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IHEEM 2013 Design Award Entries


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IHEEM 2013 Design Awards Entries

Published in: Health & Medicine
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IHEEM 2013 Design Award Entries

  1. 1. Welcome to the Architects for Health stand IHEEM 2013
  2. 2. Programme for 2014……… January, Student design charette and awards March, Spring event – “Bright Future – Free Thought” 13-14th May, Design in Mental Health Conference Summer, Regional event plus visits, West country Autumn, Art and Architecture, London National event, IHEEM, Manchester Winter event, 20 x 2 ………..…join…….……..sponsor….…….….support…………...
  4. 4. Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery The Kent Clinic is a new hospital campus, designed to offer excellent conditions for clinical practice, serving the needs of the population of Kent. The buildings will be able to deliver complex surgical care, day treatment and out-patient consultation for a variety of clinical specialities. The hospital is being privately funded but will accept referrals from the NHS and Consultants’ private practice according to need. DAVID MORLEY ARCHITECTS
  5. 5. Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery The centre will be unique in offering Consultants working throughout Kent the opportunity to provide complex treatments for their patients in a fully equipped and properly staffed setting, close to home and without the need to travel to London Teaching Hospitals. Local healthcare needs for the most demanding conditions will be met locally for the first time. The development of this new medical facility includes diagnostic and theatre facilities for both in-patient and out-patient customers. DAVID MORLEY ARCHITECTS
  6. 6. Kent Institute of Medicine and Surgery It is conceived as a series of buildings forming a healthcare campus; varying in height and scale around the perimeter of the site, the southern end of the site is mainly car parking at different levels. The design concept includes integrating green roofs and an innovative green wall into the scheme; enhancing views into the site, outlook from buildings and the bio-diversity of the development. £45m. 14,500sqm DAVID MORLEY ARCHITECTS
  7. 7. Learning Disability Project, Bournemouth We are using a fit-for-purpose methodology for designing for learning disabilities, with certain manipulation of design elements. And this is our very important contribution. For privacy and anti-stigma purposes mainly, our intervention to the exterior is as minimal as possible.
  8. 8. Learning Disability Project, Bournemouth We are using a fit-for-purpose methodology for designing for learning disabilities, with certain manipulation of design elements. And this is our very important contribution. For privacy and anti-stigma purposes mainly, our intervention to the exterior is as minimal as possible.
  9. 9. Learning Disability Project, Bournemouth We are using a fit-for-purpose methodology for designing for learning disabilities, with certain manipulation of design elements. And this is our very important contribution. For privacy and anti-stigma purposes mainly, our intervention to the exterior is as minimal as possible.
  10. 10. St Benedict’s Hospice & Specialist Centre for Palliative Care, NHS South of Tyne & Wear A new specialist centre for integrated palliative care for community and inpatient services. The BREEAM excellent facility includes a 14 bed inpatient unit, an extensive day care unit, outpatient services including lymphoedema treatment, education centre as well as a charity run café and fundraising shop. Excellent staff facilities with break-out spaces designed to encourage cross working. £12m. 3,100sqm
  11. 11. Critical Care, Nottingham City Campus, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust This high quality refurbishment demonstrates how existing buildings can be re-designed to provide new build standards of clinical space. Transforming two Victorian wards, the project has upgraded and expanded the current facilities at the City Campus, providing full level 3 care across two wards. It Has vastly improved patient outcomes, enhanced patient experience and provides operational efficiencies. £5m. 1531sqm
  12. 12. Kingsley Green, The Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust The new 86-bed Adult Mental Healthcare facility is designed to be at the forefront of developments in mental health care nationally and internationally. The scheme includes 3 acute adult wards, one ward for vulnerable adults, one for service users with learning disabilities and an exceptional variety of spaces to enable the Trust to deliver the highest standards of care. Wards are linked with a series of “social streets”. £24m. 8,000sqm
  13. 13. Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre (DNRC), Loughborough The DNRC project is an investment in the future of clinical rehabilitation in the UK, both military and civilian. The project is the initiative of the Duke of Westminster. The proposed site will have as its core a Defence establishment (the ‘D’) providing a unique military rehabilitation environment, replacing Headley Court. This core will provide the catalyst for a national resource (the ‘N’ element) where there are promising opportunities in the fields of research and disability sport. The full ‘N’ potential is considerable.
  14. 14. Hampshire Cancer Treatment Centre Shortlisted to 1 of 6 from over 100 entries for a design competition for this prestigious Cancer Healthcare project in Hampshire in 2012. Our Design concept proposes to utilise the sloping site to create a series of stepped levels to the building. The stepped levels have the benefit of eliminating the need for a “treatment basement “, particularity related to radiation therapy. It’s dynamic form inspires the patients and staff, this is a building of hope and inspiration. £15m. 14,000sqm
  15. 15. UCLH, Middlesex Hospital Annex Site Redevelopment A mixed use development and will include institutional Healthcare space and social housing. The project involved extensive analysis of the surrounding Fitzrovia neighbourhood which lead to the development of a range of redevelopment options for the site. The new D1 Institutional Healthcare building is proposed to be constructed to a high structural and services specification to provide a significant level of flexibility for future use. £70m. 14,000sqm
  16. 16. East Surrey Hospital, new west entrance The Trust required a new calm and ‘corporate’ main entrance to replace the existing dreary and poorly designed entrance. This needed to be easily identifiable and provide patients and visitors with a legible and welcoming entrance whilst also creating a new café, pharmacy and ambulance booking office. £1.3m. 750sqm
  17. 17. East Surrey Hospital, new west entrance The Trust required a new calm and ‘corporate’ main entrance to replace the existing dreary and poorly designed entrance. This needed to be easily identifiable and provide patients and visitors with a legible and welcoming entrance whilst also creating a new café, pharmacy and ambulance booking office. £1.3m. 750sqm
  18. 18. New Private Patients Facility and Radiotherapy Suite, North Hampshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Construction work is underway to create a new Private Patients Facility and a Radiotherapy Suite at the Basingstoke Hospital site. The linked facility will provide a series of consulting rooms, treatment rooms and support spaces arranged around an internal courtyard with access to a new X-Ray room. £6m. 2,100sqm
  19. 19. St Luke’s Community Hospital, East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group. St Luke’s Hospital currently provides palliative and rehabilitation care to the local community and sought consultancy services for a new community hospital. Pick Everard provided Architecture with full multi-disciplinary Design Team, Project Management, and Cost Consultancy services delivering from SOC Case 2 Options Appraisal under the Scape national framework.
  20. 20. St Luke’s Community Hospital, East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group. The hospital is a new build, 2,000m² facility amalgamating outpatients services provided across the district focusing on paliative care which has been identified as fundamental to delivering the health authority’s model of care for the 21st century. The accommodation comprises of four clinical departments Primary Care, Physiotherapy, Outpatients and Mental Health over three floors with a central ‘hub’ for the waiting, reception and circulation areas.
  21. 21. St Luke’s Community Hospital, East Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group. This bespoke facility affords the opportunity of creating exemplar accommodation which is adaptable in the long term. The resultant design illustrates the culmination of extensive user consultation undertaken to provide a facility tailored to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. The building is designed to BREEAM Excellent. £5.9m. 2,000sqm
  22. 22. Louise Hamilton Centre, James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The design of this award winning palliative care centre has incorporated a series of treatment rooms, office spaces and other back-up facilities around the perimeter, with a central organic social space at the heart. The central space is a dramatic curving shape resembling a boat’s hull - a reminder of the scheme’s seaside context and the notion of an ‘ark’ as a place of refuge. £1.45m. 530sqm
  23. 23. Holly House Hospital Aspen Healthcare Ltd The project has involved the implementation of a master plan for the major extension and remodelling of an existing Private Hospital to provide increased capacity and improved functionality, whilst at the same time extending into a newly acquired site to the rear. A new way-finding strategy has created dedicated entrances for inpatients, outpatients and diagnostics departments. £20m. 9,485sqm
  24. 24. Maudsley Hospital Dining Room, Kings Health Partners. After the successful outcome of a limited competition, LSI Architects has completed an interior refurbishment of the main dining room and hospital street at the Maudsley Hospital. The design has been based on enhancing the existing layout to provide more variety and flexibility of space, enabling users to enjoy the area more effectively. Enhanced acoustics allow quieter one-to-one discussions to take place simultaneously. £0.36m. 810sqm
  25. 25. Torbay Hospital, South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Our design brings the main entrance down one level to create suitable gradients and to minimise the walk for the predominantly elderly frail community that use the hospital. The Trust has recognised the importance of our strategy in unlocking the potential of their hospital estate, and have made it a core component of their master-plan for the transformation of the site. £33m. 9,000sqm
  26. 26. Grangewood, Western Health Social Care Trust A new flexible approach to residential and community mental health care The new mental health unit will provide a model of care that departs from past practices, in providing a flexible, short stay facility for residential care, when required, suiting people normally resident in the community. Extensive consultation has shaped a design that provides year-round access to attractive but secure external spaces, an internal layout that maximises natural light and views, and domestic scaled spaces. £8m. 3,700sqm
  27. 27. Institute of Psychiatry at Hospital Clinicas (IPq2), Hospital das Clinicas Avanti Architects have opened an office in San Paulo, Brazil, and have recently completed the design of their first major project, a new building at the Hospital das Clinicas, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sao Paulo. The building will compliment the facilities of the existing adjacent Institute of Psychiatry, and will be linked by a glazed link on six levels. £13.5m. 10,000sqm
  28. 28. Wellcome Wolfson Centre for Medical Research, Royal Devon & Exeter NHSFT, University of Exeter & Peninsula Medical School The centre will include a medical research facility, part-funded by the Wellcome Trust and Wolfson Foundation, and two floors of laboratories which will focus on research into the treatment of conditions such as diabetes and obesity. £19.4m. 7,300sqm
  29. 29. Centre for Research, Education and Simulation Enhanced Training, King Fahad Medical City, KSA The new building will be fitted with state of the art simulation equipment to recreate scenarios for training all levels of hospital staff from cleaners to neuro-surgeons from the Middle East region. The building will be a landmark structure in a prominent position in front of the new hospital main entrance and piazza space. £30m. 20,000sqm
  30. 30. Langdon Hospital, Interserve Construction Ltd for Devon Partnership NHS Trust Langdon Hospital is a 60 bed medium secure unit on the outskirts of Dawlish, recently completed . The scheme has been designed to reflect current thinking for mental healthcare building design and to assist the Trust in delivering a modern, flexible forensic service. The best design arises from a shared journey, a flow of ideas across a table where priorities are assessed and prescribed thinking is challenged. £25m. 6,465sqm
  31. 31. Ellis Ward, The Royal Marsden Hospital Chelsea. The brief asked for the ward to be refurbished to create a suitable clinical environment for female surgical oncology patients. The new layout provides better access to en-suite facilities and creates a contemporary feel which improves the quality of the patient environment. Spaces have been created to enable sensitive conversation to take place and allow time for reflection. £1.6m. 500sqm
  32. 32. Lancaster Grange Nursing Home, Barchester Healthcare Ltd. This is a new 60 bed care home on a green field site in Nottinghamshire. The home provides facilities for people with dementia and is designed as a series of smaller units and volumes. This gives the building a more domestic scale by use of differing complementary materials to distinguish the blocks which together with a broken outline and roof scape gives the impression of a cluster of smaller buildings. £3.7m. 3,200sqm
  33. 33. Cardiac Catheter Laboratories, Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Two new cardiac catheter laboratories together with the supporting accommodation and staff facilities have been provided. Philips Healthcare were selected as the main equipment supplier for the two cardiac catheter labs using a floor mounted system, one of which had to make provision for the existing Hansen robot to be transferred. £0.85m. 340sqm
  34. 34. Breast Clinic, Worthing Hospital. The Trust commissioned ADP to design a new specialist centre with the most up-to- date equipment on their Park Avenue site, this being a standalone facility next to the main outpatients department. ADP’s design for the new clinic provides state-of-the-art facilities for the diagnosis, and management of breast cancer and for specialist support for the patient. The building provides the quiet and non-threatening environment that is required for patients and visitors. £2.5m. 1,240sqm
  35. 35. Outpatients Reception, Salford Royal Hospital. A visit to hospital can be a potentially distressing and confusing time for people. It is clear that any new or refurbished health facility must avoid accentuating these feelings. In order to achieve this, a logical layout is required with clear signposting and wayfinding. The use of materials and colour will need to be carefully selected to be familiar and lighting designed to be subtle and glare free. Access to toilets should be easy and clear with simple to use fittings.
  36. 36. Outpatients Reception, Salford Royal Hospital. The design incorporates a slick pallet of materials and crisp graphics to assist way-finding and people movement. A new concept of reception pods has been delivered, breaking down the barriers between customer and staff. The innovative use of lighting has enlivened an internal space to create a vibrant and fresh reception for the outpatients. £1.25m. 570sqm
  37. 37. Glenside Health Services, Adelaide, South Australia Health. Glenside Health Service is the first service in South Australia to combine mental health and substance abuse services into a single facility. Completed in 2013, we combined international best practice in mental healthcare design within a local context, in collaboration with local architects Swanbury Penglase. The new facilities provide a place of refuge and healing.
  38. 38. Glenside Health Services, Adelaide, South Australia Health. A significant requirement of the brief was to de-stigmatise the existing psychiatric hospital site by creating a new facility that could be integrated within the wider community. Our master-plan created a new community of adjacent retail, commercial, housing and community precincts. The mental health services have been demystified by collocation and by allowing permeability across the precincts.
  39. 39. Glenside Health Services, Adelaide, South Australia Health. We facilitated a rethink in operational policy, leading to a change in the way the mental health facilities could be designed by effectively inverting an assumed model of a single building with a central hospital street. We designed the new hospital to resemble a small village, in order to create an intimate scale of building. Simple, individual buildings are organised around a “village green”. £81m. 15,000sqm
  40. 40. The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Mater Campus Hospital Development The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital is one of the largest and most advanced acute healthcare projects ever undertaken in Ireland; and furthermore one that has been planned and executed on a constrained inner-city campus between two live hospitals. £130.5m. 67,800sqm
  41. 41. St. Vincent's University Hospital: 110 Bed Ward Block, St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group Great emphasis has been placed on patient dignity and safety. The facility incorporates the latest thinking of the STW healthcare team on ward design including: Single rooms with outboard bathrooms, isolation rooms, decentralised nursing station, full visibility of the patients head from the nurses touchdown bases and design to reduce falls between the bed and the bathroom. £15.5m. 10,260sqm
  42. 42. UCLH Proton Beam Therapy and Phase 4 Hospital, University College Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust The UK government has committed to making available Proton Beam Therapy in the UK, to all NHS patients. The brief for this project is to design the UK’s first Proton Beam Therapy Centre located on the UCLH City Centre campus. The requirement is to locate four PBT treatment gantries and a particle accelerator (Cyclotron or Synchrotron) in a bunker with approx 2.5m thick concrete walls. £40.1m. 30,000sqm
  43. 43. The Forum, Biomedical Campus, Cambridge with John Laing / Cambridge University Hospitals Located on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC), The Forum will provide a hub where clinicians, researchers and academics from across the world can come together to share knowledge and expertise and develop life-changing drugs and treatments for patients. CBC aims to be one of the leading biomedical centres in the world by 2020. £120m. 37,500sqm
  44. 44. Royal Liverpool University Hospital Re-development, Liverpool with Carillion for Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust NBBJ/ HKS have been appointed to design the new £335m Royal Liverpool University PFI. The proposed scheme will include 650 single en-suite bedrooms, including 40 critical care beds and 81 emergency assessment beds. £335m. 94,000sqm
  45. 45. Royal Liverpool University Hospital Re-development, Liverpool The hospital is designed to be an inspirational landmark building for Liverpool, with the design of the external envelope and selection of the materials based on the Liverpool City Centre Public Realm Implementation Framework. The new Royal design addresses the complete environment and experience for patients, staff and visitors, maximising natural light and views at every level throughout the building, and maintaining privacy and dignity through efficient orientation and wayfinding.
  46. 46. The Montefiore Hospital, Spire Healthcare The Montefiore Hospital has given a former Victorian storehouse its third lease of life as a world class private healthcare facility. Though a complex architectural problem, IBI Nightingale responded with an ambitious remodelling and extension design, which included novel use of polystyrene blocks to reconfigure the internal floor plates. £17m. 7,240sqm
  47. 47. Oak Ward, Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust The Oak Ward was designed under the strap line ‘more hotel than hospital’. Inspired by the Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the King’s Fund and IBI Nightingale, this vision has delivered 12 single bedrooms, each with a dedicated en-suite bathroom and two 4- bed-bays, allowing patients to benefit from spacious surroundings, improved privacy and dignity as well as superior facilities for dedicated care. £1.5m. 980sqm
  48. 48. Kirkwood Hospice Kirkwood Hospice involves the extensive remodelling and new build extension of a 16 bed inpatient unit specialising in palliative care. A mixed refurbishment and new build scheme, it has transformed a 25-year-old unit from a series of multi-bedrooms unsuited to modern clinical healthcare, into an uplifting, healing and therapeutic environment. £2.4m. 720m2 refurb’, 432m2 new
  49. 49. Raffles Hospital extension, Singapore The architectural response to the site and the existing building is derived from our clarity of understanding of the context from our analysis of the site and the existing building. The design has sought to mediate and integrate between the existing hospital and the new extension with an architectural expression and form that enables the unification of the whole Raffles Hospital building as one development. £44m. 20,000sqm
  50. 50. Emergency Care Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead The Emergency Care Centre will be a state of the art facility, designed to improve and reform pathways for emergency patients. The centre will provide co-located and integrated facilities for adult medical, paediatric and surgical assessment, medical and surgical short stay, accident and emergency care and a Walk-in Centre. £20m. 10,500sqm
  51. 51. Bransholme Health Centre, Hull LIFT, Citycare+Sewell Construction Ltd for NHS Hull, Teaching PCT Providing the eleventh new community health centre as part of the Hull LIFT programme, Bransholme Health Centre is positioned in one of the busiest parts of Hull. Located next to the Northpoint District Shopping centre, and replacing a very tired existing GP surgery, the new facility provides a combination of key services as well as allowing GPs to share facilities efficiently.
  52. 52. Bransholme Health Centre, Hull LIFT, Citycare+Sewell Construction Ltd for NHS Hull, Teaching PCT Early discussions with each of the practice managers and the Primary Care Trust took healthcare guidance recommendations for the standardisation of room sizes, and extended this to allow flexibility between proposed GP clusters, giving the opportunity for different configurations in the future with minimal change required to the building fabric. £14.7m. 4,500sqm
  53. 53. Hessle Road Community Health Centre, Citycare+Sewell Construction Ltd for NHS Hull, Teaching PCT Flexible layouts allow rooms to be allocated between practices without large scale amendments to the plan, as well as rooms that can be used for a variety of functions, providing modular design solutions. Art has been an important part of the Interior Design development, and despite its relatively small scale, helps with wayfinding and identifying each practice. £11m. 3,500sqm
  54. 54. Queen’s Hospital A&E Department Patient Journey Mapping, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust Waiting times, queue lengths, travel distances and congestion are key factors that define the experience of patients, visitors and staff in a hospital.
  55. 55. Queen’s Hospital A&E Department Patient Journey Mapping, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust These factors are directly affected by the hospital layout and operational management which need to respond to the patient demands, processes and staffing needs.
  56. 56. Queen’s Hospital A&E Department Patient Journey Mapping, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust Buro Happold’s SMART Space team utilise modelling tools and emerging technologies to model movement of patients, staff, and visitors and their interaction with the hospital environments and processes.
  57. 57. Cancer Treatment Centre, Basingstoke. North Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust The brief from the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust was a visionary one, inviting a ground breaking and innovative design to achieve a step change in the care of cancer patients. Our proposal places equal emphasis on care and treatment. We use form, landscape and the quality of light to communicate the concept of care, creating a kind and purposeful environment which is self- evidently at the patient’s disposal. £11m. 3,800sqm
  58. 58. Critical Treatment Hospital We were approached by a Trust to help them assemble the functional content and the form for a new type of hospital facility which could dramatically change the way in which they deliver their services. This will provide emergency and critical care in a small ‘hot’ hospital without any ambulatory functions which can be provided in more local settings. £105m
  59. 59. Northwick Park Hospital Emergency Department, North West London NHS Hospitals Trust The 21st century model is changing as we seek to find a more generic design solution to the brief for health facilities, and a kinder and more attractive environment. This is particularly relevant for Emergency departments where it is essential to create a more flexible workplace and a more dignified patient environment. The reconfiguration of the facility at Northwick Park has the potential to become a benchmark project in terms of design and performance. £14m. 4,000sqm
  60. 60. Akerman, Lambeth PCT, Building Better Health / Fulcrum Akerman was commissioned by Lambeth Primary Care Trust to accommodate three General Practices, two flexible medical suites, a suite of meeting rooms and offices for the Community Nursing teams and Local Authority Social Services. The objective was to consolidate services from a number of locations and a number of agencies on a single site in a severely deprived London neighbourhood.
  61. 61. Akerman, Lambeth PCT, Building Better Health / Fulcrum Akerman assumes the role of a public building and borrows the form of a cathedral to convey its civic qualities. The design places the foyer in the middle of this long building opposite a T-junction. When open, the foyer is an extension of the public realm – the new route through the building links two adjoining neighbourhoods..
  62. 62. Akerman, Lambeth PCT, Building Better Health / Fulcrum Clinicians, patients, neighbours and local community groups were consulted on functionality and impact. The plan form is simple – an 80m x 16m x 4-storey cuboid – but the massing and silhouette respect the scale of adjacent dwellings. The surface area is low, the ratio of floor area to façade efficient. It is planned to a module to which the column grid, windows and room dimensions conform. £12.4m
  63. 63. Hampshire Cancer Treatment Centre BDP has won the design competition for a new cancer treatment centre for Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The highly aspirational brief requires a building of outstanding architectural merit that positively reinforces the treatment process and integrates successfully into a hospital campus with regard for future needs. Patient care is provided in a supportive environment combined with state of the art technology for clinical treatments.
  64. 64. Teaching, Trauma and Tertiary Care Centre (3 T’s) Brighton Our solution fits a large scale hospital sensitively into its historic context. The topography of the site is fully exploited with the mass of the building broken down into fingers, which contain the bulk of the ward accommodation and face south with views over the English Channel.
  65. 65. 3CCC Gwent
  66. 66. SHEPPARD ROBSON Tseung Kwan O Hospital, Hip Hing Chun Wo Joint Venture Tseung Kwan O Hospital is a new build ambulatory care unit providing clinical support services, and physio-social-spiritual rehabilitation services, built alongside a recently completed adjoining hospital. The project aims to maximize Inpatient care capacity to over 600 in-patient beds. £100m. 35,500sqm
  67. 67. SHEPPARD ROBSON Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine (SCRM), University of Edinburgh The Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine is the first large-scale, purpose built facility of its kind in the UK and is set to become the first laboratory building in Scotland to receive a BREEAM Excellent rating. The Centre will develop new treatments for human diseases affecting the nervous system, liver and other organs. £35m. 8,700sqm
  68. 68. SHEPPARD ROBSON Imperial Centre for Translational and Experimental Medicine (ICTEM), Imperial College London The Imperial Centre for Translational and Experimental Medicine (ICTEM) combines laboratory space for up to 450 scientists with a dedicated clinical trials facility. It was built with support from the British Heart Foundation, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, the Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust. £43m. 13,000sqm
  69. 69. Project Arizona 2, Neurosciences Specialist Hospital The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust £22m. 9,800sqm
  70. 70. Discovery House, New Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Trust £14.4m. 4,230sqm
  71. 71. Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Surgical Centre Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust £44m. 12,000sqm
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