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Anacapri brand 06


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Anacapri brand 06

  1. 1. Arezzo&Co’s Investor Day Anacapri Brand Thiago Borges CFO Alexandre Birman CEO Yumi Chibusa General Manager UN Anacapri
  2. 2. 2 Anacapri Brand Overview Anacapri established itself as the group’s third brand Notes: 1. Points of sales (2Q13); O = Owned Stores; F = Franchised Stores; MB = Multi-brand Stores; EX = Exports 2. % of each brand gross revenues (FY 2012) 3. 2Q13 (LTM) gross revenues, internal market only: does not include other revenues (not generated by the brand) 4. % total (2Q13 LTM) gross revenues Pop Flat shoes Affordable Comfort Colorful 15 to 60 years of age R$110.00/pair R$ 37 million 3.1% Brand Profile Target Public Sales Volume 3 % of Gross Revenue 4 Price at Point of Sale Foundation 2008 Distribution Channel POS 1 % Gross Rev.2 O MB EX 9 858 53%46% 54 1%      Focus on flat shoes, a relevant category representing approximately 36% of Arezzo&Co sales Greenfield brand development, experiencing maturity phases over an appropriate time frame Strengthening brand identity in preparation for accelerated growth through franchise model Unparalleled store design: extremely efficient for sales and creates a better consumer experience Few constructions means flexible production and rapid inventory replacement
  3. 3. Founded in 2008, Anacapri evolved its brand concept and stores architectural design Anacapri History: Brand Evolution 3 2008 – 2009 2010 – 2012 Services and Convenience Definition of the business model Owned stores2 Owned stores8 2013 Owned stores + flagship store¹9 Opening of franchises¹ Evolution of store design and beginning of franchise channel Notes: 1. From Jan to Sept2013 Operating in multibrand stores 858 Partnership with brands and designers Entry into the multibrand channel
  4. 4. Anacapri New concept, same look
  5. 5. Anacapri is a shoes brand that promises to make life easy for women with young and free lifestyles Anacapri Target public 5  Needs personal achievements.  Seeks to dress in a creative and original way.  Looks for versatility and a product that easily matches with her closet.  Rebuffs the social pressure to always wear heels.  Opts for practicality and elegance.  For this consumer, price is an important factor.  The consumer is connected with new things and experiences.  Is pleased to consume more for less.  Searches for a creative lifestyle and emotional connection. FUN CREATIVE SELF-EXPRESSION UNCOMPLICATED
  6. 6. Actions and partnerships which strengthen the brand concept Anacapri Brand promotion 6 Designers Partnerships
  7. 7. ANACAPRI | Diletto Anacapri High Summer Cobranding 7 Targeted communication at POS | Monitoring on social media Distribution of ice pops in the stores so as to activate the partnership
  8. 8. 0,5 0,8 1,1 1,4 1,7 2,0 2,3 2,6 3,5 4,0 4,5 5,4 Instagram followers (in thousands) 0 5 7 12 16 16 16 21 32 47 55 63 74 80 88 94 128 152 177 178 179 Facebook Followers (in thousands) Anacapri Social Media 16 Facebook 179,000 followers Instagram 5,400 followers
  9. 9. Anacapri Key Items 9 • Extremely comfortable and flexible flat shoes • Targeted communication at POS • Flat shoes made for VOGUE magazine article • Press Kit with personalized insoles bearing the name of those receiving the gift • Foldable flats • Targeted communication at POS Cosmopolitan SOS Personalization of Insoles Press Kit Sapatilha VOGUE
  10. 10. New architectural design means proper showcasing of the products and a superior purchasing experience for a low outlay Anacapri Evolution of architectural design and store model 10 Combo: at the back of the store, special offers in order to increase UPT and provide women with practical and quick service Tower: on one side, individual flat shoes are displayed; on the other side, mirrors; and inside, an inventory with a pair in each size Central Islands: to display the classical “must-have” Anacapri products Enchanted Island: at the front of the store with the leading new launches intended to attract customers
  11. 11. Arezzo&Co know-how in managing multichannel business models is also applied to Anacapri Anacapri Expansion Strategy 11 Franchises Owned StoresMultibrands  Enables greater brand capillarity and visibility  Rapid brand growth with low investment and risk  Important sales channel for smaller cities  Optimization of the sales team: in-house team and commission- based sales representatives  Best Franchise in Brazil (2005) and in the sector for 7 years  96% franchisee satisfaction rate with a 28-year track record  Direct interaction with customers develops retail competencies,  Flagship stores ensure greater visibility and strengthen the brand image “Outsourcing” of investment in stores and working capital Attractive ROIC  Capillarity in distribution  Ramp-up of sales, adding scalability to the business High Contribution Margins  Total control of the experience with the customer  Seal of Excellence in Franchising in the last 8 years (ABF) which are also reflected in franchised stores
  12. 12. 10 10 10 10 2 10 35 70 Sep/2013 Dec/2013E Dec/2014E Dec/2015E Owned Stores Franchises The plan for expanding the brand includes opening 68 stores by 2015, all of them franchises Anacapri Expansion Plan 12 AC AM MT MS RS PR SC SP MG RJ ES GO PA AP RR BA PE CEMA AL PI PB RN RO DF SE TO +35 +8 +68 Anacapri Stores Expansion Plan: 2013 – 2015 Initial focus on expansion in the Southwest, and then seeking growth in other regions of Brazil. Expansion using the franchise model +25 1. Due to the brand roll-out in the franchise model is planned according to conversion of 6 owned stores to franchises 1
  13. 13. Anacapri Franchise economics 13 STORE PROFILE  Investment of approximately R$ 500,000 to open a franchise ECONOMICS  Entrepreneur  Full time dedication to the business (“Hands On”)  Directly involved in:  Accompanying the manager when opening and closing the store  Organizing the store and the inventory  Monitoring team performance targets  Hiring and selecting the team FRANCHISEE PROFILE Average Sales Area 30 - 40 m² CAPEX/m² R$ 5,5 thd/m² Working capital 18% of revenues Expected annual revenues R$ 1,0 – 2,0 MM Net margin 8 – 12% Franchise Payback1 35 months Opening an Anacapri store costs around R$500 thousand, with an attractive return for the franchisee Note: Indicative data. These estimates may change in the future. Does not take into account the amount of the investment in the point of sale. The cost of the point of sale can vary, depending on the location. 1. Assuming net revenues at R$1,5 M and including the franchise fee of R$30,000. Considering key money at R$180,000, payback would be 45 months.