Detailed porgram contents apsmm06 ver 1.3


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Detailed porgram contents apsmm06 ver 1.3

  1. 1. Advanced Program in SocialMedia Marketing - Batch 06 KNOWLEDGE PARTNER
  2. 2. Contents• Broad Contours• Social Media - What , Why & How - Business & Career Opportunity• Who should Attend• Unique Features of the Program• Detailed Program Contents• About Program Faculty• Past Batches• Synchronous Learning Technology – NIIT Imperia APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  3. 3. Broad ContoursProgram Faculty – Mr. Kiruba ShankarProgram Duration - 3 Months (10 Sessions)Schedule – Saturday, 2 pm to 5 pm and Thursday ,6:30 pm to 9:30 pm (last 5Classes)Class Dates – Dec 1,15, 22, 2012 , Jan 5, 12, 19 and Feb 7,14,21,28 ,March 52013Program Fee - Rs. 35,000 + 12.36% Service Tax = Rs. 39,326/- APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  4. 4. What is Social Media ? APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  5. 5. Social media is “an umbrella term that definesthe various activities that integrate technology,social interaction, and the construction ofwords, pictures, videos, and audio.” It’s also a fancy way to describe the. zillions of conversations people are having onlineIf you have your own version, share with us @ 24/7 APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  6. 6. Should I care about it ? APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  7. 7. Yes.. Because…BECAUSE More than 2/3 OF THE GLOBALINTERNET POPULATION VISIT SOCIALNETWORKS.Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009 APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  9. 9. Because…Because time spent on social networks isgrowing at 3X the overall Internet rate,accounting for ~10% of all Internet time.Nielsen, Global Faces & Networked Places, 2009 APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  10. 10. Because…Because social media is democratizingcommunications. Big time.Technology is shifting the power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, the media elite. Now it’s the people who are in control.” Rupert Murdoch, Global Media Entrepreneur APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  12. 12. What is happening on Social Media ? APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  13. 13.  845 million active monthly USERS 100 billion CONNECTIONS 250 million PHOTOS UPLOADED daily 2.7 billion LIKES every day 37 million PAGES with 10+ LIKES 425 million MOBILE USERS Users by gender: 43% (Male), 57% (Female) Facebook & Money (Net Income) 2009-229mn , 2010-606mn, 2011-1bn You name a brand ,& You find here Are you there on Facebook? We too ..lets chat APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  14. 14. LinkedIn-More than 135 million members over 200 countriesMore than 2 new members joining per second75 of Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn for hiringCustomer Acquisition- B2B Companies Exp. 61%Success rate – B2C 39%For your Company – Setup Account ->Join IndustryGroup -> Invite Prospects-> acquire, retain and winCustomers We are there.. Lets connect APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  15. 15. Over 465 million ACCOUNTS on Twitter 175 million TWEETS a day History-Birth- July 2006| July,2007-Value- $5mn I Growth- 2bn tweets posted|Sep,2011-100mn active users | 33bn tweets per day 11 new accounts created every Second $259mn Projected REVENUE for 2012 $540mn for 2014 1mn accounts currently added to Twitter every day Companies- Use to Inform , Engage , Acquire Customer & Much more Would you like to see what are we doing here APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  16. 16. 6600 images UPDATED every minute 292,000,000+ public GEO tagged photos 228,000,000+ public creative comma LICENSED photos 3million+ photos UPLOADED to Flicker each day Flicker pictures are used many way like in Blogs, Showcase Creative works and Say to Share Product information in easy to understand and more appealing Visual Form If you are there ,share your pictures with us APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  17. 17. • YouTube is 2nd Most used Search Engine After Google• 3rd most Visited website – Alexa• 60 hrs of Video uploaded every minute• 4 billion videos watched every day• 800 million Visitors every month• 3 billion hrs. of video Watched per month• You Tube is localized in 39 countries and 54 languages• In 2011 more than 1 trillion views took place.. i.e. about 140 views per person on earth• 500 years of Video watched on Facebook every day• 700 YouTube Videos Shared on Twitter Every Minute• 100 million people take social action (likes, share, comments etc.) on YouTube every week• 1st Video On YouTube was “Me at the zoo” by Co-founder Zaved Karim ( We are on YouTube- APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  18. 18. How its impacting Business ? APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  19. 19. 93% OF SOCIAL MEDIA USERS BELIEVE ACOMPANY SHOULD HAVE A PRESENCE INSOCIAL MEDIA. Cone, Business in Social Media Study, September 2008 APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  20. 20. 85% of social media users believe that a company should go further than just having a presence on social sites and should also interact with its customers. Cone, Business in Social Media Study, September 2008 APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  21. 21. There is so much to do APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  22. 22. 1. PR Relation2. Customer Service3. Loyalty Building4. Collaboration5. Networking6. Thought-LeadershipAnd yes Customer Acquisition too APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  23. 23. Job Opportunities APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  24. 24. 30,000+ Jobs ….as on 26-Nov-12 APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  25. 25. 30,000+ Jobs ….as on 26-Nov-12 APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  26. 26. Advanced Program in Social Media Marketing-Who should Attend?Requirements Expected Participant Profile• Knowledge of basic • Entrepreneurs information on Social Media • Marketing & Sales• Having accounts in some of Managers the key social media • Advertising professionals platforms • Community Managers – Facebook • PR Professionals – LinkedIn – Twitter • Business Consultants – Youtube • Management students – Flickr APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  27. 27. Unique Features of the ProgramUnique Program • Only Social Media Marketing Program in India that has been exclusively designed for working professionals. We have extensively redesigned the program based on the feedback from the industry & alumniPedagogy • Designed with a mix of experience sharing, real life case discussions, assignments and industry/research based projects besides the lectures in class.Strategic Leaders • More than 100+ individuals have already been trained in the program.Peer Learning • Opportunity to Network and Learn from other professionals in the corporate world.Certification • Graded Certificate of Successful Completion from NIIT Imperia. APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  28. 28. Detailed Program Curriculum• Understanding the Impact of Social Media• Social Media Platforms and Tools• Social Media Audits and Assessments• Developing Social Media strategy framework• Finance, Budgets, Resources• Strategies for B2C & B2B Companies• Developing Social Content Calendar• Metrics, Statistics and ROI Measurement• Learning via Case Studies APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  29. 29. Detailed Program Curriculum• Social Media Policy Development• Online Reputation Management• Social media conflict management• Social Commerce• Online Community Engagement Techniques• Social Media Time Management• Best Practices. Dos & Donts• Competitor Analysis through Social Media• Crowdsourcing & Collaboration Techniques APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  30. 30. About Program Faculty Kiruba Shankar • Kiruba Shankar is an entrepreneur, social media consultant, speaker, author, teacher, podcaster and a farmer. • He is the CEO of Business Blogging, a social media consultant firm & F5ive Technologies. • He also heads Vaksana Farms, a farming venture and Verdure Books, a publishing house • He has authored 4 books and is working on the next. He is the TEDx ambassador for India. • For more information, please visit APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  31. 31. How to enroll ?• Registration forms & Fee• Application forms can be obtained from or at local NIIT IMPERIA Centres• Candidates could also apply online at• Application form along with the registration Fee be submitted at NIIT Imperia centre. The registration fee is Rs. 35, 000/- + 12.36% Service tax .• Important Dates – Last Date of Registrations: Dec 14, 2012 – Classes Commence : Dec 15, 2012 APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  32. 32. Conference Call/Information Session • Why should I attend the conference call? – To evaluate the program rigorously and in depth before taking a final decision • Who will host the call? – BinaryEdge and NIIT Imperia Product Management Team would address the queries regarding the program • How can I register for the conference call? – Register Online. (You will see the next available conference date in the same link ) APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  33. 33. APSMM Participants Profile: Earlier Batches • Employees from Mindshare, 9X Media, National Geographic, Systime Global Solutions, Bajaj Auto Finance, Shoppers Stop, BloomBerg UTV, DLF Pramerica, BMW, A And R. • Average Age of Batch – 30 years Sector-wise Breakup Others Advertisin 25% g Media 27% Education 12% Internet & IT WebManufact 13% 10% uringTelecom BFSI 4% 3% 6% APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  34. 34. Experience SharingBefore joining this program, I had no additional information about this course but now Iam fully aware of the power of social media and also ready to use it. Tarun Verma (Assistant Manager, Teleperformance)I really liked the interactive method of teaching and I would definitely recommend thiscourse to all as it is an extension to your companys daily communication needs, henceit is important to have knowledge about social media marketing. Joeleen Gomez (Communication Executive, BMW)The program is focused completely on the current social media tools and has anexhaustive course content and a great faculty Aditya Hirlekar (Senior Manager - Marketing Communications, Hutchison 3 Global Services) APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  35. 35. Experience SharingBefore joining the program, I had my own doubts on the relevance of the programwould really help my business. But after getting to learn and clarify doubts throughthe program, I can assure that heads of business with exposure to web would surelybenefit from this program. Niket Shah (Head, Niket Communication & Security Systems)Excellent faculty, Hands-on experience through exercises and course material are afew of the benefits of the program. Surely, I am recommending this program to all myfriends and colleagues Dipa Subramaniam (Manager, Quantum Link Communications)Social Media Marketing Program is quite comprehensive and fast paced. I highly likedthe practical skill building aspect of the program Siddharth Mukund Srivastava (Account Manager, SriVinayak Online) APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  37. 37. NIIT IMPERIA - TECHNOLOGY EDGE  40 Classrooms in 25 cities  Direct one-to-one interaction is ensured through individual ICT systems for each student:  High-performance PCs  Webcam  Audio system and microphone at each workstation, connected directly to faculty at institutes STUDIO VIEW  Classroom interactions & ambience are facilitated by clusters of student-stations and camera & projection systems that span the full classroom.  6 Synchronous Learning Centers created within corporate premises  Learning Management System (LMS): • supplementary e-learning • program-specific notices • online submission of assignments • reminder services • online testing CLASSROOM VIEW • student records APSMMx06 ver 1.3
  38. 38. For any Queries Or Doubts, Call Us at 1800-266-0304 OrWrite to APSMMx06 ver 1.3