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America Compared 1


 II Conquering and Se ling the West Assignment 3 Arash Saysan
  2. 2. II Conquering and Se ling the West 1
 •  Both American and Canadian Government forced western Indians on to reservation and tried to end their tribal ways. •  More violent in united Sates than Canada. •  Western Cu ing Edge made the United States Unique. •  e Frontier’s Development as an Accelerated version of Humanity’s natural progression. •  Developing the habit of Practicality, Individualism and Democracy shaped e American Character. •  Unique Boundary between Civilization and Wilderness, Se led and unse led Land •  e America Was not like Canada, South America, Australia, Russia and South Africa an Empty Landscape. •  Confronting Indigenous People, Overwhelming their culture and taking away their lands by white Europeans. •  Trying to Control the speed and process of expansion by : Frontiers, Traders, Missionaries, Miners, Ranchers, Farmers, Railroad Builders, and land Speculators.
  3. 3. II Conquering and Se ling the West 2
 •  Extracting the Resources the Resources to Satisfy the Government’s needs and the World Markets by Frontiers. •  Replacing the Native People’s life style in relative balance with nature. •  Federal government decided to limit the Indians to small reservations in isolated areas by white se lers. •  Treaty of Medicine Lodge signed by Kiowas, Kiowa-Apaches, Arapahos, Cheyennes and Comanches that the agreed to remain at peace to live on assigned reservations, and to accept the white man’s instruction in farming. •  In June 1876 Colonel Custer led a large part of the Seventh Cavalry Regiment to its destruction on the banks of the li le Bighorn. And many other war leaders join with Crazy Horse and Si ing Bull to destroy Custer’s command. •  “In every section of the West , towns were in the vanguard of se lement.” •  Similar appearances in western towns.
  4. 4. II Conquering and Se ling the West Essay
 Both American and Canadian Government the had some similarity and di erences in their polices for their se lements on the natives. Both American and Canadian Government forced western Indians and tried to limit them and change their culture and rules which is a very common thing on the se lement history of many countries. United se lement History in a global context can be unique because of the time that happened in 19 century, di erent groups and native Indian tribes, di erent cultures, many potential of the lands on agricultural, starting the modern industrials in the world and also di erent groups that they involved to take advantage and bene ts of the new lands. Another dissuadable aria is how se lers treating slaves and the natives. Because of di erent goals that se lers had also the fear of the American natives they put more limitation on native than the slaves. One of the big di erence between United states and the Canada on their se lements that we see more violent and aggressive on the United States part than Canada, because of larger arias that covered and also the culture of the native tribes on the United States.