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Poujoulat - Brochure chimney


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Poujoulat - Brochure chimney

  2. 2. DESIGN Our engineering teams carry out structural, acoustic and thermal calculations and expert Assessments, to provide the best value engineered solution. MANUFACTURING All products are manufactured within Poujoulat Factories to the highest quality respecting relevant standards, the environment and promoting safety. Manual welding operations are certified to EN 287-1 and EN 1418 for fully mechanized and automated welding processes and our all welding procedures are accredited and tested to EN ISO 15614-1. INSTALLATION Our installers are specifically trained to the highest level in the necessary skills and competencies to complete the most complex installations, providing a quality finish, in the safest manner, throughout Europe. MAINTENANCE We carry out maintenance programs designed to ‘minimise operational interference’ and ‘maximise the life cycle and security of the chimney and plant’. Our detailed expertise extends to the maintenance of concrete, brick and metal Industrial chimneys. For more information, please contact your local Poujoulat Project Manager. A ‘Turnkey - DESIGN, MANUFACTURE & BUILD service’, with maintenance! POUJOULAT GROUP: GLOBAL SUPPLIER OF ALL METAL CHIMNEY SOLUTIONS Solid FuelWood Gas Oil
  3. 3. THE CE-MARKING POUJOULAT CHIMNEYS: YOUR BEST CHOICE! Since 2008, all Poujoulat Chimney Systems are CE-marked to European regulations. The CE-marking on modular and free standing chimneys identifies clearly the correct information regarding the performance of the products. The compliance of our chimneys with these European standards (CE) guarantees the mechanical resistance, the stability, the security and energy savings. OPTIMIZATION The ‘Performance, Mechanical Stability and Structural properties’, and the Thermal and fluid dynamic design of our chimneys, flue sections and raw materials are compliant to EN 13084 or EN 13384, ensuring the best ‘material and section’ optimization for your project. LIFETIME Modular ‘system chimney’ are manufactured and ‘CE marked’ to EN 1856 and installed to EN 15287 and come with an AXA backed 10-year guarantee. Self-supporting steel chimneys are designed according EURO CODES EN 1993-3-2. Specifying the requirements for resistance (strength, stability and fatigue) of steel chimneys; defining the life cycle and required maintenance of the chimney. INTEGRATION We provide a complete “Turnkey Package”, ‘Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance’ that will fully integrate into the build and whole life cycle needs of your project, with our knowledge and expertise always there to provide guidance. ASSISTANCE By your side our experienced project managers and engineers follow each step of the project from conception to commissioning and handover. PARTNERSHIP As a global partner, our activity aims to contribute to your success achieving your customer’s satisfaction, with the philosophy of a long term partnership. EXPERIENCE Poujoulat chimneys are present throughout the world since more than 50 years with, among others, more than 20 000 industrials chimneys installations. GROUP SOLIDITY As European market leader, Poujoulat guarantees you a strong financial solidity and the technical means and resources to offer you the best choice!
  4. 4. Multi-fuel commercial boilers CONDENSOR High quality stainless steel single wall: • system chimney; • connecting flue pipe; • chimney liner. THERMINOX High quality stainless steel twin wall pre-insulated system chimney for multi-fuel heating appliances. THERM+ GEP High quality, stainless steel, twin wall, pre- insulated exhaust system for engines. THERMINOX - CONDENSOR The Therminox and CONDENSOR system chimney provides cascade solutions for multiple boilers. CONDENSOR and THERMINOX are easily combined with each other. CHEMINNOV® CHEMINNOV® chimneys are a standard, stainless steel, industrial self-supporting chimney, intended for all types of boilers and engines. A S O LU T I O N F O R A L L A P P L I C AT I O N S A N D F U E L S Condensor single wall flue Therminox insulated flue Silencer BEIRENS free-standing ChemInnov® chimney DOUBLE WALL AND MULTI-FLUE CHIMNEYS Double wall chimneys are metal industrial chimneys comprising a bearing structure for stability and an internal insulated flue liner. Multi-flue chimneys comprise of several flue liners incorporated into a shell. The structural shell makes an installation stable. The internal flues evacuate fumes. Absorptive bulb silencer BEIRENS free-standing, single wall chimney Insulated flue Therm GEP 50 Pressure resistance H1 BEIRENS free-standing, self-supporting multi-flue chimney Dynamic vibration damper SINGLE-FLUE CHIMNEYS Single-flue chimneys are free standing, tied or guy wired, single-wall metal industrial chimneys intended for all types of applications and fuels. All multi-fuel boilers and generators systemsDiesel generators DOUBLE-CHAMBER RESONATOR for boilers Silencers for boilers, are designed to reduce low frequency noises generated by the combustion process and then transmitted via the flue. BAFFLES SILENCER for fans and for turbines* Silencers for fans reduce medium and high frequency sounds generated by the high speed flow of gases circulating in the duct, exhausts or chimney. *note: turbines require specific and dedicated design DOUBLE-CHAMBER RESONATOR, ABSORBENT WALL BULB SILENCER (REACTIVE SILENCER) for engine exhausts Silencers for motors combine muffling of low, medium and high frequency sounds generated by the internal combustion process and the velocity of exhaust gases circulating in and passing through the exhaust flues. Silencer Implosion and explosion protection BEIRENS free-standing, self-supporting double wall chimney Connecting pipe Perfectly watertight partition welded to the inner wall of the silencer Expansion chamber Leading cone Perforated plate Fibreglass Expansion chamber Mineral wool Insulation Box frame Outer jacket Baffles Non-return valve Cascade System
  5. 5. POUJOULAT GROUP AND BEIRENS WORLDWIDE POUJOULAT BELUX S.A. 39, rue de l’Industrie • B - 1400 NIVELLES Tél. : 067 84 02 02 • Fax : 067 84 00 75 • POUJOULAT BV Ettensestraat 60 • NL - 7061 AC TERBORG Tel.: 0315-340050 • Fax: 0315-340150 • Somephotographsinthisbrochurehavebeencreatedforindicativeillustrationpurposesonlyand maynotrepresentactualinstallationrequirements.Thisbrochureiscopyright©2013andmaynotbe reproducedinanypartorformwithoutpriorwrittenconsentfromPoujoulatBeluxSAandpoujoulatBV. Poujoulat has the highest quality chimney and exhaust system solutions. ISO 9001 FM 559916 ISO 14001 BUREAU VERITAS Certification