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Individuals and families - arches health plan


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Arches is committed to making your health care better and more affordable by facilitating full collaboration between you and your physicians. Our unique health plan model has been proven to yield better health results for patients while saving them and their employers money. Arches. The way health care gets better.

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Individuals and families - arches health plan

  1. 1. Individuals and Families ­ Arches Health PlanArches Health Plan is the only non­profit co­op in Utah, and as such offers a newdelivery care model for members. Without shareholders, profits instead go toreducing premium costs or improving benefits for members. Additionally, because theco­op is member owned, the best interests of members are always assured.The Arches model for delivering care allows for greater communication andcollaboration between doctors and patients. This approach encourages members totake responsibility for their own health through a health action plan that they developthemselves with their doctor. The results are simple yet powerful: better care andlower costs. And speaking of costs, the Arches model provides true pricetransparency, meaning that we attach fixed costs to all medical procedures. Unlike anyother health plan, we actually tell you what something will cost before you have to payfor it — yet another example of the Arches difference.Arches Health Plan5505 S. 900 E. Suite 100, Salt Lake City, UT 84117801.312.9860tmcgarry@archeshealth.org