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America Compared 2


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America Compared 2


 IV Immigrants and Cities Assignment 3 Arash Saysan
  2. 2. IV Immigrants and Cities 1
 •  United States Transformation from an agrarian society into an urban one from 1870 to 1920. •  National Transportation System, Mechanization of Agriculture, Industry Development. •  Growing of the Population with many Immigrants. Immigrants from farms and villages. •  Factories and Construction work were providing many jobs. •  Mixing of the Native traditions and foreign in uences. •  Urbanization and Europeanize of American Society. •  American society turn to a unique character with blending of native culture and foreign in uences. •  Mixing Old and New World gave United States a very exclusive shape which you could not nd it in any other nation history. •  Movement of the European people to the new world, Process, Pa ern of the immigration to the South America Countries and the Comparison to Immigration to United States. •  Why there was Li le Socialism in America?
  3. 3. IV Immigrants and Cities 2
 •  United States, Nation of the Immigrants, took the largest immigrants between 1870 and 1914. •  1924 lot of immigrants in Argentina and Canada, Newcomers’ Impact in these countries was proportionally grater than United States. •  In the history of the Europe and North and South America Migration has been a central and crucial constant. •  “Central eme for a history of the American people… more lasting, because more profound, than [the frontier theme] of Frederick Jackson Turner; for se lers were emigrants before they se led and migration has more than the wilderness to do with American character and Institutions.” •  Focusing on migration rather than on the Frontier. •  Need for an Industrial labor force and the opening of national borders brought world’s people in the Americas. •  Most immigrants they were job seekers and in search of economic opportunity. •  e high rate of migration among industrial workers showing the weakness of socialism. •  What made United States Di erent, says Nugent, was the sheer volume of immigration into the country and the diversity of its sources. •  From early 19th century to World War II, the United States received over three- h of all the immigrants Europe sent overseas.
  4. 4. IV Immigrants and Cities Essay
 e united States among the all other countries that accept the immigrants is a unique place. is unique nation changed many people life socially and economically and also it went through lots of changes itself. United States is a unique country because of all potential and qualities that this land o ered for immigrants, lots of job opportunities and need for an industrial labor force and also this countries open borders absorbed many people either from neighbor countries or Europe. e volume of immigrants in the 19th century is the highest because of many reason like world economy, immigration pa erns, World War, Search of jobs, Political and religious refugees. ere are many big changes in the world in the 19th century that shows the world start to mix the populations and kind of breaking the borders. I think the immigration process is the main explanation that gave the United States economic power and made this country the number one in the world just in a century. Many people from many cultures and tribes living together in this country, I think this is amazing that while ago even imagination of the living that many people from separate nations was di cult, but the United States because of the unique situation could make this happen and made the immigration as a popular culture for the world people.