinion makers  Over 2,100 pieces sold
  15. 15. Optimization of product line provided productive viability, better development and assertive store exposure 15 Brand update Handbags *Evolution of indicators in post-strategy change period Average sale of models per launch + 44% 255 370 2012 2013  A better assertiveness in the average number of models per launch  Total increase of sold models per launch  An assertive mix provides differentiated exposure in the store and showroom  More depth per model reinforces identity at the store and less rupture  A better sale per model benefits all the channel
  16. 16. After one year of operation, pilot store in New York enables learning and continues to be an important laboratory 16 Brand update International operation Operation Highlights  Store revenue in line with local benchmarks  Initial interest of US wholesalers (brick-and-mortar and online)  Positive product feedback due to quality  Increased knowledge of local customers  Ongoing product test and adjustment
  17. 17. Proper organic marketing strategy to stir desire 17 Brand update International operation
  18. 18. Marketing actions with store in the US leverage branding and desire in Brazil 18 Brand update International operation INSTAGRAM MADISON 1 YEAR AVERAGE - @SCHUTZOFICIAL (BR) • PHOTOS: 51 PHOTOS • OPINION MAKERS PHOTOS: 63 PHOTOS • LIKES @SCHUTZOFICIAL: 177,300 / AVERAGE OF 3,476 PER PHOTO • COMMENTS – TOTAL: 1,637 / AVERAGE OF 32 PER PHOTO • ENGAGEMENT: 108.30