Sustainable Product Development Solution by HCL on Aras PLM Platform


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Sustainable Product Development with Green Tech Solution by HCL on Aras PLM Platform

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Sustainable Product Development Solution by HCL on Aras PLM Platform

  1. 1. Sustainable Product Development withGreen Design WorkbenchTM* TM*
  2. 2. Agenda Section 1 Green Business Drivers & Sustainability Challenges Section 2 Green Design WorkBench™ Introduction Section 3 Environmental Regulatory Compliance Management Solution Section 4 Global Compliance Solution Case study – Hi-Tech Giant Section 5 GDW Benefits Summary 2
  3. 3. Business Drivers & Challenges in Green / SustainabilityBusiness Drivers in Sustainability Business Challenges Cost of non-compliance to Green non compliance Lack of collaboration among globally spread R&D teams Cost of in-action on Green initiatives – impact on Carbon Credit High cost of green product development Increased consumer preference for Lack of visibility on ROI for green initiatives energy efficient products/ solutions Lack of comprehensive/ in-built framework facilitating easy compliance to RoHS/ REACH/ WEEE/ JEDEC Increased organizational drive for during the product development efficient products and processes Linking Carbon credit to p g product & it’s easy tracking y g Ever increasing cost of energy E i i t f at the global level Alternate technologies such as renewable energy sources, composite materials IT Challenges Sustainability of the available natural Defining, Implementing and Monitoring GPIs resources Determining Cost of Conformance, Cost of Corporate social responsibility non-conformance and Efficiency Benefits End-of-Life Reverse manufacturing challenges Organizational Challenges in Implementing GREEN 3
  4. 4. GREEN Definition for a Global Manufacturing EnterpriseGreen Drivers Green Portfolio Standards Compliance p Green Product Design Cost of non-conformance Material characteristics – reuse, recycle, decompose, Cost of Conformance performance Efficiency Benefits Product Efficiency – energy, water, gas, other consumables Environment, Health and Safety – Emission, heat, radiation, , y , , , waste, etc Green Manufacturing Consumables characteristics – reuse, recycle, decompose,GREEN PERFORMANCE performanceTARGETS (GPT) Operating Efficiency – energy, water, gas, other consumables Environment, Health and Safety – Effluents, emission, heat,GREEN PERFORMANCE radiation, waste, etcINDICATORS(GPI) Manufacturing performance – Rework/ scrap/ waste Manufacturing Process Automation Green End-Of-Life – Reverse Manufacturing Reverse Supply chain and logistics performanceCONTINUOUS Reclaim profile & performanceIMPROVEMENT Reuse/ Reduce/ Recycle performance – Bin/ Scrap/ Waste 4
  5. 5. Green Design Workbench (GDW™*)HCL’s Green Design Workbench (GDW™) is an enterprise class framework & solutions to enablesustainability, environmental compliance and other green processes during the product design, development, development operation and EOL management management. 5
  6. 6. GDW Solutions MapEnvironment Part BOM/ Global Compliance Compliance Audit Trail/ ComplianceCompliance Regulatory Product Regulations enabled Documenta Traceability ReportingRegulations Data Compliance Database Workflows tion Logistics Workflows/ Automatic Green Supplier Performance/ Declaration Data Error CheckingProcurement Qualification Reverse Supply Standards Requisition Tracking/ Reporting Chain Design products Recycle/Reuse Recycle/ Benchmarking with EOL BOM RRR composed of recycled or performance - Design Disposal Global Database/ reclaimed materials Bin/Scrap/Waste Efficiency ReportingResources or Monitor/ Reporting Design energy Manufacturing Resources/ Energy Green Performance Energy E efficient products Simulation consumption ReportingConsumption and emissions Green Product GREEN Green Design Development/ Green Operation EOLFoundation Manufacturing 6
  7. 7. GDW - HCL’s Environmental Regulatory Compliance Management SolutionBusiness Challenges Lack of comprehensive /in-built framework facilitating easy compliance to RoHS, REACH, WEEE, JEDEC during the product development Complexities in involved in development of products to meet multiple regulations Lack of streamlined processes to support changes in compliance definition, history and tracking across product life cycle Need for systematic automated processes to identify alternate complaint components in the product developmentFeatures The Solution helps Compliance Data Management To proactively address sustainability / compliance during product design to Data Collection – MDR, Supplier qualification & o Avoid after-the-fact redesigns, integration o Avoid physical prototyping & enabling virtual analysis Environmental Regulatory Standards – EU RoHS, o Measure green index of the product during design REACH, ELV, WEEE, JIG, China RoHS, GASDL o Product design with environment friendly materials Information Exchange Standards – IPC, IMDS To manage compliance with REACH, RoHS, WEEE etc. during product development Compliance Analysis & Reporting – Internal, To create the product development IT framework for future compliance standards External To measure supplier characteristics/performance for sourced components to Integrate & Analyze External BOMs GREEN conformance Compliance Definition Change Management To support product compliance tracking at the substance, material, part and product levels RoHS Component Replacement To improve data collection, analysis and reporting from the beginning of product System Integration – PLM, ERP, Legacy Systems design to7final disposal and recycling
  8. 8. GDW Framework – Logical Architecture Green Global Databases / Repository Solutions Suite Compliance PLM Regulations IMDS Template Mgt Green on Industry / Standard / Global / Standard XML/SOA Integratio Reporting Green Templates Templates / Declarations MPM BI Benchmarks XML / SOA Green Standards & Industry Resources Standards ERP RRR and Energy A consumption ti MES / Shop floor Green Solution Components apps Environmental Green Compliance Procurement SCMExternal Databases Green Foundation / Schema 8
  9. 9. Compliance Management – Process DetailsCompliance Identify Define Compliance Regulatory Compliance Definition Definition Requirements standards Changes Identify Identify products Initial Roll-ups / Capture unreported Products / and demanding standards compliance compare parts, update analysis with targets exemptions Parts P t Follow-up and Update the Integrate Notify Suppliers collect Validate the compliance for unreported informationSupply Ch iS l Chain parts information from i f ti f suppliers received information in i f ti i system Impact pac Impact analysis on the identified Customer or Region specific Remediation (component ( t Analysis assemblies Analysis replacement / design changes) Analysis A l i / Submission S b i i Customer Reporting Internal Reports to Reports Customers 9
  10. 10. Supplier Collaboration for Compliance Management Material Structure/ Substances Master Compliances – RoHS, REACH, IPC, ELV, JAMAHost Org Standard Formats- IPC 1752, 1752 Compliance Connect Product Structure Bill Of Materials Part Composition Requests Multiple Composition Requests Submit t S S b it to Suppliers li IPC 1752, Compliance Connect Completed Composition Data Distributed to applicable parts/products Suppliers System Validates Inputs Approve/Reject Declaration with Multiple 10 Compositions Returned
  11. 11. Compliance Definition Change Management (CDCM)Business Challenge –Compliance definition standards changes are coming into force due tonew regulation or changes in existing regulation from governmentstatuary bodies.Compliance Definition Change Management (CDCM) – CDCM process facilitates maintaining the complete history of the Compliance Definitions in the system like: Details of the changes, Reason for change, Impact analysis, Compliance status of the affected parts and products & Traceability of the compliance dataKey Advantages Apply changes in compliance definition Recording the reason for the change, Change g g , g description, Approval & Effectivity dates Impact analysis and reporting after applying the changes Implementation of the changes ( needed) p g (if ) Compliance History Compliance Traceability 11
  12. 12. RoHS Component Replacement ProcessesBusiness Challenge –Shorter lifecycle of Hi-Tech products need to address changes in products,new product development identification of alternate parts and changes in development,compliance definitions require ability to identify suitable alternate parts to meetthe environmental compliance for the final product.RoHS Component Replacement processes – p p p Enables component replacement in an integrated PLM environment to meet compliance regulations. Process/ workflow automation for capturing compliance data, validation and approvalKey Advantages Faster identification of suitable alternate component/component replacement for compliance Enhanced collaboration with the suppliers to shorten the cycle time to improve productivity 12
  13. 13. Green Procurement – Supplier Qualification for GreenBusiness Challenge –Developing green products requires collaborating working with vendors & suppliers todevelop greener products/components Identifying these green suppliers and ensuring products/components.process compliance for green is a major challenges in developing green productsSupplier Qualification for Green – Process based on weighted scorecard of green process compliance Works as additional qualification to identify green suppliers Encourage/ award vendors to adhere to green processes for providing quality & reliable components/ parts meeting compliancesKey Advantages Quick identification of competent suppliers, who can develop and supply components meeting regulatory compliances Reduced cost of the green components Green process compliance & traceability Helps in third party Green certification of vendors 13
  14. 14. Green Procurement – Green RFQ ProcessBusiness Challenge – Procuring a green part within a given timeframe and at a competitive cost is a challenge. challenge Vendor selection based on the complex criteria involving cost, response time, green process compliance & reliability etc.Green RFQ Process – A RFQ process designed to capture applicable green parameters for the suppliers Calculates weighted scorecard on relative green compliance parameters Awards contract based on green capabilities, green index of the product, green supply-chain cost, quality reliability and cost of the developed part.. Key Advantages Faster procurement of green parts/components Reducing cost of green procurement Encouraging suppliers- embracing green processes 14
  15. 15. REACH Analysis For all Enterprise• Analyze Part ,Product Parts • For all the Products in all the Structures Product Lines, ,• MEPs, Supplier data • Aggregate substance • Aggregate mass of• Collate Reference /absolute weight, concentration levels concentration to arrive at Weight at the Product Level Annual Shipped Quantity• Substance Concentration • Arrive at the Total Mass of • If Annual Shipped Quantity > Analysis SVHC shipped with Product 1 Tonne, Report Excess , p Level Concentration and EU Shipment Volume For Every SVHC at EU REACH limit Part Level analysis 15
  16. 16. REACH Content Report Choose REACH Compliance Definition REACH Substance Usage Details REACH Detailed Report 16
  17. 17. Compliance Dashboard Rollup Options: • All MEPs Compliant • At Least One MEP Compliant • Preferred MEP Compliant Compliance Report for the Computer Assembly Option to Override Compliance Scope At Assembly Level 17
  18. 18. Compliance Roll-Up Reports Roll Up Report of type Preferred MEP Compliance Roll Up Report of type At Least One Part is Compliant Roll Up Report of type All MEPs are Compliant 18
  19. 19. Global Compliance Solution Case study – Hi-Tech Giant • Analysis of global compliance requirements for RoHS and REACH• Global Compliance  • Supplier Central / portal integration with green procurement on MCC Implementation • AML/ASL synchronization between  PLM and ERP• Business Process Analysis, Solution  • Business Analysis and solution definition of compliance practices Architecting, Detailed Design and  • Integration with ERP and other CAD systems for the green indices custom implementation on PLM • Mapping of business requirements into identified PLM solutions • Modularized implementation for Scaling • Centralized Compliance reports • Global roll –out • Standardized processes across the globe for compliance • Adhere to RoHS (EU, China, California), EU  definition and management REACH, JIG A & B regulatory compliances  for all Products shipped. f ll P d t hi d • Si l Single system for compliance reduces the cycle time  t f li d th l ti• Manage compliance definition changes,  • Product information including compliance enables  improve green indices on Products and  quicker reporting manage green audit trail for Regulatory  • Process standardization Agencies and customers across all Product  lines li • Upgraded system to minimize customization leverage Upgraded system to minimize customization, leverage  pre‐built processes and reduced maintenance cost• Lack of robust change management  process• Product structure streamlining 19
  20. 20. GDW™ – Business BenefitsGreen Portfolio Enable Sustainability beyond just compliance Ability to driving Sustainability as continuous improvement program Sustainable reporting, data collection, analysis, Audit & traceability Address sustainability during product design to: Avoid after-the-fact redesigns, Avoid physical prototyping & enabling virtual analysis Measure green index of the product during design Product design with environmental friendly materials Enable Design manufacturing process for greener product manufacturing Enable measurement of supplier characteristics/performance to GREEN conformance EOL management facilitating Reuse, Reduce, Recycle (RRR) Integrate the sustainable solution with other enterprise PLM and other apps 20
  21. 21. HCL Sustainability Solutions & Services Sustainable Product Development: Green Design Workbench (GDW™) is a framework & a set of solutions to enable sustainability, environmental compliance and other green processes during the product ng design, development, operation and EOL. Manufacturin Solar Power system monitoring: Green Solar Power Data Analysis, Inference, Intervention and Green Products Improvement system is a web based monitoring and data Sustainable Operations analysis framework for power plants and cell/module Development manufacturers. SP DAIS provides customizable dashboards, issue management, automated alerts, statistical inference, parts obsolescence management, REC reporting and ROI analysis reporting, analysis. M Emission Management: RtEMS is a solution providing real-time monitoring of Emissions and compliance reporting for manufacturing industry, focusing on ‘Direct Emissions’ or ‘Fugitive Emissions’. It interfaces with the Plant floor systems and Data Historians providing real-time environmental compliance real timeGreen Product End-of-Life RtEMS data trends and rolling averages for the process Emission Renewable Energy Design reverse Frame manufacturing industry. Management Energy Management manufacturing EAD Manage Carbon is a real time Green House Gas emissions SPC/APC management framework complaint with GHGP protocol. It Value implementation enables to calculate the accurate emissions and various Engineering Plant analytics using the emissions data and helps to measureObsolescenceOb l Automation the effectiveness of the green initiatives taken by theManagement RtEMS enterprise. GDW Energy Management : GDW Integrated smart energy analytics dashboard (iSEAD), is an intelligent analytics solution focusing on the energy efficiency at the demand side of energy business spectrum augmented with domain specific knowledgebase to form a strategic Decision Support System & an Intelligent Control System. It supports most of the Open Standards (iLON & BACnet etc). 21
  22. 22. Thank you For more information on our Engineering and  R&D services for sustainability: Visit us at Write to me at h h l HOW CAN I HELP YOU? 22