Nuclear Waste: The Challenge of Underground Storage and Disposal


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All countries with high level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel plan to eventually dispose of the materials deep underground in a geologic disposal facility. However, there are many challenges and issues that need to be overcome, such as choosing the right storage site and creating community awareness, as well as managing the design options. In addition the geological issues are different in different parts of Europe, and there are still questions about the long term safety of underground geological disposal.

Join us for this groundbreaking conference taking place in London on Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 November 2009 in London, UK, to find answers to these and other critical issues such as harmonising the approach to waste across Europe and internationally, managing the long term safety of the disposal and future challenges of accommodating for new build.

With country case studies and presentations from industry figureheads involved in deep disposal of high level nuclear waste, can you afford to miss out?

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Nuclear Waste: The Challenge of Underground Storage and Disposal

  1. 1. Present: 8 COUN T CASE ST RY The only UDIES conferen international 2nd Bi-Annual ce solely todedicated Nuclear Waste disposa deep l of nucl waste ear The Challenge of Underground Storage and Disposal Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 November 2009, london, UK AGENDA TOPICS AND CRITICAl ISSUES INClUDE: KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Alun Ellis, Andrew Orrell, • Identifying host communities Repository Director, Director of Nuclear Energy, that are willing to engage in site NDA, UNITED KINGDOM SANDIA NATIONAl lABORATORIES, selection Pierre Forbes, UNITED STATES Director of Underground • Discovering solutions for Research Laboratory, Richard Shaw, ANDRA, FRANCE Project Leader, licensing a high-level nuclear BRITISH GEOlOGICAl Juhani Vira, SURVEY, UNITED KINGDOM waste repository in Finland Research Director, POSIVA, FINlAND Jirí Slovák, • Outlining the European Head of the Department Commissions Euratom Framework Johan Swahn, Director, of Geological Repository Development, Programme MKG, SWEDEN RAWRA, CZECH REPUBlIC • Analysing the status of the Simon Webster, Kazumi Kitayama, Head of Unit, Senior Technical Advisor, Swedish system for final disposal EUROPEAN COMMISSION, NUMO JAPAN of high-level waste BElGIUM Ann McCall, • Evaluating the current Vice President, management approach to waste SKB IC, SWEDEN across Europe and internationally • Understanding methods to build world class repositories • Lessons learnt from Yucca Gold Sponsor: Co-Sponsor: Supporting Publication: Register now: Online: Email: Tel: +44 (0) 20 7753 4268 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7915 9773
  2. 2. Programme Day One Monday 9 November 2009 08:30 Registration 10:30 Morning refreshments 08:50 Opening remarks from the Chair 11:00 Assuring the long-term safety of disposal: regulatory expectations OVERCOMING THE SOCIAl ISSUES A major issue for deep disposal is managing long-term safety 09:00 Keynote opening presentation issues. The safety of a geological repository depends on UNITED KINGDOM CASE STUDY: Finding host communities that the barriers that provide the containment functions. This are willing to engage in site selection presentation will provide an update on new developments The UK nuclear scene has moved forward dramatically in regarding long-term safety from the perspective of the regulator recent years and it is generally accepted that deep geological ● What matters to an environmental regulator disposal is the optimum long-term safe method for disposal ● The Environment Agency's recent (2009) regulatory guidance of higher activity nuclear waste. Before this happens a site for on geological disposal and near-surface disposal: Objective, disposal needs to be chosen which requires engagement with Principles and Requirements communities and obtaining their support ● An Environmental Safety Case: the "golden thread" that must ● The 2008 Managing Radioactive Waste Safely White Paper run through a developer's programme ● Finding communities willing to engage in the site selection ● The vital importance of stakeholder engagement process and increasing the transparency surrounding the ● Key international initiatives: co-operation through OECD-NEA's subject of nuclear waste Radioactive Waste Management Committee; European pilot ● Highlighting the importance of stakeholder engagement study on the regulatory review of the Safety Case ● Supporting communities to help them understand the scientific Clive Williams, Policy Development Manager for Radioactive basis for deep geological nuclear disposal Substances Radiation, ENVIRONMENT AGENCY, UNITED ● Successfully conquering the suspicion towards the nuclear KINGDOM industry by discussing both the technical aspects of the safe implementation of a geological disposal facility and the wider BUIlDING A WORlD ClASS REPOSITORY social, economic and environment issues involved 11:30 Managing the design options for a deep geological repository ● Very latest developments in Cumbria: the progress of site to prepare for the future selection to date Repositories will be built and therefore need to be designed. ● Keeping the impetus going: taking advantage of the current Once a site has been chosen, steps are taken to design the window of opportunity repositories; however this is a complicated process due to ● Learning from our European counterparts: Sweden has two dissimilar rock formations which require site specific design. municipalities volunteering for a repository site, have they done This presentation is essential to prepare for the future of high anything differently? level nuclear waste Alun Ellis, Repository Director, NDA, UNITED KINGDOM ● Basic principles of geological disposal facility (GDF) performance and design 09:30 International co-operation: Ensuring that all countries have ● UK site identification procedure and waste inventory impacts access to state-of-the-art geological repositories on GDF concepts Despite the different rock formations, development levels, ● Generic high level waste (HLW) and spent fuel repository economic status and social circumstances in countries concepts appropriate to the UK worldwide, it is vitally important that countries with hazardous ● Implications of potential co-location with disposal of long lived radioactive wastes learn from each other, collaborate and share low and intermediate level wastes (LILW-LL) resources in order to ensure global safety and security ● Some key issues in progressive design optimisation and ● The nuclear revival in Europe and globally: co-operation programme development between countries is essential Neil Chapman, Chairman, ITC SCHOOl, SWITZERlAND ● Focusing on a common objective using a range of avenues to learn from each other ● Sharing knowledge and opinions on safety and waste 12:00 Lunch management to ensure protection of the public, workforce and environment 13:20 Design options for a repository operation: methods and results ● Understanding differing regulatory practices across Europe of R&D on remote operation technology ● Past and present vehicles for co-operation on waste disposal Under the condition of having no specific candidate site for ● Outlining the possibility of one European repository; progress a deep underground repository, a wide variety of technical of the European pilot study to date options are required to assure the feasibility of the repository Charles McCombie, Executive Director, ARIUS FOUNDATION, concepts in Japan. Through reviewing the R&D methods and SWITZERlAND results of the remote operation technology, design basis, design option and handling of accumulated information should 10:00 Panel discussion be discussed Standardising the management approach to waste across ● A brief history of the R&D program for remote operation Europe and internationally technology Alun Ellis, Repository Director, NDA, UNITED KINGDOM ● Introduction of the R&D methods and their results Ann McCall, Vice President, SKB, SWEDEN ● Quality and long-term performance of manufactured/ Charles McCombie, Executive Director, ARIUS FOUNDATION, constructed EBS SWITZERlAND ● Design confirmation and demonstration for the options Pierre Forbes, Director of Underground Research laboratory, ● A brief discussion of design option and information ANDRA, FRANCE management Simon Webster, Head of Unit, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Hidekazu Asano, Project Manager, RADIOACTIVE WASTE BElGIUM MANAGEMENT FUNDING AND RESEARCH CENTRE, JAPAN
  3. 3. Day One Programme Day Two 08:30 Registration PlANNING FOR THE FUTURE 08:50 Opening remarks from the Chair 13:50 US CASE STUDY: The second opening of WIPP: licensing the disposal of remote-handled transuranic waste lEARNING FROM THE PAST The US Department of Energy’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in Carlsbad, New Mexico began waste emplacement operations 09:00 US CASE STUDY: lessons learnt from Yucca Mountain since the in 1999. In 2007 WIPP received licence authority to begin 1987 Nuclear Waste Policy Act disposal of higher activity, remote-handled transuranic waste Yucca Mountain has been the proposed deep geologic with surface dose rates of 2 to 100 mSv/h. The licensing of repository site for the disposal of spent nuclear fuel and remote-handled waste at WIPP offers some valuable lessons HLW. Over the following two decades and with considerable for other repository developers related to how confidence in investment, the Yucca Mountain project experienced numerous safety can be built throughout the licensing process. social, political, technical, managerial and regulatory events ● Waste form and source term challenges which have shaped recent decisions by the new administration ● Transportation risks and environmental justice to consider alternative directions. This candid presentation will ● Operational safety case development review many of those events and provide potential lessons for ● Roles played by independent peer reviewers other repository programmes ● Host community involvement and integration into ● A brief history of the Yucca Mountain Project decision-making ● Significant social, political, technical, managerial, and ● Negotiation of licence conditions with regulators and regulatory events and effects stakeholders ● Lessons learnt to achieve a faster, cheaper and better Sean White, Senior Project Manager, URS WASHINGTON DIVISION, repository programme UNTED STATES ● Comparisons with WIPP success: site selection is only the beginning 14:20 Afternoon refreshments ● The future landscape of the US repository programme: possible alternatives for nuclear waste management 14:50 Keynote presentation ● If we could do it all over: stakeholder acceptance may not be SWEDEN CASE STUDY: Successfully choosing a site and enough the next steps to be taken. ● Real challenges for the next generation of repository Sweden is currently at the forefront of deep geological programmes disposal: in June a major milestone was achieved when Andrew Orrell, Director of Nuclear Energy, SANDIA NATIONAl the Forsmark site in Östhammer was selected for the lABORATORIES, UNITED STATES construction of the final disposal facility in June 2009. The next step is to submit a licence application in 2010. 09:30 Yucca Mountain: US repository program status update Currently SKB plans to start construction of the repository in and expectations 2015 and operation of the new facilities is intended to begin The US Policy for the disposal of spent nuclear fuel and HLW by 2023. were established by law in 1982 with The Nuclear Waste ● Achieving success to develop relationships with key Policy Act. Although subsequent laws have upheld and stakeholders and communities for the benefit of nuclear advanced Yucca Mountain as the repository site, the current power in Sweden Administration plans to form a Blue Ribbon Commission to re- ● Clarifying the reasons why the site was chosen and the examine US Nuclear Waste Policy benefits of choosing this location ● History of US waste management policy ● The Added Value approach and the implications for the ● Current status of the Yucca Mountain Project municipalities not chosen ● Current Status of Yucca Mountain licence application review ● Overcoming the challenges of preparing for a licence ● Status of the Blue Ribbon Commission application ● Path forward and what is required to change course Ann McCall, Vice President, SKB IC, SWEDEN ● Expectations: a look ahead Eric Knox, Operations Manager, URS WASHINGTON DIVISION, 15:20 Critical analysis of the status of the Swedish system for UNITED STATES final disposal of HlW The KBS-3 concept, developed by SKB is the solution based 10:00 Morning refreshments on the multiple barriers principle. Radioactive substances are contained within several protective barriers so that no deficiency in one barrier and no predictable geological or NEW INNOVATIONS AND THE VAlUE OF RESEARCH other change will endanger the isolation 10:30 FRANCE CASE STUDY: New developments from ANDRA’s ● Brief description of the Swedish KBS system for final Underground Research laboratory disposal of spent nuclear fuel The French Senate has approved a nuclear waste bill aimed at ● Environmental factors important for the siting of a mined getting the construction of a deep geologic repository in full repository using man made barriers of copper and clay swing by 2015 and beginning repository operations in 2025. ● Challenges for long-term safety when using man made This presentation will inform delegates of progress to date with barriers of copper and clay ANDRA and clarify current developments in the construction of ● Analysis of the possibility to ascertain the long-term safety the repository. of the KBS method ● The role of the Underground Research Laboratory and ● A brief discussion of alternative methods for final disposal underlining its importance of high-level nuclear waste ● Updating new developments and progress to date: working Johan Swahn, Director, MKG, SWEDEN towards 2015 ● Demonstrating the feasibility and safety of the disposal 15:50 Closing remarks from the Chair and close of day one solution
  4. 4. Tuesday 10 November 2009 Day Two ● Practical demonstration of technical elements 13:50 CZECH REPUBlIC CASE STUDY: Main research and ● Predicting the performance of complex natural and engineered engineering works aimed at the geological repository systems for extended time periods development: Czech approach and experience ● Looking into the future to ensure long-term safety of the disposal RAWRA’s mission is to ensure the safe disposal of existing ● Highlighting the plans for 2010 and future radioactive waste in the Czech Republic. Pierre Forbes, Director of Underground Research laboratory, According to the Atomic Law RAWRA is responsible for the co- ANDRA, FRANCE ordination of the R&D in this area. This support is provided in two main directions: gaining data for the development of 11:00 Overview of the Euratom Framework Programme: Priorities and a geological repository and as a generic research solving the current status management of HLW and SNF in a broader sense. One of the European Commissions priority areas is geological ● Possible approach to the support of the research activities disposal. This presentation will concentrate on the Euratom in limited conditions of the state organisation programme, the objectives of the research, including strategies ● Overview of previous and current projects supported by and policies, and how it links with the national programmes RAWRA: near field, far field and design and other EU policy areas such as energy. ● How to harmonise results from R&D with site selection needs? ● Analysing the support provided to Member States' programmes ● How to organise data and information acquired for decision in the area of research in geological disposal: highlights, making process? achievements, the EU dimension and EU added value ● Geological background, conflict of interest and siting ● Brief overview of recent and current major projects supported Jitka Miksova, Technical Development Project Manager, by Euratom RAWRA, CZECH REPUBlIC ● Overview of Euratom's support to research/studies in the field of governance, the decision making process and public 14:20 Afternoon refreshments acceptance regarding radioactive waste management issues ● The future for European collaborative R&D in geological disposal, in particular the development of so called 14:50 JAPAN CASE STUDY: Managing long-term implementation "Technology Platforms" of HlW disposal in Japan ● Links with other R&D priority areas and with EU policy, in Implementation of a deep geological repository will run over particular those related to energy in general a period of about a century, from first planning until closure. ● Latest EU policy and legislative initiatives affecting geological Over such a long period, project boundary conditions will disposal, in particular the area of nuclear safety change significantly, requiring a fine balance between the Simon Webster, Head of Unit, EUROPEAN COMMISSION, BElGIUM needs to provide focus and to keep flexible. ● Establishment of clear project goals and responsibilities 11:30 FINlAND CASE STUDY: Challenges for licensing a high-level for all involved organisations nuclear waste repository in Finland ● Development of a stepwise implementation plan, with An underground rock characterisation facility, ONKALA, is being efforts being made to involve all key stakeholders constructed in the bedrock at Olkiluoto, which has been chosen ● Implementation of the “NUMO structured approach”, as the site of a spent fuel repository in Finland. The plan is that which provides a mechanism for continual iteration of ONKALA should later become a part of the actual repository. the site characterisation, repository design and safety However, the construction of the repository can only begin once assessment plans to maintain optimisation as project the Government has granted a separate construction government constraints evolve licence for the implementer. For the operation of the facility, ● Use of a formal requirements management system to another licence is required before nuclear waste can be taken to ensure that changing boundary conditions are assessed, the repository. and documented, in a comprehensive manner ● Balancing the options, constraints and requirements in the ● Maintaining a culture of openness, accepting that design of a repository such a project will need trade offs between conflicting ● Managing the licensing process requirements and, in many cases, stakeholder groups ● Setting the priorities right for the pre-licensing research and Kazumi Kitayami, Senior Technical Adviser, NUMO, JAPAN technical development (RTD) programme ● Managing the resources for smooth progress Juhani Vira, Research Director, POSIVA, FINlAND 15:20 GERMAN CASE STUDY: Challenges in site selection for a HlW repository 12:00 Lunch ● HLW disposal: a national problem that requires a local solution COPING WITH DIFFERENT GEOlOGICAl SITUATIONS ● Significant political, technical and societal boundary conditions 13:20 Geological settings for the disposal of radioactive waste: What ● Approach to site selection for a HLW repository does the UK offer? ● Safety requirements on HLW disposal in geological The UK has a long geological history and as a result is varied formations geologically. This means that there are several different ● Investigations into conceptual and safety-related issues geological situations in the UK that would provide suitable ● Development of safety-related tools for comparing potential environments for radioactive waste disposal. repository sites ● What does geology need to do? ● Participation and engagement of the public and of ● Key geological factors that make rocks suitable for hosting a stakeholders deep geological disposal facility Dr. Peter Brennecke, BFS, GERMANY ● Favourable geological situations in the UK context ● Unsuitable geological situations 15:50 Closing remarks from the Chair and close of day two ● Examples of available deep geological data Richard Shaw, Project leader, BRITISH GEOlOGICAl SURVEY, UNITED KINGDOM
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