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Presentation by Mark Dek (Archadia) & James Burke (Vurb) on their explorations of digital tools for urban development

Published in: Design, Technology, Real Estate
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  1. 1. Digital urban infrastructures for user empowerment Explorations of concepts, tools and platforms that allow for civic control over their cities Source:
  2. 2. Techno utopian/dystopian city Source: Tony Garnier – Une Cité Industrielle
  3. 3. Classical values vs. Modern methods Source: Tony Garnier – Une Cité Industrielle
  4. 4. Research the impact of emerging technologies on city life and formulate future scenario’s Source: Keiichi Matsuda – Domesti-city
  5. 5. Scenario’s Personal? The Urban Future is:
  6. 6. Source: Keiichi Matsuda – Domesti-city Personalized The Urban Future will probably be: Scenario’s
  7. 7. Source: Keiichi Matsuda – Domesti-city Scenario’s Commercial The Urban Future will probably be:
  8. 8. Scenario’s: Open Source/Data/GOV/Design The Urban Future can be:
  9. 9. Scenario’s: Collaborative The Urban Future should be: Project: Hypermud, Archadia (a.o) with Waag Society and DUS-architecten for PICNIC11
  10. 10. Scenario’s: Accessible For everyone equally For free The Urban Future should be:
  11. 11. Scenario’s Compatible People Objects Software hardware The Urban Future should be:
  12. 12. Prototyping and building with present technologies Project: Cube 64 by projectteam including Archadia for
  13. 13. Create infrastructures for future technologies: the Urban CMS Source: Urban CMS, article by Archadia for Volume/Archis magazine
  14. 14. Urban CMS - Content Open Data Geolocated social media Sentient objects (Internet of Things) People + devices Aggregated and mashed objects
  15. 15. Urban CMS - Database Urban info, news, laws & regulation, history, communication Scripts, codes and algorithms, schematics, calculations Sensor feeds cadastre Building code Zoning law Architectural patterns CAD to CNC Cost calc Structural calc Permit checker
  16. 16. Urban CMS - output Print, mobile, screens, AR Services, Administration Direct output of your actions onto media and services: Services (police - garbage disposal - traffic signs) are directly linked to the scripts that run them
  17. 17. Control your data Direct input through plug and play interfaces Plug-in modules for specific tasks Urban CMS - administration Direct input to the system. Each city service that is control-able has its own interface: From personal architecture to city flow optimization.
  18. 18. Site specific online design plug-in Cadastre Building code Zoning law Calculations Building kit Neighborhood feedback Urban CMS – Personal architectural interface Source: Site feedback permits
  19. 24. 1,6 million square meters of empty office space in Amsterdam
  20. 25. Vacant NL
  21. 26. Abandoned unbuilt or sparsely spaces – urban fallow land
  22. 27. Connect available empty civic space to networks
  23. 28. Findable, social connected unused spaces
  24. 29. configurability and socialization
  25. 30. Contracts, regulation and legal requirements
  26. 31. Partnerships with existing Urban incubators, housing corportions , local government
  27. 32. / Contact Who: Mark Dek Sites : Twitter : @archad1a Email : Credits Megahouse – Atalier Hitoshi Abe Contact Who: James Burke Sites : Twitter : @vurb Email : QUESTIONS?