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Inspiring Care - Jane Willis


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Presented details of the significant and groundbreaking Arts Strategy for both the new hospital itself and the associated transfer of services within the community between the existing and new buildings.

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Inspiring Care - Jane Willis

  1. 1. Inspiring Care Art at Southmead Hospital Bristol Jane Willis Director, Willis Newson
  2. 2. Willis Newson Willis Newson delivers sensitive, inspiring and patient-centred art and design that improves wellbeing. We create welcoming, engaging and reassuring healthcare environments by integrating art into architecture, landscape and interiors. This helps create individuality and a strong sense of local identity. It supports wayfinding and encourages engagement.
  3. 3. Architecture Week 2006 • Advocating the value of arts and creativity • Therapeutic hospital environment • Creative and caring hospital culture • Hospital at the centre of its local community • A 9 year process – Advocacy to Chief Executive – Arts Strategy for Trust as a whole – Establishment of Fresh Arts Programme – Benchmark public art commissions for Learning and Research and pathology buildings
  4. 4. Southmead Learning and Research and Pathology Buildings
  5. 5. Public Art Strategy Aims • Therapeutic and welcoming environment • Improved patient experience • Ease the process of transition • Hospital at the heart of its community
  6. 6. The Future • Year-long residencies for 2 of the artists commissioned for the Festival • Funding secured for Fresh Arts music programme • Festivals in 2015 and 2016 • Community arts space and outdoor performance area open in 2016 • Integrated approach to art and interior design delivered in Breast Care Centre • Creative approaches to designing for dementia across new and existing wards
  7. 7. Conclusions The 7 year public art programme has: •Contributed to the design of an inspirational, sensitive and patient- centred hospital environment •Supported the development of a creative and caring hospital culture •Placed the hospital at the centre of its community and celebrated community at the heart of the hospital
  8. 8. For further information: - public art film - Peter Randall Page Water Sculpture film - Fresh Arts Festival Film