The Minimalist Guide To LinkedIn For Hotels


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Learn How your Hotel can leverage with LinkedIn, and turn prospects into leads.

Transform your Hotel into a LinkedIn Marketing Funnel

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The Minimalist Guide To LinkedIn For Hotels

  1. 1. ©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger1LinkedIn For HotelsMinimalist GuideThe Minimalist GuideTo For HotelsByAre Morch – Hotel Blogger
  2. 2. Table Of ContentTitle PageBackground 3Introduction 4Establish Brand Presence 5Strategic Networking 9Company Page 11Brand Profile 12Groups 16News 17Thought Leaders 18Lead Collection 19Summary 20Collaboration Grid 21Contact Me 23Network & Collaborate With Me 24©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger2LinkedIn For HotelsTable Of Content
  3. 3. LinkedIn For HotelsBackgroundLinkedIn - The BackgroundLinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network with200 million members in 200 countries and territories aroundthe globe.LinkedIn’s network contain leaders from all five hundredFortune 500 companies.Whether you want to reach influential business decisionmakers or affluent consumers, your audience is onLinkedIn. Professionals turn to this network for trustedinformation and insights, creating a highly credible platformfor your marketing message.With data-rich profiles, you have extraordinary targetingoptions so your message connects with your preciseaudience.LinkedIn Company Pages is designed to attract yourprofessionals in your specific market segment.3©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  4. 4. Why LinkedIn For HotelsBuilding Brand EquityNetworking and collaborating with your customers and peers is thenew way to build brand equity for your Hotel. LinkedIn has severalreference points that makes this process easy and fun.Professional PresenceCompany Pages provides Hotels with the opportunity to showcasea professional profile of your Hotel. This is a unique channel tocollaborate and network. And here can target specific professionalmarket segments. A key Ninja tip here is to encourage employeesto create their personal LinkedIn Profiles, and link their profiles backto your Hotel.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)One of the real keys why Hotels should create a professional HotelLinkedIn Profile is due to this Social Networks high page rank.Adding valuable keywords for your Hotel on your Hotel LinkedInCompany Page, and LinkedIn Profiles will makes it easier to befound through Search Engines like Google. Social MediaOptimization is one of the keys today for high Search EngineRankings.4LinkedIn For HotelsIntroduction©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  5. 5. Social CRMRelationship Marketing is a key factors to make your Hotelbrand stand out on LinkedIn.Start applying strategic Social Customer RelationshipManagement tactics. Return Of Engagement (REO) is whatcreate retention through LinkedIn.CollaborationCrowd-sourcing open new doors to network and collaboratewith customer and peers via LinkedIn.It all starts with giving high value reference points throughyour LinkedIn Channels.Empower your employees to take ownership of your HotelsLinkedIn presence. The secret sauce to success withLinkedIn is involvement.5LinkedIn For HotelsEstablish Brand Presence©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  6. 6. Lead GenerationLead generation is created through collaboration andnetworking in LinkedIn Groups. Identify LinkedIn Groupswhere your market segments hang out.According to a survey in 2010 by eMarketer 45% ofNorth American B2B companies utilizing LinkedIn in theirSocial Media Marketing Mix had acquired customersthrough LinkedIn. In 2012 a HubSpot study found thatLinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation thenFacebook and Twitter.Call To ActionHotels can utilize both Static and Dynamic call to actions.LinkedIn Plugins allows you to take advantage of bothoptions in great ways. Hotels should provide the SocialCall To Action button at strategic reference points liketheir Hotel website or blog.One Ninja Tip here is to use a SlideShare presentationfor free downloads at your LinkedIn Company Page. Thisis a great way to attract event planners.6LinkedIn For HotelsEstablish Brand Presence©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  7. 7. Reputation ManagementStart out right with LinkedIn. Showcase your brand andengage your target audience with your LinkedIn HotelCompany Page.The best way to improve follower engagement andamplification is to experiment with different kinds ofcontent.Page admins can see statistics (engagement rate,impressions, “likes”, shares, and comments) below eachstatus update starting 24 hours after they post.An important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a post’sEngagement Rate—the ratio of clicks, “likes”, commentsand shares to total update impressions.As you post updates, note which subjects and formatsseem to drive the highest amplification rate—the ratio of“likes”, comments, and shares to total updateimpressions. This helps you understand how oftenmembers are sharing your content.7LinkedIn For HotelsEstablish Brand Presence©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  8. 8. SegmentationLinkedIn’s Advanced Search is one the best tools toidentify prospect within your Hotels Market Segment.Advanced Search allow you to identify detailedinformation about people and their networks.Innovation and creativity is key to identify prospects thatturns into customers.Leverage for SuccessFollowing strategic LinkedIn principles will over time leadto success. The Carlton Hotel generated $186,550 innew corporate and group business from their strategicLinkedIn approach.8LinkedIn For HotelsEstablish Brand Presence©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  9. 9. Networking & CollaborationThe principles behind Networking & Collaborationthrough LinkedIn is to initiate new professionalrelationships and maintain existing relationships.This is critical for controlling your business andexpanding your window of opportunity.Networking is most effective when you build a foundationinvolving your team members and customers.LinkedIn Company PageUtilize LinkedIn Company Pages to set up a portal foryour Hotel that allow you to leverage your customernetwork to get out the words about your products andservices.Add your products and services to show-case your Hotel.You have full control of the content here.9LinkedIn For HotelsStrategic Networking©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  10. 10. Ask your customers to visit your Hotels LinkedInCompany Page to recommend your products andservices.Your Hotel benefit form the this buzz when it get curatedand shared through yours customers LinkedIn Network.Hotel LinkedIn AmbassadorsTo identify Hotel LinkedIn Ambassadors your Hotel needto participate and contribute on LinkedIn Groups.One Ninja tip is connect your Hotel LinkedIn Profile withConnected, Here you can track new LinkedInconnections, and also keep track of prospects that isengaging with your Hotel Brand. This is a great way toidentify your Hotels LinkedIn Ambassadors.It can be beneficial to have one business account (paid)for your Hotel. You can then send targeted messages toHotel prospects.10LinkedIn For HotelsStrategic Networking©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  11. 11. Requirement for Company PageYou can add a new LinkedIn Hotel Company Page only ifyou meet all of the following requirements:• Youre a current company employee and yourposition is listed in the Experience section on yourprofile• You have a company email ( added and confirmed onyour LinkedIn account• Your companys email domain is unique to thecompany. Note: A domain cannot be used morethan once to create a company page. Becausedomains like or or similargeneric email services are not unique to onecompany, those domains cannot be used to createa Company Page. You might consider creating agroup if your company doesnt have a unique emaildomain• Your profile strength must be listedas Intermediate or All Star• You must have several connections11LinkedIn For HotelsCompany Page©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  12. 12. LinkedIn Brand ProfileWhen you are read to set up your Hotel LinkedIn Brandprofile, make sure to set it up maximum Online Visibility.Use your real name. Avoid using any aliases.LinkedIn is a professional business Social Network, so makesure you upload a professional picture.Your headline should be branded to increase the value ofinbound marketing through LinkedIn.Take a look at a sample LinkedIn Profile. This will give you anidea of the various sections that available for your Hotel BrandProfile.One Ninja tip is to use Dynamic Summary. To do this you cancreate a word processing template where you have 3-4variations of your background. Rotate this background toreach seasonal segments.Add skills that is relevant to your Hotel and market segment.Provide proper reference points in your profile to helpprospects identify how your Hotel can add extraordinary valueto their Hotel Experience.12LinkedIn For HotelsBrand Profile©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  13. 13. Status UpdatesShare regular status updates with your LinkedInNetwork both from your LinkedIn Brand Profileand your LinkedIn Company Page.Your most resent LinkedIn Profile update will showup right below your Headline section. And updateswill also appear in everyone of your LinkedInNetworks update section.On your LinkedIn Company Page you can selectto feature your updates. Here you also getvaluable statistics that will help you improve yourLinkedIn Strategy.You and your network can Like, Comment andshare your content to a larger Network.Create a posting schedule to identify the timeframe that converts the best.13LinkedIn For HotelsBrand Profile©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  14. 14. Visual PresentationOne of the most effective ways on LinkedIn toturn prospects into hot lead is to utilize visualpresentation.Start out providing effective tidbits on your LinkedInHotel Profile. Here you provide video’s, images,documents and presentations.One Ninja tip here is to create a SlideShare accountfor your various Hotel presentations.At your Hotels LinkedIn Company Page you can addvideo presentations to your Products and Services.Be creative and innovative with your VisualPresentation. Make them short and attractive14LinkedIn For HotelsBrand Profile©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  15. 15. CommunalitiesLinkedIn provide your with some new uniquefunctionality when you are interested in learning moreabout a potential member for your Hotel Network.The Communality functions on LinkedIn identify howyou are connected. And then it provide you withdescription of what skills & expertise your have incommon.One Ninja tip with LinkedIn is to identify theyLinkedIn Groups you have in common. If you don’thave any LinkedIn Groups in common then you arerequired to request an introduction to this person. Butif you have 1 or more Groups in common this allowyou to skip this requirement, and then you can senda direct request of connection.When you send a connection request, use thepersons name, identify yourself, be clear ofconnection purpose, and use info that you found onthe connections profile and in the communalitysection.15LinkedIn For HotelsBrand Profile©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  16. 16. Collaboration & Networking in LinkedIn GroupsWith LinkedIn groups, you can construct thoughtleadership, share business expertise, market your brandand expand your network.There are open groups, and also groups that requireapproval from the administrators of the group.Most groups on LinkedIn is created for collaboration.Engage and provide value to the community. Do NOTspam!! Make sure you familiarize yourself the LinkedInGroup Rules. Following proper group etiquette is what willturn prospects into leads.Start target some of the more popular discussion in theGroups your join. And take time to engage and provideyour insight.Also start your own discussions to get more engagementwith your Hotel.16LinkedIn For HotelsGroups©Are Morch - Hotel BloggerHotel StrategiesHotel Marketing & Social Media StrategiesHotel Social Media Collaboration
  17. 17. LinkedIn TodayLinkedIn Today is professional curating tool. You canget news tailored for you.To identify prospect you can customize your news tofollow industries and companies that add value to yourHotel.Another tip is to focus in on the top stories that istrending in your network. And then leave yourcomments on some of the most valuable stories.On Ninja Tip here is to set the LinkedIn TodayHospitality stories as your browser startup page. Thenevery day when you open your browser, your get freshstories from your network17LinkedIn For HotelsNews©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  18. 18. Serve Your NetworkAre your Hotel following thought leaders in theHospitality Industry? When they share content of value,then it is important to provide thoughtful comments. Ifthe thought leader is connector in the HospitalityIndustry, then your comments has the potential toviewed by a large Network.You can also like and share their content with yourdirect network.One of the easiest way to provide add unique value isthrough LinkedIn’s Inmail. LinkedIn guarantees aresponse from InMails, and if you don’t receive onewithin seven days you’ll receive a replacement credit.You can either purchase Inmails, or you can upgradeyour account to LinkedIn Sales Navigator to reachprofessional lead in your niche in the most effectiveways.18LinkedIn For HotelsThought Leaders©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  19. 19. LinkedIn AdsLead Collection is a feature in LinkedIn Ads that allowsadvertisers to collect leads directly through theirLinkedIn ad campaigns. When this feature is enabled,members who click on your ad will have an easy way torequest that you contact them.People who click on your ad are taken to your landingpage with a button to request you to contact them.Once Lead Collection is enabled for any campaign,your Ads Dashboard will have a Leads tab. You canclick on this tab to see the leads your campaigns havecollected. Youll also have the ability to filter your leadsby time period, contact status and campaign name.You get sent an email for every lead you receive. This iswhere your follow up strategy comes in place.19LinkedIn For HotelsLead Collection©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  20. 20. The ROI of LinkedInRelationships means more today then they ever havefor Hotels and businesses in general.Customers are today in control of the messages thatcomes through their channels of choice. And there aremany tools available today that allows customer to filterpromo content and spams.The new trend today is that customer are increasinglyinterested to connect with Hotels that provide usefulinformation and engaging content. Customers are todayseeking new ways to create the ultimate Hotelexperience.LinkedIn helps your Hotel get aligned with professionalbusiness travelers. In the end you have the opportunityto convert the prospect into a lead through SocialAction.20LinkedIn For HotelsSummary©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  21. 21. 21LinkedIn For HotelsCollaboration Grid©Are Morch - Hotel BloggerLittle ImpactRequire a lot of workDifficult to doLittle ImpactEasy to doHigh ImpactRequire a lot of workDifficult to doHigh impactEasy to doDifficultyInvestmentImpact on Hotel
  22. 22. Collaboration GridFrom the Collaboration Grid you can see that we wantto move most of our LinkedIn efforts over on to the rightside.To achieve this effect I follow a proven model forestablishing a relationship between employees,customers and prospect. Several online studies showsthat LinkedIn’s conversion rate is higher then any otherSocial Network.Proven Model for LinkedIn Success1. Establish your Hotels LinkedIn Presence2. Attract Followers3. Engage Followers4. Amplify Through your Network5. Analyze and Refine22LinkedIn For HotelsCollaboration Grid©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  23. 23. Contact MeLearn more through my Hotel Collaboration Programhow LinkedIn can prospects into customers.Request a Free LinkedIn Collaboration Assessment.Contact: Drop me a noteGmail: aremorch@gmail.comEmail: hotelblogger@aremorch.comChatGoogle+: HangoutSkype: are.morch23LinkedIn For HotelsContact Me©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger
  24. 24. Network & Collaborate With MeBlog: Are Morch - Hotel BloggerLinkedIn: Are MorchLinkedIn Company Page: Are Morch - Hotel BloggerGoogle+: Are MorchGoogle+ Page: Are Morch - Hotel BloggerTwitter: @AreMorchYouTube: Are Morch - Hotel BloggerFourSquare: Are MorchFacebook: Are MorchFacebook Page: Hotel BloggerFacebook Page: Hotel Marketing & Social MediaStrategistCheers..Are MorchAre Morch - Hotel Blogger24LinkedIn For HotelsNetwork & Collaborate With Me©Are Morch - Hotel Blogger