Multimedia Lp Geography


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Multimedia Lp Geography

  1. 1. Arcelita Franchino<br />ED- 451 AV – 02 Tu/Thu<br />Dr. J. Cyrus<br />November 22, 2009<br /> Completed on: November 22, 2009<br />School: Mc Cool Elem/Mid School <br />Topic: Geography / Language Arts<br />General Characteristic<br />General Characteristic2nd GradeAge: 7-8Ethnic Group: Chamorro, Filipino, Caucasian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and HispanicGender : 9 girls and 11 boys2nd Grade<br /> <br />Analyze Learners:<br />1. 20 Students<br />2. 11 boys and girls<br />3. Ages: 7-8<br />4. Mental, Social, Physical, Social Notes such as: <br /> - Visual, Kinesthetic, and Verbal learners in the classroom <br />- 1 slight visual impaired with glasses<br />- 4 from divorce family <br />- 3 father in Iraq<br />5. Reading Levels: <br /> 14 students proficient in reading skills, strengthening their reading comprehension capabilities, as well as their ability to relate lesson to his/her personal life. <br />6. Math levels: 3 with above average math computation and manipulative skills. <br />7. Scientist in class: 3 displays strong interest in experimentation skills and inquisitive skills to manipulate outcomes. <br />8. Learning Styles: Estimate number of students<br /> - Visual 90%<br /> - Auditory 100%<br />- Kinesthetic 60 %<br />State Objectives<br /> The Students will<br />* learn how to use geographic perspective;<br />* learn the difference between the terms “location” and place;”<br />* describe the location and place of their classroom or school and explore the location and place of the classroom or school using a geographic perspective <br />* compile photos of different areas of school using digital camera. <br />* will create a map using computer software to download collected photos and information with the assistance of computer lab tech. <br />* will present their map using website provided by teacher to create their virtual tour. <br />* will take a short quiz. <br /> <br />Select Media, Materials, and Methods<br />Materials Needed:<br />1. Camera <br />2. Computer<br />3. Globe <br />4. Pictures<br />Utilize Media, Materials, and Methods<br />1. Students will take photos of where the important places and their locations in school in terms of where the office is, nurse office, cafeteria, and etc.<br />3. Then students will view their photos and put their project together. <br />4. The students will use computer program to visit a site that teacher provided to create their project. <br />5. The students will then present their project in class.<br />Require Learner Participation<br />Introduction:<br />The teacher will ask students if they have ever traveled to a different “location” and “place”. If so then describe it to class. Discuss and compare the different descriptions. How are the experiences alike or different? Using a globe, show the students that “location” is where the place is on the earth’s surface. Then show them pictures of neighborhood, city or state to illustrate that “place” describes what it is like there. Students will also view virtual tour of their school through computer by clicking on the website that teacher created. Have students go back to their description of the location and decide if they described the location or the place. Have them say “L” if it was description of the location and “P” if it was a description of the place. <br />Activity:<br />1. The students will view a virtual tour in class .<br />2. Then students will be group in five groups of four students.<br />3. The student with visual disability will be partnered with a buddy system and will be accommodated by giving ample time to view the slides.<br />4. Assigned roles for each member.<br /> * Leader<br />* Recorder<br />*Material officer<br />* Clean up officer <br />3. The material officer will collect materials and distribute among the group members.<br />4. The group will identify the materials and follow instructions to complete their project. <br />5. The students will brainstorm a list of descriptions about their classroom and write responses on the board or chart paper. Make sure the descriptions include information about the location on the classrooms (What floor, what end of the hall, near what other rooms, etc.) <br />This activity will reinforce student’s knowledge of map skills learned in conjunction with using multimedia tools. The students can expand their skills in exploring the different ways of multimedia they can use to complete their virtual tour project. <br />Wrap-up<br />Each group will present their map using the multimedia tools they use to create their project. <br />5 Minute review Q & A about the activity<br />Students will take a short quiz. <br />Evaluate & Revise<br />Students Performance<br />The students will be evaluated on their descriptions of places and locations of their classroom or school. Teacher will also evaluate their skills using their multimedia tools in their presentation. Teacher will evaluate their understanding of geographic perspective through their short quiz. <br />Teacher will use a rubric for evaluation.<br />1. The student will describe the terms “locations” and “places” 2 out of 3 possible answer.<br />2. The student uses geographical views of places and locations in their school. North, south, east, and west.<br />3. Teacher will evaluate the student’s skills in using their multimedia tools. Poor, good, proficient. <br /> <br />Quiz:<br />1. Where is the classroom located in the school?<br /> a. northc. east <br /> b. south d. west<br />2. Is it close to the cafeteria, gym or exit doors? <br /> 3. Is the classroom on the ground floor or second floor?<br />4. What do you personally like best about the classroom? <br />5. Why? <br />Media Effectiveness<br />* Was Q & A effective in acquiring prior knowledge of the topic? Yes<br />* Did it prove useful for Audio learners? Yes <br />* Was it useful in promoting class discussion? Yes<br />* Was the activity appropriate for the class? Yes<br />* Was it helpful for kinesthetic learners? Yes because they identify the location physically in the classroom.<br />* Was the “Q & A” helpful in focusing student responses? Yes, It helps the students recall their prior knowledge and experience of the places they had traveled from. <br />Instructor Performance<br />* Did the lesson run smoothly? Yes, the students were focused and took turns in describing their experiences.<br />* Was it well- planned? Yes, It's two days lesson giving the students ample time to put their project together.<br />* Did the class respond well to the lesson? Most of the students grasp the lesson well and those who were a little slow were given more time and explanation to understand the lesson.<br />*Were the learning objectives achieved? Yes, through their descriptions of the " locations" and " Places" in their presentation. <br />* Could the lesson be improved in the future? Yes, by making it as unit lesson and touching up more in connections with other content areas.<br />Resources:<br /><br /><br /><br />