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Orientation rs wadi


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Orientation rs wadi

  1. 1. Technology and Learning
  2. 2. Publishing Research CommunicationCollaboration Thinking e Learning Online Online Digital Classroom Community Citizenship
  3. 3. Livebinder Podcast Glogster Producer Movie Vodcast Picasa Photostory Maker Kerpoof Toondoo Prezi PublisherPublishing
  4. 4. LivebinderCreate quick and easy digital online binders
  5. 5. PodcastCreate audio summaries of lessons, share with students
  6. 6. GlogsterCreate interactive posters
  7. 7. PowerPoint ProducerAdd multimedia elements to PowerPoint presentations
  8. 8. VodcastCreate video summaries of lessons, share with students
  9. 9. Windows Movie MakerCreate, edit and publish videos, share with students
  10. 10. Video record huddles & team-meetings, upload for review by stakeholders
  11. 11. PicasaEdit photographs to make collage and photo-album
  12. 12. PhotostoryIntroduce lesson to students using photo-stories
  13. 13. PublisherPublish a periodic newsletter for the team
  14. 14. Research
  15. 15. CustomSmart search searchCollaborative Child research friendly tools Q&A WebquestCommunities
  16. 16. GoogleCreate a custom-search engine to accompany research-based assignments
  17. 17. Communication
  18. 18. GmailSend constructive feedback to each student, send communiqués to parents
  19. 19. Google TalkDiscuss and share reflections / feedbacks with students, parents, teammates; discussopinions before making a change
  20. 20. Google formsConduct a survey or collect information and feedback
  21. 21. Blogger/ TwitterWrite reflective notes, invite students, parents and teammates to comment
  22. 22. Collaboration
  23. 23. Google DocsShare common documents within the team (e.g. policies, checklists); allow each team-member to amend or post changes
  24. 24. Bookmark useful websites, share with students and other teachers
  25. 25. Thinking
  26. 26. Visual ShowingRanking EvidenceSeeing InspirationReason
  27. 27. InspirationUse this tool during all discussion-based activities in the classroom
  28. 28. Graphic OrganizerProvide a visual tool to help students organize their thoughts
  29. 29. e Learning
  30. 30. QuizstarCreate fact based tests online, automate grading
  31. 31. AnkiCreate and share flashcards, to memorize key-facts
  32. 32. Online Classroom
  33. 33. EdmodoCreate an e-classroom controlled by the teacher; a hub to communicate,coordinate and manage coursework
  34. 34. Google CalendarAll teammates update and share their schedules, deadlines, etc.
  35. 35. Online Communities
  36. 36. Yahoo AnswersPost questions; receive answers from across the world
  37. 37. WikipediaWrite new articles; edit existing ones