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ATV Google Adwords Vs MSN Ad Center


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Detailed comparison of the Two Biggies of Paid Media Buying Industry - MSN Ad Center & Google AdWords.

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ATV Google Adwords Vs MSN Ad Center

  2. 2. Ways Adcenter beats AdWords
  3. 3. Quality Score ReportingAdcenter AdWords Offers an historic Does not Offer any quality score report report or tool to that allows you to measure the identify specific dates quality score of the that changes took place campaign
  4. 4. Quality Score ReportingAdCenter Quality Score AdWords Quality ScoreReporting Reporting
  5. 5. Negative Keywords Conflict ReportsNegative Keywords Conflict Reports tell you the search terms that mayconvert into prospective clicks you are missing out due to the Negativekeywords in your Campaign. It is a preventive step to make sure theNegative Keywords in the Campaign do not cause you to miss on theincoming Clicks.
  6. 6. Share of Voice Reports These are reports that help you discover the exact pain points of the Campaign that are causing you to lose impressions in your adCenter account These factors may include budget, rank, bid, keyword or landing page relevance.
  7. 7. Search Partners OnlyAdCenter AdWords Offers you to choose between Bing, Yahoo etc in order to AdWords gives us only two optimize your CPCs as per the choices use ‘Google only ’ budget or ‘Search Partners ’ This ensures much more This hampers the choice of control on the over all strategy maximizing conversions to optimize the ROI to the from the Search Partners maximum that may perform well
  8. 8. Ways Adcenter Lags Behind
  9. 9. Ad Extensions AdWords with its Ad Extension has left Adcenter way behindAd Extensions have proved to do wonders for Brands
  10. 10. 20 Campaign limit per page In AdWords we can go AdCenter faces some through 500 minor UI issues in campaigns on one page In AdCenter it’s acomparison to AdWords to have a quick look at trouble doing so the data to make changes
  11. 11. Traffic levelsThis is a proven fact that AdWords simply has much moretraffic than Bing and YahooIf Bing and Yahoo can manage to win some amount of trafficfrom Google they have a great opportunity to gain more userattention
  12. 12. Lack of Remarketing Google Remarketing has proved to beextremely successful in a number of accounts AdCenter badly needs to implement the same options and functionality
  13. 13. Conclusion Many of us after this presentation may wonder what to for AdCenter or AdWords Both have their own Unique Advantages If you want to go for a more Current and advanced version than Google AdWords is more powerful and effective
  14. 14. Conclusion Bing also has Its Own Advantages:o You Can Target Internet Explorer User Easily as By Default Bing is Search Engine in Internet Explorero 10 Times Low CPC Evaluate Compare to Google Adwordso Grow thing Day by Day to Beating Google So Users Count Who Uses Bing has Also Increasedo Recently Bing and Yahoo has Been Merged so You Can Also Focus on Yahoo Individual With Help of Bing
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