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In this competitive world, you will find excellent products with excellent delivery system..then how can our business stand apart & create an edge over others?
It is with exceptional, high quality & proactive customer service.

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  • Tell the participants,According to the study conducted by American Express Customer Service Barometer in 2011, consumers are willing to shell out 22% more for better customer services Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. Besides, 52 % would switch over to a new brand or company for want of a good customer service experience.
  • "Were You Listening?" For this activity, each member of the group goes to the front of the room and tells about themselves or their likings, to the rest of the group members. The supervisors has to make a note of the answers given by each of the members. Then the group is told that they have a quiz, to see if they really listened to each other. The members have to then recall and identify which member had answered what. This will help them to understand the importance of listening to each other.
  • The Participant has to share one good experience & one bad experience as a customer. And the facilitator has make them realize that whether the customer wants to remember their service as a good experience or as a bad experience. This activity will help the participant to think from customer’s point of view.
  • At Your Service- Customer Service

    1. 1. “At Your Service”
    2. 2. Objectives  Develop Customer orientation  Work for customer delight  Ask focused questions,  Listen and probe in a professional manner  Various types of customers  Handle irate & difficult customers  “Moment of Truth”  Types of Customer Service  Over come challenges  Small Talk  Rapport Building  Empathy  Experience Sharing 2
    3. 3. Who is a Customer A Customer is a current or potential buyer or user of the product or services of an individual or organization.
    4. 4. What is Customer Service? A genuine concern for your customer’s well-being & strong desire to help your customers solve their problems 4
    5. 5. The Ten Commandments of Great Customer Service! 1) Use Common Sense 2) Follow up 3) Be knowledgeable 4) Never Assume 5) Avoid being trapped in negative mindset 6) Agree mutually on a solution 7) Read between the lines 8) Provide Complete & Accurate Information 9) Asking probing Questions if necessary 10) Your attitude reflects in the tone of your message 5
    6. 6. Circle of ServiceWhy to keep customers satisfied?•Treat them right, they’ll come back becausethey like you• If they like you, they’ll spend more money• If they spend more money you want totreat them better• If you treat them better, they keep comingback.
    7. 7. 77 %Clients are unhappy due toPoor Customer Service 7
    8. 8. Why Customers Leave?Poor Customer Service 77% Dissatisfied 14%Seek other Alternative 5% Move Away 3% Die 1% 8
    9. 9. Impact of Customer ServiceResolving a complaint within 24 hours results in 96% retention.Companies can boost profits 100% by retaining 5% more of their customers.For each day of delay, it results in about 10% additional loss. 9
    10. 10. Dimensions of customer service Procedural Personal Dimension Dimension Quality ServiceThe procedural dimension of services consists of the systemsand procedures of the company to deliver products / servicesThe personal dimension of service consists of how the peoplein the company interact with customers. This aspect covers theirattitudes, behaviours, communication and interpersonal relations
    11. 11. Were You Listening ??? 11
    12. 12. Asking the right question Open Probing Closed Reflective Hypothetical Multiple Leading.
    13. 13. The Funnel – Questioning Model
    14. 14. The RATER Model• Responsiveness – The timeliness of service and the willingness to help.• Assurance – Knowledge, courtesy and professionalism that build a customers trust.• Tangibles – Physical aspects of a service experience• Empathy – Caring, individualized service that makes a customer feel valued.• Reliability – Performing the promised service dependably and accurately, keeping promises and doing it right the first time.
    15. 15. Types of CustomersAssertive Passive Aggressive 15
    16. 16. Assertive customers• Assertive customers are positive on what they want. They demand something which they believe is rightfully theirs• Respect is critical• Ensure that you mirror a assertiveness even when you cannot fulfill the request
    17. 17. Passive Customers• The customer looks for guidance, listens to you, may sound apologetic when complaining• Listen carefully and encourage them to talk• Summarize and paraphrase• Give plenty of assurances
    18. 18. Aggressive Customers• The customer who wants more that you can offer.• One who is not easily satisfied• One who is irate• Be assertive• Use the pressure cooker method – allow the steam to settle• Helpful phases … ‘I see what you mean.’ ‘I would be as concerned as you are.’ ‘Please give me a call if you have any more questions.’ Do you see Always say what you can do…: I can….. I will….. Will you please…..? Could I ask you to….? Which means that….
    19. 19. Handling Irate customers • L – listen • E – Empathize • A – Apologize • P – Paraphrase • S – Solution offered
    20. 20. The 4 C’s of ProfessionalismCompetence: Ability to perform assigned / allotted tasks satisfactorilyCommitment: Mental ownership of the task / workCulture: Ways of working / relating to peopleConsistency: Delivering quality & timely results each time with Care For Minor Details
    21. 21. Customer experience funnel 21
    22. 22. Customers Profiling Phlegmatic Choleric• Knows your business better than you. • Very vocal and loves to pick up fights• Sounds very disinterested. • Resists every effort put in to satisfy them.• Difficult to get their reactions. • Will not hesitate to tell you what you’re doing wrong.• Require special attention but do not like beingasked lot of questions. • Talks constantly that can be annoying at times• Very analytical and can pose difficult questions. • Dislike being interrupted and can be abusive at times Sanguine Melancholic • Very co-operative and friendly.• Totally dependant and doesn’t know anything. • Will be satisfied and express his satisfaction.• Not willing to help themselves. • Recommend you to other people.• Hard to know how to satisfy them. • Can provide polite feedback to improve the services• Silence is so deafening that it could be difficult to next time.retain their attention. • Willing to listen to you and appreciate the services.• Will give vague answers which can be confusing.
    23. 23. Tier Zero Approach.. Phlegmatic Choleric• Do not try to prove customer wrong. • Let them vent out their anger rather than being• Be patient and maintain a friendly tone. defensive.• Stay neutral and make them feel valued. • Be confident and do not give up on efforts.• Listen carefully to them as they prefer speaking • Stay calm and don’t take comments personally.less.. • Acknowledge what they say rather than hurting their• Take ownership and provide a clear and concise self- esteem.answers. • Do not interrupt but listen to them patiently. Melancholic Sanguine • Do not push or rush the customer. • Maintain the warm and friendly approach. • Use confident tone to build trust. • Value their association with us.. • Use open probes to help them respond. • Be pro-active and read between the lines.. • Summarize the answers by quantifying and keep • Take the feedback politely and thank him for it. Also them posted of what you are doing for them . assure them that you would take care of it. • Acknowledge the customer’s expression of concern • Listen to their queries with equal interest and give or confusion. regular verbal nods.
    24. 24. Service standardsAmerican Airlines• 85% of passengers should get a ticket in less than 5 minutes• Phones to be answered within 20 seconds• Plane doors to open within 70 seconds of plane stopping• 85% of flights to land within 15 minutes of scheduled timeL.L.Bean – Specialty catalog company• 99.89% service level• 100% satisfaction guarantee – no questions• 5.5 million orders processed : 4.5 days lead time
    25. 25. Service standardsTitan Industries• 97% of watches booked for repair to be ready within 3 days• 100% resolution within 15 days of booking• Repeat returns within 6 months to be less than 0.1%• 75% of watches booked to be repaired and delivered in 7 daysPizza Corner• No payment to be made if home delivery takes > 40 minutesState Bank of India• DD to be issued within 20 minutes of application
    26. 26. First Impression Hey, he sounds Thank You forpleasant ! Great ! calling XYZ. How may I help you today Sir? 26
    27. 27. Moment of Truth…• What is Moment of Truth? It is an episode in which a customer comes into contact with any aspect of the company and thereby has an opportunity to form an impression of it.• What constitutes Moment of truth? Body language, voice tone and the words used are important component when customer comes in contact for the first time.• How much time does it take to create ‘First Impression?’ We have at least 30 seconds to 4 minutes to establish the moment of truth.
    28. 28. What empathy is like?• Affinity• Appreciation• Compassion• Insight• Rapport• Warmth• Insight• Comprehension 28
    29. 29. Consumers are ready to pay 22% morefor good customer service 29
    30. 30. Customers Pay Our Salary 30
    31. 31. Be Proactive……Show Enthusiasm 31
    32. 32. Customer is not your spouse Do NOT vent your anger on your customer 32
    33. 33. Do right. Do your best.Treat others as you wantto be treated. 33
    34. 34. Put Yourself in the customer’s Shoe 34
    35. 35. Word of MouthBiggest Source of Advertisement 35
    36. 36. Customers can hear your smile 36
    37. 37. Let’s Share 37