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With CO2 concerns so dominant in the public and political arena as well as the conventional pollutants of NOx and SOx, reducing emissions is an enormous task for power plant operators. Furthermore this responsibility provides colossal challenges which must be overcome. The advent of stringent European Directives must be adhered with otherwise power plants face the possibility of being shut down. How will the changing regulations affect power plants and what technologies can help meet these challenges?

Modern Power Systems Expperts 2009 conference being held on the 13-14 October 2009 in Berlin will bring together key authorities to provide answers to these and all the other topical questions. From clarifying the latest European Directives and implementing biomass co-firing to achieving a more efficient power plant, this conference will provide in depth analysis into solving the critical issues facing the industry today.

Expperts 2009 will provide delegates with a forum for cutting-edge emissions reduction information and the opportunity to network, benchmark and learn from top executives from all industry sectors.

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Expperts 2009

  1. 1. Don’t mi s Presents site visit s our Vattenfa to the ll Ox pilot pla yfuel Schwarz nt at EXPPERTS e Pumpe 2009 Exploring power plant emission reduction: technologies and strategies Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 October 2009, Berlin, Germany www.modernpowersystems.com/expperts FEATURING 11 OF EUROPE’S LEADING UTILITIES, DELIVERING PRACTICAL PRESENTATIONS ENABLING YOU TO: • Evaluate the European Commissions guidelines • Achieve lower emissions through carbon capture and storage (CCS) • Discover the results from the CO2 capture pilot plant in Esbjerg • Uncover solutions to remove NOx, SOx and particulates • Determine the biomass potential in China • Enhance the efficiency of your power plant • Aim for a carbon neutral electricity future using CO2 separation • Find out the road to highly efficient power plants • Examine the latest R&D activities towards zero emissions SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Johannes Enzmann Helmut Rode DG Environment R&D Manager Department for EUROPEAN COMMISSION, BELGIUM Technology Policy, Dr. Bill Kyte OBE Senior Advisor, Climate, E.ON, New Technologies Rudolph Blum E.ON, GERMANY UK, Chief Advisor, International General Manager R&D Climate Policy, EURELECTRIC, DONG ENERGY, DENMARK Antonio Mano Hon President Director for I&D and New UK EMISSIONS TRADING GROUP (ETG) LTD Ales Laciok Technologies Coordinator of R&D EDP, PORTUGAL CEZ, CZECH REPUBLIC Robert De Kler Head of Technology Vladamir Hecl Pilar Coca Programme Officer Development and Control NUON, THE NETHERLANDS Researcher UN FRAMEWORK CONVENTION ON ELCOGAS, SPAIN CLIMATE CHANGE, BELGIUM Organised by: VIBevents Register Now: Tel: +44 (0)20 7753 4268 fax: +44 (0)20 7915 9773 email: events@vibevents.com Website: www.modernpowersystems.com/expperts
  2. 2. Programme Day One Tuesday 13 October 08:15 Registration 12:00 CO2 emission reduction strategy of the CEZ Group ● Investing in low carbon generation capacity 08:50 Opening remarks from the Chair ● Funding of R&D activities James Varley, Group Managing Editor, MODERN POWER SYSTEMS, UK ● CCS: current, reality and expectations Ales Laciok, Co-ordinator of R&D, CEZ, CZECH REPUBLIC Meeting European targets 12:30 Lunch 09:00 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Aiming for a carbon-neutral electricity future 13:30 Large scale transport of CO2 by ship ● An overview of climate change: Kyoto and the EU ETS ● Outlining world existing CO2 fleet ● Taking the carbon out of electricity and the impact on business ● Highlighting the technical challenges involved ● Reaching a carbon neutral future ● Exploring offshore discharge concepts Dr. Bill Kyte OBE, Senior Advisor, Climate, E.ON, UK Chief Advisor, ● Business case CO2 shipping International Climate Policy, EURELECTRIC, Hon President, UK Klaas Kerssemakers, Business Development Manager, Emissions Trading Group (ETG) Ltd. ANTHONY VEDER, THE NETHERLANDS 09:30 An overview of the relevant provisions of the convention 14:00 Meri-Pori CCS: retrofit of a 565 MWe coal fired on climate change power plant ● The technology transfer framework ● Developing a CO2 capture system and explaining the technology ● Some key challenges of the technology transfer process: assessing chosen technology needs and building capacities ● Making an investment decision in 2011 and having the system ● Enabling environments to enhance involvement of the private operational in Meri-Pori in 2015 sector in technology transfer ● Shipped CO2 abroad for storage due to lack of suitable storage ● Financing mechanisms and indicators of performance locations in Finland Vladamir Hecl, Programme Officer, UN FRAMEWORK ON CLIMATE ● Demonstration of Värtan CHP power plant in Stockholm CHANGE, GERMANY Mikko Iso Tryykarri, Manager Strategy and Investments, FORTUM, FINLAND 10:00 The Climate and Energy Package: paving the way towards a low carbon economy 14:30 Post-combustion technology: latest developments ● Evaluating the Emission Trading System (ETS) from 2013: ● Results review from Aker Clean Carbon’s test facility developing a stable regulatory framework ● SOLVit R&D progress report ● An EU wide cap and harmonised allocation ● Commentary on selected international projects ● Advances towards predictability and stability for the market Oscar Graff, Chief Technology Officer, AKER CLEAN CARBON, ● Implementing auctioning and free allocation NORWAY ● Highlighting the issue of carbon leakage ● Taking steps towards a wider market Running an efficient power plant Johannes Enzmann, DG Environment, EUROPEAN COMMISSION 15:00 Biomass co-firing in China ● Opportunities for EU-China co-operation 10:30 Morning refreshments and networking ● Overview of European biomass co-firing technologies ● Best suited co-firing techniques in China Progress of carbon capture and storage (CCS): ● Biomass potential in China case studies from leading European utilities ● Policy framework in China Edita Vagonyte, European Affairs Manager, EUROPEAN BIOMASS 11:00 E.ON's view on power generation from coal and on the ASSOCIATION, BELGIUM future role of CCS ● Overview of E.ON R&D activities in CCS 15:30 Afternoon refreshments and networking ● R&D requirements in post-combustion capture ● Current status of E.ON’s post-combustion capture pilot plant activities 16:00 Elcogas IGCC: R&D activities towards zero emissions ● E.ON’s approach to prepare for CCS ● The Elcogas experience: status and overview ● Retrofitting in coal new build projects ● Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of IGCC Helmut Rode, R&D Manager Department for Technology Policy, New ● Current R&D activities in which Elcogas is involved Technologies, E.ON, GERMANY ● Discussing CO2 capture and clean H2 production ● Using biomass, wastes and IGCC optimisation to achieve an 11:30 Results from the CO2 capture pilot plant in Esbjerg: overall reduction in emissions Removing our SOx and NOx experiences from the CASTOR project ● Pilar Coca, Researcher, ELCOGAS, SPAIN ● Short introduction to the background of CO2 absorption in amine solutions ● The CASTOR project and the objectives of the pilot plant 16:30 Clean coal technology: present state and future aspects ● Results and lessons learned from the measuring campaigns with ● Highly efficient coal fired power plants with CCS needed for standard amine MEA, and newly developed solutions CASTOR-1 and another generation CASTOR-2 ● Advanced thermodynamics combined with improved ferritic and ● Plans for testing within the CESAR (EU FP7 project) austenitic steels to hit the target ● Outlook for the amine technology ● AD700: the advanced nickel alloy based power plant concept Willy van Well, Co-ordinator Technology Development CO2 capture, aiming for 54% efficiency DONG ENERGY, DENMARK Dr. Rudolph Blum, General Manager R&D, DONG ENERGY, DENMARK 17:00 Closing remarks from the Chair and close of Day One
  3. 3. Programme Day Two Wednesday 14October 08:15 Registration 12:00 EDP’s path to lower emissions in power generation: experience in Sines power plant 08:50 Opening remarks from the Chair ● Alternatives to lower emissions: managing the portfolio James Varley, Group Managing Editor, MODERN POWER SYSTEMS, UK ● Lower NOx, SOx and particulates in Sines coal power plant: past, present and future ● Improving ash handling and final use Overcoming climate policy challenges ● Reducing CO2 emissions: biomass co-firing route assessment 09:00 Replacing the Industrial Emissions Directive ● The CCS approach: retrofitting versus new build ● Interpreting the latest regulations ● Defining the consequences for conventional emissions ● When the IPCC directive will be replaced Antonio Mano, Director for I&D and New Technologies, EDP, ● Steps taken to cut industrial emissions further PORTUGAL ● How the changing regulations will affect power plants ● Methods used to help meet these challenges 12:30 Closing remarks from the Chair and Champagne prize draw ● What opportunities do these challenges present? Hélène Lavray, Advisor on Environmental Emissions, 13:00 Coach leaves for Schwarze Pumpe EURELECTRIC, BELGIUM Accredited by: 09:30 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Facing the challenges of ambitious climate policy in the energy sector ● Outlining the merits and potential drawbacks of the different CO2 capture technologies: post-combustion, pre-combustion and oxyfuel combustion ● Examples of industrial and demonstration projects ● Evaluating the different options and issues for CO2 storage: hydrocarbons reservoirs, aquifiers and coal seams ● Zooming in on Nuon’s technical choice: gasification and pre- combustion capture WhO yOu Will meeT aT The cOnference: ● The main features and options of the Magnum Project ● Nuon’s ‘CO2 catch-up’ project Buggenum: a leading example of the Heads, Directors and Managers working in the following areas: potential of clean fossil fuel ● Power Plant Engineering Robert De Kler, Head of Technology Development and Control, ● Emission control NUON, THE NETHERLANDS ● R&D ● Technical Development ● Corporate Strategy 10:00 Morning refreshments and networking ● Carbon Capture ● Regulatory Affairs Lowering NOx, SOx and heavy metals ● Environment policy ● Process Engineering 10:30 Reducing conventional pollutants: SOx and NOx ● Operations ● Development of NOx reduction technologies ● Finance ● Strategies which can be used to reduce the conventional pollutants ● Project Management ● Gearing up for the 2016 NOx emission targets ● Uncovering the progress already made in reaching these targets ● How this will impact on CO2 reduction ● Evaluating the never ending cycle of CO2 versus the conventional pollutants Do you wish to exhibit your products and Michael Whitehouse, Commercial Project Co-ordinator, services at this exclusive event? RWE NPOWER, UK If you want to be part of this leading industry event, please contact Paul Chapman in our sponsorship team. 11:00 Enabling NOx reduction with unburned carbon Email: paulchapman@VIBevents.com or call: improvement and biomass co-firing through the +44 (0) 20 7753 4259 installation of ROFA Brian S. Higgins, Vice President Technology, Air Protection Technologies, NALCO MOBOTEC USA 11:30 The Evonik road to highly efficient power plants ● Experiences from power plant projects abroad ● Current power plant projects and their settlement ● Effective methods used to remove SOx and NOx ● High efficiency against CO2 separation ● Efficient operation Dr. Jens Reich, Energy Technologies, EVONIK STEAG, GERMANY Organised by: VIBevents VIBevents provides high-quality commercially focused conferences, based on our own research and our close links with leading practitioners and business advisors. VIBevents is a trading name of SPG Media Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of SPG Media Group Ltd. © VIBevents 2009
  4. 4. SchWarZe PumPe SiTe viSiT: Coal has a future, carbon dioxide emissions don’t. This is the realisation that prompted Vattenfall to launch a research project on CO2 capture in 2001 and since then, Vattenfall has pioneered this green technology. Within this project the CCS technology implemented is very concrete: In 2006, construction began for the pilot plant in Schwarze Pumpe. On 29th May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the CEO of Vattenfall’s Swedish parent company Vattenfall AB, Lars G. Josefsson attended the ground-breaking ceremony for the innovative project. On September 9th 2008 Vattenfall inaugurated the world’s first Oxyfuel pilot plant on an industrial scale and including all components of the CCS-chain, on its Schwarze Pumpe site south of Berlin. The pilot plant will be in operation for 10 years, including a first test programme of three years. More than 90% of the CO2 produced in the combustion process in the pilot plant will be captured and further processed for transport and underground storage. Don’t miss our landmark site visit to the world’s first Oxyfuel pilot plant at Schwarze Pumpe. By attending this unique site visit you will gain a deeper understanding of the problems and lessons learned by Vattenfall as they built the first coal fired plant in the world to capture and store its own CO2 emissions. Schwarze Pumpe site visit timetable: 14:00 Arrival at Schwarze Pumpe Power Station ● Welcome at the visitor's centre of the power station ● Report about Vattenfall's activities in the field of CO2-capture - conference room 15:00 Group 1: ● Oxyfuel plant tour Group 2: ● Short overview of the power station 15:30 Group 2: ● Oxyfuel plant tour Group 1: ● Short overview of the power station 16:00 Farewell
  5. 5. Sponsors: Exhibitors: Supporting Association: The Carbon Capture and Storage Association exists to represent the interests of its members in promoting the business of CCS. The CCSA works to raise awareness of the benefits of CCS as a climate change mitigation technology as well as assisting CCS policy developments worldwide. www.ccsassociation.org.uk The European Power Plant Suppliers Association is the voice, at a European level, of companies both manufacturing components for and constructing turnkey power plants. EPPSA members, throughout Europe, represent a leading branch of technology with more than 100,000 employees and an annual turnover of over 20 billion €. www.eppsa.org Media Partners: Power-technology.com, with more than 70,000 visitors a month, is the essential one-stop-shop for global energy industry professionals every day. The site comprises of the following key elements: • Industry Projects • Products and Services • Events • Company A-Z listing • Employment Opportunities • Latest Industry News Members of the industry’s leading energy providers, engineering companies, consulting services, nuclear power plants and electronic corporations rely on power-technology. com as their primary source of industry intelligence. Energy Business Review is the fastest growing Energy website within the energy industry. EBR BUSINESS Review provides a high level audience with a ‘one-stop- shop’, where the latest opinion and forecasts of Datamonitor analysts are provided alongside the latest industry news. www.energy-business-review.com Carbon Capture Journal is the world’s leading magazine for carbon capture and storage. Sign up to our free newsletter at www.carboncapturejournal.com Official Publication: Modern Power Systems provides in-depth independent coverage of power plant and transmission and distribution technology. Widely read throughout the world of electricity generation, it specialises in presenting key engineering and commercial developments in an authoritative but accessible style. From advanced power plant and transmission design to repair and maintenance case studies, Modern Power Systems is unrivalled as a platform for exploring cutting edge developments in the power industry. www.modernpowersystems.com
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Occasionally your ■ I cannot attend the conference but would details may be obtained from, or made available to, €250 €450 external companies who wish to communicate with you like to receive the interactive CD-ROM offers related to your business activities. If you wish to receive these offers, please tick the box ■ Discount code if applicable _________________________________ Total Discounts are at the discretion of VIBevents and are not cumulative VIBevents Conference Delegate terms and conditions 4 Cancellations: In the event of cancellation, 100% of the event fee is payable and non-refundable. All 1. Scope of Agreement: These are the conditions of the contract between you, the Client (“You” and “your”) and cancellation requests must be submitted to us in writing. 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