Information technology applied to retailing


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Information technology applied to retailing

  1. 1. Arezzo&Co Investor Day Information technology applied to retailing Kurt Richter IT Officer
  2. 2. IT strategic plan is aligned with the long term view of the company DIAGNOSIS AND PLAN SELECTION OF SUPPLIERS TESTING OF ERP CONCEPT IMPLEMENTATION RESULTS 2 Information Technology Strategic plan IT plan has the main strategic guidelines to make all processes of the company more efficient 2012 2013-2014 2015  Adopt best practices and technology to increase productivity Develop appropriate IT solutions to support the business development Strategic IT plan Arezzo&Co
  3. 3. To take in new orders more quickly and make them available for production planning and logistics Commercial tools to support replacement decisions, promotions and better guidelines for the stores To execute “Go To Market” strategies for all the brands To analyze information to increase product turnover To optimize the allocation of products so to guarantee an adequate level of inventories at stores Process and systems to monobrand stores to support a better stores and inventory management To improve management of client relationships IT strategic plan focus is on making the Company’s processes more efficient in order to improve results 3 Information Technology Strategic plan EFFICIENT SELL IN SELL OUT MANAGEMENT GTM BUSINESS INTELIGENCE TURNOVER MANAGEMENT INCREASE RESULTS       
  4. 4. To reduce response time, sales orders are quickly captured and made available for production planning and logistics 4 Information Technology Efficient Sell-in  B2B order system for all brands  Available for use by franchisees and multibrand client  Many purchases possibilities  Integrated directly with the logistics operation for immediate billing of products available in stock
  5. 5. The automatic integration of the supply chain reduces operating errors and cuts costs 5 Information Technology Efficient Sell-in Automatic communication between Arezzo&Co - Agent - Manufacturer Automatic identification of consistency of factory-logistic information, delivery agility Reduction of cycle receiving, conference and cross checking   
  6. 6. Tools have been created to support decisions on store management, such as restocking and promotions 6 Information Technology Sell-out management Management of KPI for store operations, showing comparative results of key retail indicators Online Sales panel, with updated information on franchised stores for management of operations and targets Indicator panels with information on inventories, orders, turnover, indicators and
  7. 7. 7 Information analysis dynamics with focus on increasing turnovers products Continuables products replacement based on the stores sales results Management and offering of inventories based stores sell out results Information Technology Sell-out management
  8. 8. The strategic IT Plan has enabled all brands to deploy their expansion strategy 8 Information Technology GTM
  9. 9. Focus on increasing sell-out sales supported by tools to assist product mix and stores replacement 9 Information Technology Business Intelligence ZZNET – A Portal offering many informations to better manage stores operation
  10. 10. The system allows information analysis on product turnover, thus reducing stocks and increasing replacements 10 Information Technology Turnover Management Management turnover products by actions i.e. – Replace, Rearrange, Remark, Recall, Relaunch, Reactivate 
  11. 11. 11 Information Technology Operation Efficiency The project initiatives will allow to support growth and seek additional benefits Integrated information provides agility to make decision of right product at the right time   Increasing of product avaibility, decreasing breakage on sell-in and sell-out Management of production cycle, decreasing lead time It seeks margin gains with higher mark-up Style trend Design Blueprint Development Samples Showroom Logistic and distribution Store Seeks increasing value through all the channel, from products development to attending final clients
  12. 12. 12  Team with extensive business knowledge dedicated to the project  Strict partnership selection  Covers the key processes of the organization, including R&D, Marketing, Sourcing, Logistics and Distribution and Back Office  Go-live forecasted to Jan/2015  Implementation methods with focus on quality guarantee 1 DIRETOR 3 GERENTES 1 TRAINEE G&G 4 ANALISTAS DE NEGÓCIO 16KEYUSERS 2 CONSULTORES 1 GP FH 15CONSULTORES 7 DIRETORES 1 GERENTE G&G 1 GERENTE TI 26BPOs 1 DIRETOR EY 2 DIRETORES FH 1 GERENTE EY BPOs FULL-TIME PART-TIME The company has begun the implementation process of new transactional system seeking sustainability of its growth and efficient gains Information Technology Operation efficiency