TRUaras Community          Overview          April 28,
Trubiquity Company Introduction    Trubiquity is a Global Leader of Managed File Transfer Solutions,  Enabling Multi‐     ...
Who We Are                                                           Training, support, problem                           ...
What we mean by Community? Endeavors such as new product development require both  vertical and horizontal collaboration O...
Solution Portfolio: We are already a leader in the Connected Cloud  Cloud-Based  Cloud Based Managed File Transfer     Clo...
Current Communities             In the near future                         future…                         Aras Community ...
Community Experience – TRUcore Landing Page                   •   TRUexchange is the basis for                       numer...
TRUexchange Experience – Community Management
TRUexchange – Transaction and Status
The TRUaras Community You                         •   Trubiquity technology will be                                  avail...
What About Other Non‐Member Firms                               We thought about that too                               • ...
Getting Started ‐‐ Aras User Signup      g                        g p                                                     ...
Start using it – Pretty Easy!Start using it – Pretty Easy!                                       Aras InnovatorAras Innova...
Invite other trading partners Invite other trading partners       Aras Innovator                                          ...
Why TRUaras Establish a simple easy to use and deploy Managed File  Transfer capability within Aras Innovator Replace mult...
The Future of the Connected Cloud C bilit t       t   t     kfl Capability to automate workflows    CAD native to neutral ...
Contact Us Martyn Davies, VP mdavies@trubiquity com Direct: +44 (0) 113 391 7680 Doug Halliday, D...
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Trubiquity Connected Cloud for PLM with Aras


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Trubiquity Connected Cloud for PLM with Aras

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Trubiquity Connected Cloud for PLM with Aras

  1. 1. TRUaras Community  Overview April 28,
  2. 2. Trubiquity Company Introduction Trubiquity is a Global Leader of Managed File Transfer Solutions,  Enabling Multi‐ Enterprise Collaboration with “Value Chain” Communities• Trubiquity solutions manage the complexities  T bi it l ti th l iti of information flow in many areas: Example  Clients Supply Chain Data Exchange Business Process Automation • Process Management • Interoperability Automotive Defense • PLM integration PLM i i Procurement Automation Content Management  Global Team Collaboration Aerospace Finance Retail Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)• History, spanning 20 years, resulting in a Global community with 6,500  companies, in 40 countries worldwide, representing 8 major industries i i 40 i ld id i 8 j i d i
  3. 3. Who We Are Training, support, problem  Training support problem Leadership resolution, in/outbound sales and  Stephen Koons, President and Chief Executive Officer marketing  Maureen Huber, Chief Financial Officer  Martyn Davies, Phd., Vice President Supporting 6,500 customers  Peter Thurner, Managing Director Peter Thurner, Managing Director & thousands of users across  Donald Draheim, Vice President 40 countries Ted Lesher, Vice President David Foster, Global Technology Director  English Offices: 3AM – 5PM EST  Mon‐Fri U.S.: Detroit, Michigan (Headquarters), Carlsbad,  Korean California Europe: Germany (3), UK (1) 8AM – 5PM KST  Mon‐Fri Asia: Korea and China (partners) German/English Data Centers: 8AM – 6PM CET  Mon‐Fri 8AM 6PM CET Mon Fri North America (2) Europe Asia Pacific (Partner) Integrated Global Operations:  Sales Delivery Customer Experience Software Engineering Software Engineering
  4. 4. What we mean by Community? Endeavors such as new product development require both  vertical and horizontal collaboration OEM business functional areas, value‐chain suppliers and  , pp partners must be able to organize seamlessly if there is to be  any chance of marketplace success These dynamic groups of business entities are can be thought  These dynamic groups of business entities are can be thought of as Communities The exchange of business critical data within the community  needs to be protected and highly secure d t b t t d d hi hl The processes and tools required to assemble and unite  communities is called Community Management Trubiquity is partnering with Aras to build the TRUaras  Community
  5. 5. Solution Portfolio: We are already a leader in the Connected Cloud Cloud-Based Cloud Based Managed File Transfer Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management
  6. 6. Current Communities In the near future future… Aras Community TRUaras
  7. 7. Community Experience – TRUcore Landing Page • TRUexchange is the basis for numerous customer supplier communities such as GM, Pratt & Whitney and Mitsubishi Motors • TRUaras will be a communityy within TRUexchange
  8. 8. TRUexchange Experience – Community Management
  9. 9. TRUexchange – Transaction and Status
  10. 10. The TRUaras Community You • Trubiquity technology will be  available and integrated with Aras  Innovator for TRUaras Innovator for TRUaras • You will have access to the  community providing the ability to  eryone Else share data with all other members share data with all other members • There will be a base level of service  available free of charge to all  membersEve • That means pre‐packaged managed  file community transfer within the  ARAS GUI ARAS GUI • Of course, that means all members  will have this ability, removing  barriers to collaboration barriers to collaboration
  11. 11. What About Other Non‐Member Firms We thought about that too • Non‐member firms will have the  ability to subscribe to the  ability to subscribe to the TRUaras Community • Member firms will be able to  invite non‐member firms so that  value chain collaboration  can be  Expanded easily established Community • Non‐member firms will use the  standard Web GUI d d b • That’s one way the Community will grow and become more  valuable • Of course, each Innovator will  New Member download and install too
  12. 12. Getting Started ‐‐ Aras User Signup g g p Aras Innovator Signup Web App User 1. User opts in p Company A Company Name 2. The signup App Aras Innovator ... opens up GUI Go TRUaras G TRU Submit 3. The user completes the Aras Innovator - form and submits TRUcore Integration 4. The sign up app confirms the user Aras and location, createsData Center the Trubiquity TRUcore Community membership and Trubiquity syncs with local Data Center Dummy_Company1, Dummy_User1, TRUapi_License1, ... Dummy_Company2, Dummy_User2, TRUapi_License2, ... Dummy_Company3, Dummy_User3, TRUapi_License3, ... Dummy_Company4, Dummy_User4, TRUapi_License4, ... Dummy_Company5, Dummy_User5, TRUapi_License5, ... Dummy_Company6, Dummy_User6, TRUapi_License6, ... Dummy_Company7, Dummy_User7, TRUapi_License7, ... Dummy_Company8, Dummy_User8, TRUapi_License8, Dummy Company8 Dummy User8 TRUapi License8 ... Dummy_Company9, Dummy_User9, TRUapi_License9, ... Dummy_Company10, Dummy_User10, TRUapi_License10, ... Dummy_Company11, Dummy_User11, TRUapi_License11, ... Dummy_Company12, Dummy_User12, TRUapi_License11, ... instance TRUarasNet
  13. 13. Start using it – Pretty Easy!Start using it – Pretty Easy! Aras InnovatorAras Innovator User U TRUcore User Company B Company A Trubiquity Aras Innovator Data Center GUI Add User TRUarasNet Add Trading Partner Send/Receive Data Other Aras Innovator - TRUcore Subscribers Integration Company C
  14. 14. Invite other trading partners Invite other trading partners Aras Innovator Aras Innovator User User Company A Company B Aras Innovator GUI @ Invite Partner Other Company CYou are invited to sign up to the TRUaras secure, large file data exchange by Mr. ABC of Company A.If you are an Aras Innovator user, click on the “Signup to  Signup PageTRUaras” button.  Company Trubiquity bIf you are not an Aras Innovator User: Name Data Center • Click on this link if you are new to TRUcore. It will lead  you to the Signup Page of the public TRUaras Web access. ... • If you are an existing TRUcore user, you can add  TRUarasNet TRUarasNet to your package.  Submit
  15. 15. Why TRUaras Establish a simple easy to use and deploy Managed File  Transfer capability within Aras Innovator Replace multi step, insecure and higher admnistration p p, g alternatives e.g. FTP, Email, CD/DVDs Standardize and simplify file transfers using TRUaras with  other Aras Innovator users and other users by invitation other Aras Innovator users and other users by invitation Ensure IP security Track and trace all transaction to maintain auditable records  to ensure compliance to internal and customer quality and  security standards Opportunity to extend to workflow automation capabilities in  pp y p the future to speed up value chain collaboration decision  making
  16. 16. The Future of the Connected Cloud C bilit t t t kfl Capability to automate workflows CAD native to neutral and native to native format data conversion Delta send based upon engineering changes Product Data Quality and model comparison checking Product structure compare before import into Innovator OEM/Partner file renaming/mapping OEM/Partner file renaming/mapping Automated Data Exchange Workflows Communication media  management TRUaras + TRUexchange options HTTPS Portals Odette OFTP V1/2 and  other protocols
  17. 17. Contact Us Martyn Davies, VP mdavies@trubiquity com Direct: +44 (0) 113 391 7680 Doug Halliday, Director Direct: +1 248 502 2816 Direct: +1 248‐502‐2816 Ted Lesher, VP Direct: +1 760‐804‐1333
  18. 18. Thank You Thank