Twitter crash guide for Hotels


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How build an effective Twitter Profile for your Hotel

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Twitter crash guide for Hotels

  1. 1. Twitter Crash Guide For Hotels by - @AreMorch© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  2. 2. Introduction! 3 What Is Twitter All About?! 4 What Can Twitter do for my Hotel?! 5 A little Twitter Background! 6 Create Your Account! 7 Join Twitter Today! 7 Your New Hotel Twitter Account! 9 Setting up your Hotel Twitter Profile! 10 Change Your Account! 14 Account Features! 16 Password! 17 Mobile! 18 Design! 20 Apps! 21 Get Started On Twitter! 22 #Discover! 22 Time To Tweet! 27 Compose a Tweet! 28 Twitter Basics! 35 @replies and mentions! 36 Interaction! 39 Retweet (RT)! 40 Direct Messaging - DM! 41 Organize Your Tweets! 42© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  3. 3. Favorites! 42 Lists! 43 Create Your First List! 45 Add members to your List! 47 Twitter #hashtags! 51 Short Urls! 51 Direct Messaging (DM)! 53 Send a Direct Message! 54 Twitter SMS Commands! 58 Twitter Search! 61 General Search! 61 Username Search! 62 #hashtag & Keyword Search! 64 Advanced Search! 66 The World Of Twitter! 68 Twitter Directories! 68 Twitter Clients! 68 Twitter Alerts! 68 Twitter Info! 69 Learn How I can Serve You!!.......................................................70 Connect! ........................................................................................71Introduction© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  4. 4. Why are so many people fascinated by Twitter?Twitter is where ‘Simplicity meets Serendipity’.The Twitter Crash Guide For Hotel will guide your through the simpleprinciples of Twitter.The Twitter community provides an abundance of quality information if youlearn how to use Twitter the right way.Twitter is a really awesome Social Network that I highly recommend thatyou start use as part of your Hotels Social Media Strategy.Creating a Social Media Experience for your guests is the new trend.Twitter is one tool that will add some fun, and provide a new innovative wayto reach your customers.What Is Twitter All About?Twitter is an information network. Millions of people, organizations, andbusinesses use it to discover and share new information. On Twitter,anyone can read, write and share messages of up to 140 characters.These messages, or Tweets, are public and available to anyone interestedin them.Key takeaways from Twitter: • build quality relationships • build trust • discover and share new ideas • helping your network • participate in the conversations • giving value back to your network • building brand equity • respond and reach out • serve your guests "Twitter is definitely a minute-to-learn , life-time-to-master system"© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  5. 5. What Can Twitter do for my Hotel?As a Hotel, you can use Twitter to quickly share information, gather marketintelligence and insights, and build relationships with people who careabout your company.Often, there is already a conversation about your Hotel happening onTwitter.Twitter has a enhanced branding profile page that will make your Hotel lookreally share. This will help create lasting relationships with your customers.Use Twitter as your new Hotel Servant tool - Serve Your Guest!Is Twitter right for my Hotel?You have a product - you provide service - and you want to reach atargeted market segment.With over 400 Million monthly unique users it is fair to say it is likely that aportion of your Hotels Market Segment hangs out on Twitter.Ok I get the point. But;• it take to much time• where is the ROI• what if employees share unwanted info• customer start talk negative about the Hotel• what if it don’t workIt is important that all concerns comes up to the surface. These need to beaddressed, and then apply Social Media Strategies that provide propersolutions to these concerns.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  6. 6. I will address these concerns in this report. So stay tuned.A little Twitter BackgroundBefore we get started I will give a little Twitter Background here. Twitter wascreated in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey. The original definition of Twitter wasa short burst of inconsequential information, and chirps from birds. EvanWilliams, Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey spun Twitter off as its own company inApril 2007.Since then Twitter has experienced a rapid growth. Today there are 1 billionTweets sent per week. Twitter has become a force that no Hotel can affordto ignore.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  7. 7. Create Your AccountFollow the steps I have lined out here, and you will have great Twitterplatform for branding your Hotel.Start join the conversation on Twitter with filling out your new Twitter userinfo.Plan your Hotel Twitter profile for building new relationships & sparkengagement.Join Twitter TodayGo to and start create your new Hotel Twitter account.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  8. 8. This is how the Twitter Signup page will look like. Now it’s time to fill in yourinfo.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  9. 9. 1. For the name you can either use Hotel name, or provide name of the person that Tweets 2. Provide a valid email 3. Use a combination of characters and numbers in your password. I personally rotate my password for security reasons 4. Find a unique Twitter Username that is related to your Hotel brand, if your Hotel Name is available then use it. Twitter will also provide some suggestions. Note* There is a limit of 15 characters for the Username 5. Go over everything before you click Create my accountYour New Hotel Twitter AccountThis is now your basic Twitter Home page for your new Twitter account.This the primary default Twitter Dashboard that you access via live viaTwitter.comNavigation Bar => On the top here you have your Twitter Navigation barthat will bring to various action or information areas of your Twitter ProfileBox A => Twitter Personal or Brand ProfileBox B => Network StatusBox C => This is where your Twitter Streams (live updates) will showBox D => Extended Twitter Information© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  10. 10. Setting up your Hotel Twitter Profile ! Start setting up your profile. To start attract new friends and followers to your Twitter profile you want to add a picture and a short Twitter Bio for your Hotel. “Tweets and updates from Hotel X. Follow us for the latest updates” Click on Edit your profile to start setting up your profile.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  11. 11. PictureHere you can change your default picture/avatar.Tip: Do NOT use the Twitter default avatar!Browse and add a picture of your Hotel logo. Dont use a picture ofsomeone/something that has no relationship with your Hotel.If this is your personal profile, use a professional picture of yourselves.NameHere you can change the name on your profile. If possible use the name ofyour Hotel, if not use recognizable abbreviation of the Hotel Name.There is a limit of 20 characters available for the Name.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  12. 12. LocationMake sure you add in your actual location here.WebAdd a link to your Hotel Web site.BioYou have 160 characters available to give a short description of your Hotelbrand. Note* Twitter will also allow one link in your Bio.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  13. 13. FacebookYou will also have the option to send your tweets to your Facebook Profileor Facebook Fan Page.If you opt to post your Tweets to Facebook you will be asked to Connect toFacebook.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  14. 14. This is where you select if you want to connect your Hotels Tweets to yourFacebook Fan Page or your profile.Change Your Account© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  15. 15. On your Twitter Dashboard top menu click on the person icon onright side, and then you get see a drop down menu. Here you click onSettings.Her you can change your Twitter Username, update your email, changeyour language settings and time zone.Changing your Username will not effect existing followers or directmessages. If you choose to change Username make sure you notify yourfollowers. Because if they continue use the old username to connect withyour Hotel this is like sending mail to an address that no longer exists.For the email I recommend hooking of ‘Let others find me by my emailaddress’. In this case make sure you use an public email. We will see laterthat this will also help your Hotel Network to find and follow your Twitterprofile.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  16. 16. Account FeaturesTweet LocationUnder your Account Setting you can also choose to add a location to your Tweets. Nowif you primarily Tweet from your Hotel then I recommend turn this on.If you Tweet from a location that you don’t want others to see then it can be wise toleave this field blank for privacy and security reasons. Some applications will allow youto Tweet from a general location. If you have concerns here, leave it blank and thencheck out your options first.Tweet MediaIf you post sensitive images you want to check the options under Tweet media. Formost Hotels this should not be a concern. There is an option also if someone post aimproper image on Twitter to ‘Flag It’.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  17. 17. Tweet PrivacyYou have the option to protect your Tweets. Basically then you are approving who youallow to follow your Tweets.I do not recommend this option for your primary Hotel Twitter account. You are allowedto have more then one Twitter account, as long you use separate email accounts. So ifneed a private Twitter Follower group then create a unique Twitter account for thispurpose.HTTPS onlySecure browsing is today getting common for almost all Social Networks. This is to helpprevent hackers and spammers to access our Twitter accounts.CountrySelect the Country that match your Hotel location.You can also Deactivate your account here.PasswordGoto Settings=>PasswordIf you need to change your current password you do so under Settings => Password.I usually change my password once a month. I also change password if I learn aboutspam attacks or other incidents that raise a concern.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  18. 18. MobileYou can add your Mobile connection to Twitter to start receive notifications.Goto Settings=>MobileYou can access Twitter through SMS/Text messaging or a third partyapplication. Twitter is a Free service and do not charge even for SMS.Note* if want to use Text Messaging you might want to contact your mobilecarrier to learn if your plan covers this.I will later cover some of the SMS commands for Twitter, so stay tuned.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  19. 19. NotificationsYou can control how often Twitter sends you email notifications, and alsowhat type of notifications you want sent to the email you signed up with.Goto Settings=>NotificationsWhen you start out with Twitter it can ok to select a broad selection ofnotification. Obviously as get more followers you might want to be morerestrictive, since it can tend to be very noisy in your inbox if you keephaving a broad selection.I recommend selecting to receive all the updates from Twitter. This is goodway to stay informed on what’s going on with Twitter. If you also want moreinfo the check out the Twitter Blog.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  20. 20. DesignTwitter provides you with 19 different default designs you can utilize as yourTwitter background wall.Goto Settings=>DesignOr you can do like many Hotels that already are on Twitter have done,create your own design.Don’t worry if don’t have the skills to do this. There are plenty of Webdesigners that assist you for a very reasonable price today. This can besomething that is well worth to invest in.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  21. 21. AppsTwitter has an open API (Application Program Interface). This allows for third partyprograms to be integrated with your Twitter Profile.Goto Settings=>Apps© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  22. 22. Get Started On TwitterThere is a lot of valuable tools built into Twitter. You just have to learn howto find them. And when find them, then learn how to use them.The first part of your Twitter strategy is to get to build and know yourNetwork.#DiscoverTwitter has built in Categories that you can search through to see who isalready using Twitter.Click on =>Browse categories© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  23. 23. You can also search and invite your email contacts to join and follow you onTwitter.Click on =>Find friendsTwitter also has a list of suggested accounts to follow. You find a largevariety of user accounts here.Click on =>Who To Follow© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  24. 24. Activity is where you can discover what the people you care about areengaging with on Twitter. Activity shows the latest Favorites, Retweets,and Follows made by the people you follow on Twitter – all in one place.Click on =>Activity© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  25. 25. One really great feature with Twitter is that capture some of the morepopular stories that people on Twitter is talking about.You can find stories Worldwide, in the country and also in specific cities.Click on =>Stories© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  26. 26. These stories are aggregated from Worldwide trends. You can choose toChange this and then you can Choose a trend location.This can be of great value when your researching info that add value toyour Hotel. Or if you find a local story that your Hotel can do a spin off on.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  27. 27. Time To Tweet© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  28. 28. We have to this point built a foundation for your Hotel Twitter platform. Nowit is time start interact and engage with your Network.On Twitter when you write your info there is a limit of 140 character for themessage you send to your network. This little tidbit of info is what is calleda Tweet.140 characters does not sound like a lot, but as you get used to it you willget hang of presenting valuable info within 140 characters. And you shouldactually try keep your Tweets within 120 character if possible. I explain laterwhy this can be beneficial, so stay tuned.The 140 characters available includes numbers, letters, special charactersand space. So learn to be creative with your tweets.Compose a TweetClick on and then start compose your first Tweet. When you clickon the box that says Compose new Tweet... then see below the box thatthere is counter that starts on 140. This will number decrease as you starttype in your message.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  29. 29. And below is how it looks when you have typed in some text in the Tweetbox.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  30. 30. When you have less then 20 character left the numbers turn brown.And when you have less then 10 character left the numbers turn red.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  31. 31. And if your Tweet goes over 140 characters the numbers will becomenegative. Plus if you try to send a Tweet that is over 140 characters Twitterwill notify you that your Tweet was over 140 characters, and you need to bemore clever.You can also Compose new Tweet from the top menu top bar.This brings up Twitters famous questions What’s happening?© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  32. 32. Here you have the option to Add your location to a tweet.If you click on Add your location a new box will pop up asking if you wantto turn on your location.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  33. 33. You can also add an image to your Tweet.Images can speak more then 1000 words. So select images to will addvalue to your Twitter profile.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  34. 34. Select a picture from one of Hotel Image directories on your computer.And from there you can craft a clever tweet.Click on the button and your new tweet will appear on the Twittertimeline.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  35. 35. And as you can see if you put a little thought into your tweet it will stand outin the Twitter stream.Twitter BasicsHere are the simple Twitter Strategies your Hotel should follow to get themost out of Twitter.• Building relationships with friends and followers• Develop trust between your brand and your friends/followers• Create positive attention towards your products, campaigns, events, specials etc© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  36. 36. Either you are new or experienced with Twitter these principles is what willmake a difference to how the Twitter community will review you. If you do itright you will be become a well respected authority on Twitter that yourfriends and followers will return back to for more information.Start out building quality relationships with your friends and followers. Thenyou want to continue with build trust between you Hotel brand and yourfriends and followers. When your friends and followers start returning backto you for more information, then can start apply techniques that allow youto introduce them to your products, campaigns, events, specials etc..Customer today do business with who they know, like and trust.Note: This is a continuous process. Always return back and find out howyou can improve the various steps in this process.@replies and mentionsClick on and then click on Mentions which brings you to yourTwitter mention section.As soon you start engage with your customers, they start responding backto you.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  37. 37. @replies is when a tweet starts with @username.@username, I appreciate your feedback on my latest Hotel research@mentions is when a tweet contain @username within the tweet.It was really great to meet you in the lobby yesterday @username. If canserve you in anyway shoot me a TweetAnother great way to use mentions is to use via in your tweets.Great Hotel article here <link to article> via @username@replies will appear in the recipients Tweets timeline view if they arefollowing the sender. Anyone following the sender and the recipient of an@reply will see it in their Tweets timeline. is available to use almost everywhere on your Twitter Profile. It isimportant to provide proper responses when you have the opportunity.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  38. 38. Notice that when you click the that Twitter will automatic apply the@username to whom you are providing your response to.People with protected accounts cannot send replies to people who arentfollowing them, and mentions wont be seen by non-followers either. Andtweets from a protected account is only visible to the ones you haveapproved.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  39. 39. InteractionClick on and then click on Interaction. Which bring you to yourTwitter dialog section.Here your Twitter timeline shows you how others have been interacting withyou on Twitter. It will tell you when someone marks your Tweet as afavorite, mentions your username, follows you, or retweets your content. This dialog section is a great way to find who is engaging with yourHotel. Make sure you take time to follow up. Often a simple ‘ThankYou’ will do the job.It is when you start providing proper responses to your TwitterNetwork you will start learn and discover the real value of this SocialNetwork.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  40. 40. Retweet (RT)One of Twitters greatest features is the ReTweet feature.RT is short for retweet, and indicates a re-posting of someone elses tweet.Here are the benefits of Retweeting: 1. Increases visibility of you to other people and inside the public Twitter stream. 2. You re-tweet someone’s tweet and it’s instantly visible to the public stream and to your twitter friends. 3. Credit passed along by tagging the original poster and current posters name. So it kind of works in a polite viral manner. 4. Slowly but most likely build contacts related to your interests and topic. 5. Passive marketing of thyself by helping othersWhen you select to RT one of your friends Tweets this will cause Twitter tolock a certain number of characters in your Tweet.RT @yourname "Your Tweet" =>here 12 characters is used for RT@username.Keep this in mind if you want your tweets to viral.This is the reason why you want to keep your Tweets within 120-125characters it makes it easier for your friends and followers to retweet yourmessage.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  41. 41. Direct Messaging - DMClick on and then click on 1 View my profile page. This will bringyou back to the Twitter Dashboard. Here you click on 2 Followers.Click on and then click on 3 Send a Direct Message.Direct Messaging or DM is a really great and valuable Twitter feature.A direct message (DM) can only be sent to someone that is following you.This is a direct conversation between you and the one you sent/ orreceived a DM from.NOTE!! Do NOT spam your new friends and followers with sending a DMcontaining links they have NOT requested! Build up a relationship first, andget to know them.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  42. 42. Organize Your TweetsFavoritesClick on and then click on 1 View my profile page. This will bringyou back to the Twitter Dashboard. Here you click on 2 Tweets.Click on 3 to mark a Tweet as one of your Favorites. This is agreat way to keep track of Tweet you want to follow up on.Once you click on it will be switch to .© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  43. 43. ListsTwitter allows you to organize your tweets into groups called ‘Lists’. Youcan add anyone into the group, even if they don’t follow you. Your list willprovide a stream of Tweets only from the ones you have added to this list.Lets take a look on how this can add value to your Hotels tweets.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  44. 44. Click on and then click on 1 View my profile page. This will bringyou back to the Twitter Dashboard. Here you click on 2 Lists.Then click onYou can only add 20 lists to one Twitter Profile. And each list can only have500 members.Your Twitter lists name can max be 25 characters.You can make your lists public or private.You can use Twitter lists in mentions => @username/listnameYou can use 100 characters to describe the list.You can make your list Public - Anyone can follow this list, or you canmake your list Private - Only you can access this list© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  45. 45. Create Your First ListAfter created your first Public list then you can . You will be able toedit your list after you have created it.You can control all your Lists from the Lists Dashboard. Click on andthen click on Lists.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  46. 46. You can follow or Subscribe to other peoples Twitter lists. This is greatway to capture valuable info from your Hotel Network.When other people add you to their lists then you will be able to see thisunder Lists you are Member of.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  47. 47. Add members to your ListIt’s time to start adding members to your new Twitter lists. Click on thename of your new list.This will bring you directly to the dashboard of the selected List.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  48. 48. You can start finding new members to add to your list by searching forthem. Fill in their name and then click .When you get the list of search results click on on the people youwant to add or remove from lists.Check of the lists you want to include this person into.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  49. 49. And you will now included this @username to your Twitter list.People on Twitter can also subscribe to your Hotel Twitter List.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  50. 50. If you have more then one list then they have to select which of your liststhey want to subscribe to. When you the user has identified which of yourlists they want to subscribe to, then they have to click on .And after the user has subscribed to your Twitter list he/she will be addedto your subscriber database.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  51. 51. Twitter #hashtags# or hashtags as they are called on Twitter is another great way to organizeTweets or Tweet discussions.#hashtags is often used to mark a specific topic or keyword.#hotel is used more as Keyword for people talking about a specific Hotel orHotel experience.#smtravel is more related to topic relevant to Social Media for Travel.#luxchat is a live, interactive Twitter discussion around luxury brands andsocial media.#TTOT is another Travel Talk on Twitter.Some topics can be ongoing daily discussions. Other topics can bemonitored, and set for a specific time. #linkedinchat is set for 8:00pm ESTevery Tuesday. And usually this last for 1 hr.When the Twitter discussion is monitored it is common that questions forthe discussion is set in advance on the monitors blog. This is a great way toprepare yourself for a ongoing topic conversation. And then take time tolisten and get involved.Short UrlsTwitters limit of 140 character can sometimes provide a challenge if youwant to share a long link.One of my links would look something like this: the link itself contains 81 character which leave me with 59 characterleft to personalize my Tweet. With only 59 characters left it is very limited Ican say. What we need to do when this occurs is to find a way to make thislink shorter.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  52. 52. Fortunately there are several third party services that let us do this.Twitter has it own service that allows you to shorten long links =>http://t.coThis is a service that not only shorten links but it also protect you frommalicious sites that engage in spreading malware, phishing attacks, andother harmful activity.If you click on and then post the link in the What’s Happening? boxit will look like this;Twitter will provide a default notice telling you that Link will appearshortened. So as you see here I still have 120 character left to type in myinfo.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  53. 53. After you clicked on this is how it will look like in your Twittertimeline;There are also many third party short url services. One I recommend is This service also provide some analytic data that is helpful inidentifying which of your links that gets the most clicks.Direct Messaging (DM)Direct Messaging or DM is another Twitter feature.An direct message (DM) can only be sent to someone that is following you.This is a direct conversation between you and the one you sent/ orreceived a DM from.NOTE!! Do NOT spam your new friends and followers with sending a DMcontaining links they have NOT requested! Build up a relationship first, andget to know them.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  54. 54. Send a Direct MessageClick on and then click on 1 View my profile page. Then click on 2Followers. You now is showing a list of your followers which you can senda Direct Message to. Then select a follower that you want to provide a one-on-one conversation with 3 Send a Direct Message.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  55. 55. Respond to a Direct MessageWhen you start receive Direct messages it will start indicate how manymessages you have not responded to yet. Click on and then click onDirect messages.If you click on 1 then you can start produce a new messageto your followers. To respond to a direct message 2 click on the messageitself.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  56. 56. You will type in your response. Note* you have a limit of 140 characters foryour response. When done with your message click on . Andyou will then have started a dialog session with your Twitter follower.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  57. 57. Since Twitter is limited to 140 characters you might want to suggest at onepoint in the dialog to bring the dialog to a platform where you provide moreinformation. If you do so I suggest you give value first before expecting toreceive anything.One of my DMs can look something like this;“Great chatting with you, shoot me an email at formore info and I will send you a free report on the topic”© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  58. 58. Twitter SMS CommandsYou can perform certain actions, like following a user or marking a friendsupdate as a favorite, by using the designated Twitter commands below. • TIP: When using these commands, do not append an @ symbol along with the command text. • If you send these commands with an @ symbol, your commands will be read as a username and will not be executed as expected! • Example: If you want to turn on device notifications send only ON and not @ON.Turning mobile Twitter updates OFF and ON • ON: turns ALL your authorized Twitter updates and notifications on. • OFF, STOP, QUIT, END, CANCEL or UNSUBSCRIBE: turns ALL phone notifications off. • ON [username]: turns on notifications for a specific person on your phone. Example: ON tthotels • OFF [username]: turns off notifications for a specific person on your phone. Example: OFF tthotels • FOLLOW [username]: allows you to start following a specific user, as well as receive SMS notifications. Example: FOLLOW tthotels, or f tthotels, for short. • UNFOLLOW [username]: allows you to stop following a specific user. • LEAVE [username]: this command allows you to stop receiving SMS notifications for a specific user without having to unfollow them. When you log into from the web you will still see this users updates in your timeline. Example: LEAVE johndoe, or l johndoe, for short.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  59. 59. Fun stuff: friends, favorites, and stats!Use the commands below to send direct messages, mark Tweets asfavorites, and more. • @[username] + message - shows your Tweet as a reply directed at another person, and causes your Tweet to save in their mentions tab. Example: @tthotels I enjoyed the Twitter Talk today • D [username] + message - sends that person a Direct Message that goes to their device, and saves in their web archive. • You can also use M [username] + message to send a private message! • If you have noted a guest raise a concern on Twitter about the long line at front desk for check in/out then you can send the front office manager a direct message d Hi John, can you make sure we have extra coverage at front desk for the next hour or m Hi John, can you make sure we have extra coverage at front desk for the next hour performs the same action. • RT [username] - sends that users latest Tweet to your followers (also known as a Retweet). Example: RT tthotels • SET LOCATION [place name] - updates the location field in your profile. Example: set location Memphis • SET BIO - edits your Bio information on your Twitter profile. Example: set bio I am a Hotel Blogger! • SET LANGUAGE [language name] - selects the language youd like to receive notifications in. Example: set language English • SET NAME [name here] - sets the name field on your Twitter profile. Example: set name Jane Doe • SET URL [url here] - sets the URL field on your profile. Example: set url • WHOIS [username] - retrieves the profile information for any public user on Twitter. Example:whois tthotels or w tthotels, for short.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  60. 60. • GET [username] - retrieves the latest Twitter update posted by that person. You can also use g [username] to get a users latest Tweet. Examples: get tthotels or g tthotels • FAV [username] - marks that users last Tweet as one of your favorites (reply to any update with FAV, FAVE, or FAVORITE to mark it as a favorite if youre receiving it in real time). Examples: fav crystal, fave tthotels, or favorite tthotels • STATS [username] - this command returns the given users number of followers, how many people theyre following, and their bio information. • HELP - texting help or info to Twitter will bring up helpful tips. • SUGGEST - this command returns a listing of Twitter users accounts you might enjoy following.A few notes on SMS commands: • Using ON/OFF [username] from your phone only stops notifications coming to your mobile phone; youll still collect a persons updates on the web since youre still following them. • Use UNFOLLOW [username] to unfollow a user via SMS. • Use BLOCK [username] to block a user via SMS. • The following commands perform the same actions: FOLLOW = ON. And LEAVE = OFF. • Following someone from a phone for the first time will also cause you to follow them on the web. • You dont have to use ON/OFF [username] from your phone, you can also set all these settings directly from your Twitter Profile.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  61. 61. Twitter SearchTwitter Search is a great way to find information that will add value to yourHotel in real time.General SearchFor general search click on then click on 1 and typein your search inquiry.This general search will provide results will include;• Tweets related to your keyword• Top suggested Twitter users for the keyword• Top videos shared on Twitter related to keyword• Top images shared on Twitter related to keyword© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  62. 62. Username SearchTwitter also lets your provide searches for @username or full name.For username search click on then click on 2 . Then type in either @username or the fullname of someone you are looking for on Twitter.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  63. 63. Here are an example of search on @username;And here is an example of search for full name.In both examples it gives me the most relevant search result first. As yousee in both cases the search will provide results for both @username andfull name relevant to your search.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  64. 64. This can often be a good starting point to identify the information you arelooking for. But most of the times this type of search will provide very broadinformation. And you want to utilize Twitter to find more specific informationthat will add value to your Hotel.#hashtag & Keyword SearchThe first step to find more specific info on Twitter is start search on#hashtags and keywords of interest for your Hotel.Click on and then 3 . Andenter a #hashtag or keyword you want to perform a search on.If you do a search for a #hashtag you will get the latest info posted. Hereyou will also see a list of top recommended @usernames that contributeunder the related #hashtag. You see top videos and images from@usernames that posted under the #hashtag.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  65. 65. If you do a search for a keyword you will get the latest info posted. Hereyou will also see a list of top recommended @usernames that contributeunder the related keyword. You see top videos and images from@usernames that mention keyword in their Tweets.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  66. 66. Advanced SearchTwitter has implemented some unique options to identify tweets of extremevalue for your Hotel. If you learn how to master Advanced Search thenyou have a backstage pass to the most powerful information for your Hotel.Click on and then click on Advanced search.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  67. 67. Here is a list of Advanced Search operators you can use with TwitterSearch.The best way to learn Advanced Search is to start play around with it alittle, and then write then the different outcomes of your results.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  68. 68. The World Of TwitterTwitter DirectoriesStart adding your Hotel Twitter profile to some of the great Twitterdirectories.Twellow - Twitter Yellow PagesWefollow - User powered Twitter DirectoryLocaltweeps - Great directory to let locals find youTwitter Clients Twitter clients is third party programs that allows you to stay in touch withyour friends and followers either on the web, on your desktop or on yourmobile phone.TweetDeck by Twitter is one of the most popular client for PC/MacHootSuite is a great Web clientTwitter for iPhone is one of the many options for the iPhoneTwitter AlertsPart of your Listening Strategies will be to add some alerts when yourTwitter username is mentioned.There are couple great and very simple options for doing this very effective.TweetBeep keep track of conversations that mention you, your products,your Hotel, anything, with hourly updates directly to your email.Goggle Alerts keep track of relevant search terms for your brand.Remember that your brand can be mentioned outside Twitter. Make sureyou know when someone mention your brand.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  69. 69. Twitter InfoTwitter - Twitters home pageTwitter blog - Twitters official blogTwitter status - Here you find status updates for TwitterTwitter help - Twitters official help and supportTwitter TOS - Twitters Terms Of ServiceTwitter goodies - here you will find Twitter Widgets you can use on yourblog or website. You also will find some great applications that will helpimprove your Twitter experience© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
  70. 70. Learn How I can Serve You!I will thank you for allowing me the opportunity bringing this information to your Hotel. Ihope you have enjoyed this report and that I gave some constructive ideas and advicesto work with.I have two assignments for you. 1. Share this report with your friends, colleagues and Hotel family members. Feel free to distribute this mini workshop through Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Shot some videos of your progress, and how you have implemented these advises. Upload these videos on YouTube. 2. Take this report to the next level. I am passionate about this, and I want to help you and your hotel. I will be your friend, coach and mentor. Together we will build a workshop that is specially designed for your Hotels and Small business needs and wants.Contact Me and lets get started. The time for adapting and change has never beenbetter. New trends and markets are evolving like never before.I will also do case-studies and demonstrate to customers what we have put in place tomeet their needs and wants.Learn more about how to get a Social Media Assessment Serve Your Guest for yourHotel.© Are Morch - Hotel Blogger!
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