Strategy around your domain name


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Building your BRAND? for a Global Audience?
How to create a strategy around selecting your Domain name. 5 Decision points on how to choose your <onlineidentity>

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Strategy around your domain name

  1. 1. 5 Decision points on how to choose your <OnlineIdentity>.<com>
  2. 2. How to DECIDE? <OnlineIdentity>.<com>
  3. 3. 5 Decision points
  4. 4. BRAND based or KEYWORD based domain name? 1
  5. 5. A Choose a pure brand name that doesn’t exist before you.
  6. 6. B Choose a keyword based name that showcase what content user might expect
  7. 7. C Choose a pseudoname: nick names which you are comfortable to get addressed as
  8. 8. BIG or small?2
  9. 9. A Make it as short as possible
  10. 10. B Easy to spell and not so easy to misspell
  11. 11. C Easy to remember – great for direct traffic
  12. 12. D Don’t use hyphens or numbers unless you have reason. Ex, “Hunt4jobs” might be better than “Huntforjobs”
  13. 13. Domain extension?2
  14. 14. A Most popular being .com – Aim for it first
  15. 15. B Experiment with extensions that go within the word Ex,, Brainstorm with all extensions
  16. 16. Think it over from a visitor’s perspective 2
  17. 17. A Learn whether your target audience will understand your domain/business.
  18. 18. TravelTips TravelProducts TIP has a suffix that clearly shows the BUYING intent vs research intent. Wouldn’t you rather attract visitors who are ready to buy vs just learn more about the topic? vs
  19. 19. Research and buy5
  20. 20. A Start your search here and use the search box to check availability and suggestions
  21. 21. B Check details of the domain name. Use
  22. 22. C If it is a used domain, see site’s past history, visit TheWayBackMachine
  23. 23. Purchasing tips • Research the history of the domain names before buying, and never spend more than $1000 on a domain name without paying through Escrow for safety reasons. • If you want to buy domain names that are old, has page rank, many forums have people selling domain names including forums like Digital Point, Sitepoint, DN Forum and Namepros. You will find many cheap domain names there, just do your due diligence to avoid being scammed • You can visit the domain name aftermarket from GoDaddy at site has tens of thousands of used domains for sale from $5 up to the six-figure mark.There are both auctions and buy it now listings there • Other auction sites include, Afternic, Sedo and SnapNames.You should become more familiar with domain terminology and market trends before buying domain names at auction, as the price can easily become out of hand. (here’s a code for 35% off your purchase using code – WOWshvm for Godaddy)
  24. 24.  Once done, use Google Alerts to track mentions of your brand name. Create a custom alert on your keyword and get emailed every time Google notices it. TIP
  25. 25. BUILD Your Identity! Starting HERE now…