Create Thoughtful B2B Marketing Content


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B2B content marketers are becoming producers rather than thoughtful content creators. It's time to stop and think, map out a strategy and reclaim the calm from the chaos. Buyers place an increasing value on content - but the right content matters. Are you on the content treadmill or helping your buyers thoughtfully consider how to solve their problems? It's time to choose.

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Create Thoughtful B2B Marketing Content

  1. 1. ThoughtfulMarketing Contentor Rote Activity?Ardath Albee@ardath421
  2. 2. Time is not a B2B Marketer’s Friend
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  4. 4. Content Marketersneed to find calmamidst the chaos…
  5. 5. …there’s a lot riding on it!
  6. 6. 68% of buyers relyon content MORE todaythan last yearDemandGen Report
  7. 7. But have lesstime to spendwith it.Buyers needcontent
  8. 8. WHERE’S THE VALUE?58.7% of buyersvalue problem-solvinginfo – not product infoDemandGen Report
  9. 9. BUYER’SCIRCLE OFTRUSTMarketing Content
  10. 10. Contentmarketing canbecome
  11. 11. Just creating MORE content is …
  12. 12. It’s not the same marketing environment……so what will you shift?
  13. 13. Wait!Stop and Think…
  14. 14. Content Marketersneed a map… astrategic approach
  15. 15. Who is Your Buyer?
  16. 16. What problem is she trying tosolve?
  17. 17. What does she need to• Learn• Share• Changeto solve her problem?
  18. 18. Who (or What)could stop her?
  19. 19. What does she need toknow at each stage?
  20. 20. Which• Channels• Media• Formatsengage her?
  21. 21. Now, You’re Ready
  22. 22. CreateThoughtfulContent!
  23. 23. Thanks for making it this far!Ardath Albee, CEO &B2B Marketing Strategist@ardath421Get started with your