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Archer Webinar - May 2013 - Why MMS is Essential in Mobile Marketing


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SMS has become ubiquitous and mission critical to marketing and
business operations in virtually every industry worldwide. Yet often
the 160-character message length and "un-sexiness" leave the marketer
wanting more.

MMS is the answer.

As an upgrade option to SMS, imagine messages pushed to your
customers' phones with instant one-touch access video, images,
animations, graphic-based information, billing/statements, coupons,
retail barcodes, and more. All saved to their phones for easy access
and retrieval without web connectivity or an app, with unlimited text
to enhance the rich media experience. This is SMS evolved...MMS is a
"no-brainer" game changer for your mobile programs. The great news is
you can also leverage your existing SMS programs and main
CRM/customer database for segmentation based on history/preferences
and personalization of the actual MMS media content itself (ex,
audio, video, etc).

This offers a powerful tool for both marketing campaigns and business
operations. MMS initiatives work on almost all phones, have 90% open
rates within 15 minutes, and can produce conversion rates reaching
50% and higher.

Join Michael Ahearn, Archer VP of Customer Development and Marketing,
as he provides an overview of MMS capabilities, tips for successfully
implementing MMS, and case stories of how MMS has been deployed in
the market today.

Michael Ahearn is one of the co-founders of iLoop Mobile, now Archer,
with nearly a decade's experience working with top international
brands in mobile marketing. A pioneer for mobile in the US and a
frequent speaker on the conference circuit, he helps tier-one CPG,
retail, hospitality, healthcare, financial, and media companies with
strategic marketing and business operations in mobile. He is also a
past Board of Directors member of the Mobile Marketing Association.

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